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Apulum may refer to:

  • The Latin name of Alba Iulia
  • Apulum (castra), the Roman fort of Alba Iulia
  • Apulum (company), a Romanian porcelain manufacturing company
  • Apulum (Acta Musei Apulensis), a periodical issued by the National Museum of Unification Alba Iulia
  • Apulum Alba Iulia, the former name of FC Unirea Alba Iulia, a football team
Apulum (company)

Apulum, officially S.C. Apulum S.A. is a manufacturer of porcelain products, founded in Alba Iulia in 1970. It is Romania's largest porcelain producer and one of the main European exporters.

Apulum (castra)

Apulum was a fort in the Roman province of Dacia in the 2nd and 4th centuries AD, located in today's Alba-Iulia, Romania. It is the largest castrum located in Romania, occupying 37.5 hectares (93 acres) (750 x 500 m2).