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Osona is a comarca situated in central Catalonia, Spain. Its capital is Vic. Its population in 2001 was 129,543. Osona covers roughly the same area as the historic Catalan county of Osona. The name Osona comes from Ausetans, a group of Iberian people who had their capital in Ausa (today Vic); the Romans called the area Ausone or Ausona. While most of the comarca is within the province of Barcelona, the municipalities of Espinelves, Vidrà and Viladrau form part of the province of Girona.

Long famous for its sausages (especially fuet) and other pork derivatives, in recent years the area has become somewhat infamous for the pollution of its waterways due to the factory farming of pigs.

In the comarcal revision of 1990, Sant Quirze de Besora became part of Osona; previously it formed part of the Ripollès. In May 2015, Osona lost the municipality of Collsuspina to the new comarca of Moianès.