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ap-uat apaadi apabad apacer apache apairs apaise apalai apalis apalit apalon apalta apamea apamin apance apangi apango apanto aparan aparat aparna aparri aparte apatar apatef apateu apathy apatia apatin apatit apatou apatow apause apaven apaxco apayao apayne apayse apazzu apchat apchon apdram apeace apease apeced apedom apedwa apeiba apeing apeira apeire apeksi apelet apelin apella apeman apemen apenes apenke apenta apepsy aperam apercu aperea aperel apergy aperid aperol aperte aperto apesia apeths apeton apevia apexam apexed apexes apexkb aphaea aphan- aphasy aphera apheta aphian aphids aphony aphria aphro- aphtha aphyle api-tc apiaca apiai apiano apiary apicad apical apices apici- apicia apico- apidae apidya apiece apiked apilas apinac apinae apings apioid apiole apiose apisai apitch apiuna apiwat aplace aplake aplers aplexa apliki aplite aplomb aplome aplota apluda aplyed apnano apneal apneas apneic apnoea apobec apocha apodal apodan apodes apodia apodid apodus apoera apogee apogon apoica apoint apoise apokal apokpa apolar apolda apollo apolog apomel apomys aponia aponte apopka apora aporal aporia aporic aporka aporon aporus apostu apotex apoxia apozem apozol appaid appair appaji appale appall appals appalt appams appana appany appart appase appast appboy appcdc appeal appear appell appeln appels appelt appely append appert appete appiah appian appias appice appius appjet appled applej apples applet appley applix applot apport appose appost approw approx appsee apptec apptek apptio apptix appuis appula apraca apradh apress apreta aprica aprice aprick apries aprilf aprill aprils aprimo aprine aprise aprium aprons apropo aprowl apsara apsari apsars apside apsiou apsupe aptana aptara aptate aptean aptech apteka aptera aptery aptest aptian aptina apting aptiva aptote apture apuani apulco apulet apulia apulon apulum apuole apurva

Word usage examples

Moreover, since books are the aptest teachers, as the previous chapter assumes, it is fitting to bestow on them the honour and the affection that we owe to our teachers.

The worst of men generally have the words rogue and villain most in their mouths, as the lowest of all wretches are the aptest to cry out low in the pit.

There are those who denounce us openly to their friends, and yet whisper to us softly that Senator Douglas is the aptest instrument there is with which to effect that object.

It is, possibly, the aptest contrast with the seriousness of our hero and heroine.

Johns, by nature as well as by education, was disposed to look distrustfully upon any sudden conviction of duty which had its spring in any extraordinary exaltation of feeling, rather than in that full intellectual seizure of the Divine Word, which it seemed to him could come only after a determined wrestling with those dogmas that to his mind were the aptest and compactest expression of the truth toward which we must agonize.

As might be expected, these local spinnings are most apt to occur in the season when the air next the earth is relatively warm, and they are aptest to take place in the half of the advancing front lying between the east and south, for the reason that there the highest temperatures and the greatest humidity are likely to coexist.

By the vast reward that the newer system gave to individual enterprise, to technical improvement and to investment, capitalism proved the aptest tool for the creation and preservation of wealth ever devised.

Women, and Children, and the Infirm, are the best Advocates even to the Gods themselves, being the most shiftless Creatures they have made, wherefore the most aptest to move Compassion.

She recalled vaulted ruins she had seen years ago on Crete, at a site called Aptera.

She recalled vaulted ruins she had seen years ago on Crete, at a site called Aptera: underground Roman cisterns, barrel-vaulted and made of brick, buried in a hillside.