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Aperto may refer to:

  • The Italian language word for 'open'.
  • A musical term indicating that the open pedal of the grand piano-forte should be employed. The word is most often used in cases where a coda consists wholly of the tonic harmony.
  • Aperto (supermarket), a Swiss franchise of supermarkets
Aperto (supermarket)

Aperto is a supermarket franchise with branches located in Swiss railway stations. There are currently 16 locations. It is open every day, as opposed to most Swiss businesses, which are closed on Sundays. Typical hours are from 6 a.m. to 10 p.m, although sometimes less on weekends in some of the smaller cities.

The product selection is similar to any supermarket, with fresh fruit and vegetables, bread, dairy products and meat. Local and regional products are also available, along with liquor and rarer items such as Dr Pepper, which in Switzerland are typically only found at American markets.