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The Open Source Hardware User Group is a group of hobbyists and professional engineers, which meets approximately monthly in London, UK to hear talks on all aspects of open source hardware. Its first meeting was held on 29 April 2010 at Osmosoft Limited in London. The launch was picked up by the specialist press, while the group has been the subject of an article by Cory Doctorow. More recently the group has found commercial sponsorship from DesignSpark, the development community of RS Components.

Initially talks were held at a variety of locations around London, but recently the group has found a permanent home at the University of London's Centre for Creative Collaboration in Acton Street, London. A key aspect of the group is its informality, and wide interpretation of "hardware"—talks have ranged from the Hexayurt to the OpenRISC IP core for FPGA, while discussion invariably continues after the meeting in a local pub.