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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Oscan \Os"can\, a. Of or pertaining to the Osci, a primitive people of Campania, a province of ancient Italy. -- n. The language of the Osci.

Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

of or pertaining to the ancient people of southern Italy, 1590s, from Latin Osci, Opsci (plural) "Oscans," literally "worshippers of Ops," a harvest goddess, the name related to Latin ops (genitive opis) "abundance, plenty, wealth, riches," from PIE *op- (1) "to work, produce in abundance" (see opus).

Usage examples of "oscan".

After all, you have the blood of Venus and Mars in your veins, whereas Agrippa is a Messapian Oscan of no ancestry.

Sertorius hard was made apparent to Metellus Pius and Pompey very soon, for they heard that when Sertorius learned of the reward he immediately dismissed his bodyguard of Roman troops and replaced it with a detachment of his loyalest Oscan Spaniards, then removed himself from the company of his Roman and Italian adherents.