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Yorcard is the name of an electronic smartcard ticketing programme in Yorkshire. It grew from the pilot of the same name which completed in 2009. Yorcard Limited is a not-for-profit company limited by guarantee. Its two guarantors are West Yorkshire PTE and South Yorkshire PTE. The company's mission is to create a multi-operator smart ticketing system in the whole of the region of Yorkshire and the Humber, ensuring that provision is made to support (especially) smaller operators, multi-operator travel card organisations and regional local authorities. One of the strands of Yorcard's integrated ticketing strategy is to provide a very low-cost pre-paid smart card solution (similar in concept to Oyster's "Pay as You Go" product) for use by all the transport operators in the region.

A trial of Lasseo based encoding was trialled in 2010 to see how the card could be used to allow citizens access to leisure and library services.