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Usage examples of "aprowl".

These woods had seen centuries of evil aprowl, and old battles fought by gods, and long terrors, and darkness, and doom.

Fallowwood, armed, and besides watcher engines they had big ugly dogs aprowl while they slept.

Death was aprowl somewhere in this fantastic place, for all of the quietness in the air.

Everywhere, the air was aprowl, a vast, restless giant with the clouds in its grip, larger than mountains.

For one thing, the more dangerous predators were aprowl during the reign of darkness, and, as well, in the gloom that shrouded the world of giant trees after sunfall, traveling should be much more difficult, for it was easier to miss your landmarks and go astray.

Where lay safety in this predatory jungle aprowl with unknown dangers and festering with poison?

By the sixth Diomedean day, Wace had put on a noticeable amount of flesh and was weakly but fumingly aprowl in his room.