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Yolanda is a given name, of Greek origin but existing in many languages, meaning Violet. The form of the name in Greek is Iolanthe. In Czech and Slovak the name is spelled Jolantha. It is spelled Jolanta in Polish.

Yolanda (film)

Yolanda is a 1924 silent film historical film drama produced by William Randolph Hearst (through his Cosmopolitan Productions) and starring Marion Davies. Robert G. Vignola directed as he had Enchantment (1921) and several other Davies costume films. The film is extant at Cinematheque de Belgique and the Museum of Modern Art and a trailer survives at the Library of Congress. The film began production as a Metro-Goldwyn film, with the company becoming Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer in May 1924.

This was the second Marion Davies vehicle produced by Cosmopolitan from a Charles Major novel, the first being the phenomenally successful (and expensive) When Knighthood Was in Flower in 1922. Unlike Knighthood, Yolanda was not financially successful.

Yolanda (ship)

Yolanda was a Cypriot cargo ship that grounded on a reef at Ras Muhammad in April 1980. From 1981 to 1985, the wreck was a popular driving site, but it was lost when it fell off the reef during a storm in 1985. The wreck remained lost for twenty years until it was rediscovered by Leigh Cunningham and Mark Andrews at a depth of 145 to 160 meters in 2005. Today, cargo from the wreckage, including British toilets, bath tubs and pipes, is visited by recreational divers.