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Word usage examples

Banouin had spent sixteen years moving among the many peoples of the Keltoi: the Rigante, the Norvii, the Gath and Ostro, the Pannones and the Perdii.

The Ostro are born to trade, and like nothing better than to haggle for hours for the finest prices.

The Ostro and the Gath pay tribute, and that is why there are few raids now.

However, he has, on our behalf, reached agreement with the Ostro and they will supply Jasaray for the campaign.

He is not of the ostro or the Gath, but a tribesman from across the water.

Some have been found, by Steven Ostro of the Jet Propulsion Laboratory, to be double, two bodies in contact.

Then, as Alan Harris of JPL, Greg Canavan of the Los Alamos National Laboratory, ostro, and I have shown, it might take only a year to select a suitable object, alter its orbit, and send it crashing into the Earth with cataclysmic effect.

Then Alp-hun attacked Goth, who fell into three parts, each a small giant: Ostro in the east, Visi in the west, and Gepida.

He chose to land at ostia because it was the summer headquarters of the Fleet, of which his father Agrippa had been Admiral.

And in these three days, instead of listening to Giuliano delta Rovere, who was advising him once more to call a council and depose the pope, he rather hoped to bring the pope round to his side by the virtuous act of restoring the citadels of Terracina and Civita Vecchia to the authorities of the Romagna, only keeping for himself ostia, which he had promised Giuliano to give back to him.