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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Youthly \Youth"ly\, a. [AS. geogu[eth]lic.] Young; youthful. [Obs.] ``All my youthly days.''


a. (context archaic English) youthful.

Usage examples of "youthly".

In prime of youthly yeares, when first the flowreOf beauty gan to bud, and bloosme delight,And nature me endu'd with plenteous dowre,Of all her gifts, that pleasde each liuing sight,I was belou'd of many a gentle Knight,And sude and sought with all the seruice dew:Full many a one for me deepe groand and sigh't,And to the dore of death for sorrow drew,Complayning out on me, that would not on them rew.

She led him vp into a goodly bowre,And comely courted with meet modestie,Ne in her speach, ne in her hauiour,Was lightnesse seene, or looser vanitie,But gratious womanhood, and grauitie,Aboue the reason of her youthly yeares:Her golden lockes she roundly did vptyeIn breaded tramels, that no looser hearesDid out of order stray about her daintie eares.

There on a day a noble youthly knightSeeking aduentures in the saluage wood,Did by great fortune get of her the sight.

Vnto old Timon he me brought byliue,Old Timon, who in youthly yeares hath beeneIn warlike feates th'expertest man aliue,And is the wisest now on earth I weene.