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Word usage examples

The yowling accent was barbaric and old-fashioned, with words twisted out of shape.

Worried that the stupid animal might start yowling loud enough to attract unwanted attention, Carlos rushed forward and seized the cat none too gently.

Still yowling, he ran to the small alcove the landlord liked to call a kitchenette, and then back to Sam.

There was a lot of yowling and swearing and Vati came out two minutes later covered in kitty litter.

Once the food was served, Rosethorn worked a protective circle to keep the mewing and yowling cats from climbing on the table.

As he passed an alley intersection, Corey heard the yowling, screeching, screaming, the almost human shrieks of agony that mixed with slithering sounds of lightning-fast four-footed action.

I fell over, heard Jenner yowling, and raised my head far enough to see the Colonel holding my furious, struggling cat by the neck.

She entirely ignored the yowlings for her blood her entrance had effected in the Alsatian and the bullterrier as she marched up to the desk.

Carrie would have expected the yowlings and meowings of animals upset by a change in routine, if nothing else.

Well this time he saw to it that she was not disappointed, for he had every reason to get the woman into his power, so making the horse rear, plunge and scream with rage, he himself let out the most diabolical yowlings of satanic laughter.