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Osman may refer to:

Osman (video game)

Osman, released in Japan as , is a side-scrolling action platforming game produced by Mitchell Corp. that was released exclusively as a coin-operated arcade game in . Many ex-Capcom staff including Kouichi Yotsui (credited as Isuke), worked on the original arcade version of Strider and designed Osman as an unofficial sequel to Strider. Yotsui directed both titles.

In contrast to Strider's futuristic Kazakh-Soviet setting, Osman is set in a neon-lit cyberpunk Arabian setting, while Strider Hiryu is replaced by a Middle Eastern protagonist named Kirin who fights without any weapons. included the game in its "Games to Play Before You Die" list. The game's bizarre plot supposedly mocks director Kouichi Yotsui's experience at Capcom after Strider.

Osman (name)

Osman or transcription of the Arabic name Uthman when used in Persian or Turkish (and in languages influenced by Persian or Turkish culture, e.g. as a Pakistani, or Bosnian name). The West African equivalent (in French orthography) is Ousmane.

Osman is also an English surname whose history on English soil dates back to the wave of migration that followed the Norman Conquest of England of 1066. The Osman family lived in Dorset. See Osman (English surname).

Osman (surname)

Osman is an English surname.

Unrelated with the Perso-Arabic name Osman or Uthman, the surname is historically recorded in variant forms Osman, Osmant, Osment, Osmint, Osmer, Osmere, Hosmer etc. and ultimately derives from an Old English personal name Osmaer, composed of the elements os- "god" and maer "fame". The given name is recorded in the 11th-century Domesday Book but falls out of use later during the medieval period; as a surname, Hosmer and Osmere are recorded beginning in the earlier part of the 13th century. Osman (pronounced Osman as in Woe not Osman as in Was)

People with the surname include:

  • Charles J. Osman (1851–1922), Canadian businessman and politician
  • Austin Osman Spare (1886–1956), English artist
  • Arthur Arnold Osman (1893–1972), British nephrologist
  • Harry Osman (1911–1998), English footballer
  • Louis Osman (1914–1996), English artist, architect, goldsmith, and medallist
  • Jean-Claude Osman (born 1947), French retired footballer
  • Mike Osman (born 1959), English radio presenter, impressionist, and entertainer
  • Russell Osman (born 1959), English former footballer
  • Dan Osman (1963–1998), American extreme sport practitioner
  • Mat Osman (born 1967), English musician
  • Richard Osman (born 1970), British television presenter, producer, and director
  • Matthew Osman (born 1983), English footballer
  • Natalie Osman (born 1989), American professional wrestler and valet
Osman (film)

Osman is a 2011 Turkish animated short film written and directed by Turgut Akaçık.

Usage examples of "osman".

Although he wore no uniform, they knew his name was Abadan Riji, and that he had ridden off Osman Atalan and all his most famous aggagiers to reach Khartoum.

Osman left them in no doubt that they should accede to the reasonable orders and directions of Abadan Riji in the accomplishment of the objects of the expedition.

In a flotilla of dhows, Osman Atalan and his entourage sailed up the Bahr El Azrek, the Blue Nile, as far as the small river town of Aligail.

It was one to conjure with, for the Beja were the fiercest and most feared of all the fighting Arabs, and Osman Atalan was their most dreaded warlord.

The Emir Osman Atalan of the Beja was contemplating her bare face steadily, and though his dark eyes were implacable she knew he was looking at her as a woman, a young and beautiful woman who would soon be without a man.

Now that he knew what to look for he recognized the elegant figure of Osman Atalan in a bone-white jibba with gaily coloured patches that caught the eye like jewels.

Osman stooped, took a handful of the thick curls and, ignoring the blood that splashed down the front of his jibba, held the head aloft to show it to his aggagiers.

They shouted again at the sight of Osman, so tall and noble in his gleaming white jibba decorated with the brightly coloured patches.

To achieve this he must gain the trust of Osman Atalan and his aggagiers, and lull any suspicions they harboured that the sole purpose of his miserable life was either to assassinate the Khalif or to escape from his clutches.

The Dervish governor of Gallabat was almost overcome by the honour of receiving the mighty Khalif Osman Atalan as a guest in his city.

Mahdi died the two sisters, Rebecca and Amber, were taken into the harem of the new Khalif Osman Atalan.

Two weeks before the new date of the escape attempt, the Khalif Osman Atalan announced a feast and entertainment for all his relatives and his most loyal followers.

As I kissed his hand, my eyes filled with tears and I felt I had relinquished to him the place in my soul that had always been reserved for Master Osman.

During the months after their return to Omdurman Osman spent much time with the Khalifat Abdullahi.

Osman was in a murderous mood when at last he returned to Omdurman without having found any trace of the fugitive.