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vb. 1 (context transitive nonstandard English) To make younger. 2 (context transitive nonstandard English) To become younger.

Usage examples of "youthen".

Good Magician used youth elixir to youthen me back to my subjective age.

And she was the wrong age: not her real seventy six or her youthened sixteen.

Chameleon and I were youthened by sixty years, and there was surely reason for that.

The Magician was actually a very old man, youthened for this quest, and he had the experience and control of age.

She smiled, and the study lighted, and Humfrey youthened from about a hundred to about ninety-five.

Sleep softened and youthened the ruggedness of his features, and a stray length of his unruly blond hair straggled across his cheek.

She was large, formidable, and matronly at this stage of her youthening, and poor Orris seemed a collection of sticks beside her.

I were youthened by sixty years, and there was surely reason for that.

It wasn't exactly uncertainty about their respective futures, though that helped, and not exactly that the youthened Magician Trent was pleasant company, though that also helped.

Maybe Trent's real age was making him senile, despite his greatly youthened body.

You baby-sat me when I had been youthened by overdosing on the water from the Fountain of Youth.

The dragon youthened rapidly, becoming smaller, with brighter green scales.

It had once been a full fountain, but had worn down into a more ordinary spring over the course of centuries, or perhaps the rocks around it had youthened into sand.

Perhaps even trace youthening would confuse it, so it would leave us alone.

I tried to call out something to him, but my youthening prevented me from making much sense, even to myself.