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YoWorld (Formerly Yoville) is a browser-based virtual world game owned by Big Viking Games. YoWorld can only be played on Facebook. The game was initially developed by Tall Tree Games, now called Big Viking Games, YoWorld was acquired by Zynga in 2008. Zynga expressed their plans of discontinuing the game in early 2014 which sparked what could be the biggest movement in the game's history. On April 24, 2014, both Big Viking Games, Inc. and Zynga announced that YoVille was sold, and was rebranded to YoWorld.

The game operates on a Freemium model, allowing users to purchase premium "YoCash" items with real world currencies. YoVille was the first of the successful -Ville series of social/casual games by Zynga.

YoWorld allows Facebook members to create a virtual person and homes. It also allows the player to decorate their apartment or home with furniture, change their look in the Clothing Store, work in the factory for virtual coins, meet people around the world, and make new friends in a virtual world. The game allows you to purchase 'YoCoins' and 'YoCash' using real life money. The average cost of 25 YoCash is $5.00 and cost of 50,000 YoCoins is $1.00. Players can also buy additional homes as Big Viking Games release themes. Players can visit other players homes from a buddy list feature by adding friends through Facebook and public places.