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n. 1 (plural of apple English)Category:English plurals 2 (context Cockney rhyming slang English) stairs. (short for apples and pears English) 3 (context Australian Australian rhyming slang English) nice, fine. 4 (context slang English) testicles.

Apples (Vaud)
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Apples (album)

Apples is a 1989 album by Ian Dury, it was the soundtrack to his short-lived stage-show of same name though it was recorded before the show opened, it contains twelve of the twenty tracks from the show. The album was reissued on 31 October by Edsel.

Apples (card game)

Apples is a 4-player trick-based game similar in play to hearts, spades, and bridge. A standard 52-card deck is used. The object of the game is to accumulate 250 points before the other players by collecting pairs, triples, and four-of-a-kinds in tricks.

Apples (novel)

Apples is the bestselling debut novel by Richard Milward, published in 2007. The novel was adapted into a play, by John Rettallack.

Usage examples of "apples".

Hush knew how to site an orchard, how to make a graft take life on the rootstock, how to draw bees covered in pollen every spring, how to store apples for months every winter.

Most of all, groves of wild crab apples draped the lower hills like oases among the granite cliffs.

Hush earned a meager living selling wagonloads of apples to the townsfolk every fall.

Every spring she watched the bees flit back and forth between her tame orchard and the wild, seductive crab apples on the mountainsides.

William Hush and all his cousins sold apples by the ton and illegal homemade apple brandy by the barrelful.

Every year the mountain McGillens sent thousands of the best Sweet Hush apples by mule wagon and train down to Doreatha, who stewed and pureed and spiced them into fillings for all manner of baked goods.

But worst of all, the rise of modern refrigeration and long-range shipping turned local apples into a novelty, not a necessity.

We had a saying in the family: True Sweet Hush apples can only be grown by God and McGillens.

They sat in the orchards with the whole family watching as one painted a perfect specimen of a Sweet Hush apple and the other one studied dozens of apples and made notes.

You stay this pretty and this lively in using your imagination, and people will buy apples from you right and left.

I put Logan in a wheelbarrow and pushed him back up the farm lane to get more apples, frowning and chewing my tongue as I went.

I sold five hundred bushels of apples to Atlanta visitors and took orders to ship nearly four hundred more.

I grew the finest apples and the finest reputation as a mother, a widow, a businesswoman, and a McGillen in Chocinaw County, Georgia.

We had learned through long experience that apples, like most victuals of life, sold better with a side dressing of hokum and nostalgia.

No apple wholesaler or grocery chain VIP or apple lobbyist or state tourism official would ever sit at my table thinking the McGillens of Chocinaw County had not returned to their former glory, or that I was an unsophisticated Daisy Mae with a few apples to sell.