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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Ostium \Os"ti*um\, n.; pl. Ostia. [L.] (Anat.) An opening; a passage.


See ostium

Ostia (Rome)

Ostia is a large neighbourhood in the X Municipio of the commune of Rome, Italy. Ostia (also called Ostia Lido or Lido di Roma or Lido di Ostia) is also the only municipio or district of Rome on the Tyrrhenian Sea and many Romans spend the summer holidays there. With about 85,000 inhabitants, Ostia is the first or second-most populated frazione of Italy, depending on whether Mestre is counted.


Ostia may refer to:

  • Ostia (Rome), a municipio (also called Ostia Lido or Lido di Ostia) of Rome on the Tyrrhenian Sea coast
  • Ostia Antica, a township and port of ancient Rome
  • Ostia Antica (district), a district of the commune of Rome
  • Bishop of Ostia
  • Ostia (film), a 1970 Italian comedy film directed by Sergio Citti
  • A song by Sepultura from their Dante XXI album
  • A song by Coil from their Horse Rotorvator album
  • A fictional region of the country Lycia in Fire Emblem (video game)
  • A fictional city in the Magic World in Negima
  • The plural form of ostium, a pore present in sponges
Ostia (film)

Ostia is a 1970 Italian comedy film. It is the directorial debut of Sergio Citti.

Usage examples of "ostia".

He chose to land at Ostia because it was the summer headquarters of the Fleet, of which his father Agrippa had been Admiral.

And in these three days, instead of listening to Giuliano delta Rovere, who was advising him once more to call a council and depose the pope, he rather hoped to bring the pope round to his side by the virtuous act of restoring the citadels of Terracina and Civita Vecchia to the authorities of the Romagna, only keeping for himself Ostia, which he had promised Giuliano to give back to him.

When he reached Ostia, he was met by the cardinals of Sorrento and Volterra, who came in the name of Julius II to ask him to give up the very same citadels which he had refused three days before: the fact was that the pope had learned in the interim that the Venetians had made fresh aggressions, and recognised that the method proposed by Caesar was the only one that would check them.

It brings us to the debacle at Ostia, the stalemate in Crete, the inviolability of every pirate bolt-hole from Gades in Spain to Gaza in Palestina!

Ostia, surveying progress on his beloved harbor, and he asked Messalina if she would care to accompany him.

Ancus Marcius is said to have colonized Ostia, though there is some doubt as to whether he did this, or whether he took the salt pits at the mouth of the Tiber from their Etruscan owners by force of arms.

  It was thus that the seats of the cardinal bishops, Porto, Ostia, Albanum, Tusculum, Praeneste, and Tibur or Tivoli, were successively overthrown by the ferocious hostility of the Romans.

It was thus that the seats of the cardinal bishops, Porto, Ostia, Albanum, Tusculum, Praeneste, and Tibur or Tivoli, were successively overthrown by the ferocious hostility of the Romans.

Yves d' Alegre and Louis de Ligny had taken over Ostia from the hands of the Colonnas.

I heard afterwards, too, that at the time we were at Ostia, with a maternal confidence she one day, when I was absent, was speaking with certain of my friends on the contemning of this life, and the blessing of death.

Terence, Bishop of Ostia, at the mouth of the Tiber, requested to have engraved upon his tomb the mark which was put upon the graves of parricides, in the hope that travellers would spit upon his grave.

I knew how the silver pigs were carried to Italy, by whom, and how concealed: under a cargo so dull the customs force at Ostia who operate the luxury tax and have perfect artistic taste glanced once inside the hold, groaned at the ghastly shale, then never stooped to search his boat.

Our ship arrived at the port of Ostia in good order, and once we had been transported in three sarcophagi to the city of Rome, I rose from my "grave," made arrangements for an expensive villa just outside the city walls, and arranged an underground shrine for Those Who Must Be Kept in the hills well away from the house.

Now that he was sober enough to recall it, Lycon realized that Zoe had also been acting oddly last night when he arrived home after stopping over in Ostia to reminisce and forget recent events with Vulpes and a few cronies.