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Yoshimi, is a feminine Japanese given name and can also be used as a surname.

Yoshimi (synthesizer)

Yoshimi is a free open source software synthesizer for Linux.

It contains three separate synthesis engines, AddSynth, SubSynth, and PADSynth; any single patch can use one or all. Furthermore there is a kit mode where the patch can have up to 16 of these engine sets for making multi-layered sounds or drum kits. A complete setup or instance can contain anywhere from one to sixty-four possible patches.

All signal generation is done by synthesis, not using import of external samples. Yoshimi also has extensive FX capabilities, which can be applied at all levels, ranging from one synth engine to an entire setup. It also microtonal, and has the ability for custom scales to be defined.

Originally based on the 2.4.0 version of ZynAddSubFX (Copyright 2002-2009 Nasca Octavian Paul), development of Yoshimi has continued in its own direction. While full compatibility with ZynAddSubFX voice patches has been maintained, control and user interface have diverged considerably. This is intended. A purpose of the Yoshimi project has always been to optimize in parallel with ongoing development of ALSA and JACK under Linux. It is therefore highly optimized for these on Linux, and is not available for other operating systems.