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Oseam (2003 film)

Oseam ( Hangul: 오세암) is a 2003 South Korean drama/ religious animation directed by Sung Baek-yeop. It is based on a novel by Korean author Jeong Chae-bong, who has described it as being a fairy tale for adults. The title means “Five-year-old temple.”


Oseam or Oseam Temple is a small Korean Buddhist temple located in the area of Mangyeongdae Pavilion, Mount Seorak, Gangwon Province, South Korea. It is an annex of Baekdamsa Temple which is the head temple of the third district in the Jogye Order.

Oseam was first established as Gwaneumam by Monk Jajang in 643, the 12th year of Queen Seondeok's reign during the Silla Kingdom and Monk Bou reconstructed the temple in 1548 during the King Myeongjong of the Joseon Dynasty. The temple name was changed to Oseam after Monk Seoljeong rebuilt it in 1643 during the King Injo's reign. A famous tale regarding Monk Seoljeong and the name has been handed down.

Oseam (1990 film)

Oseam is a 1990 South Korean movie directed by Park Chul-soo. It tells the story of two orphans based on a legend in which a five-year-old boy sacrificed himself to open his blinded sister's eyes. The general theme deals with reconciliation between Buddhism and Catholicism.

Oseam (disambiguation)

Oseam refers to;

  • Oseam, a Korean Buddhist temple
  • Oseam (2003 film), a 2003 South Korean film
  • Oseam (1990 film), a 1990 South Korean film