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n. (context astrology English) The planet that has the most influence on a person's life.

Usage examples of "apheta".

The lady Apheta had said that no doors opened from it, and she had been correct, but there were windows on both sides.

The corridor along which the lady Apheta had sent me merely circled it, and I led Zak down a wide aisle, while the sailors watched from the banked benches on either side.

No one did, but when I looked at the manacle I understood as Apheta had said I would.

I thought about it while I relieved myself and washed, and when I returned to Apheta, who lay on one of the divans with her naked loveliness pulsing through a thin sheet, I kissed her and asked, "Are there no other worlds, my lady?

There was something born between Yesod and Briah when I met with Apheta upon that divan in that circling room, something tiny yet immense that burned like a coal conveyed to the tongue by tongs.

I turned to Apheta and began, "What I want to know--" But Gunnie caught me by the shoulder, her hand large and strong for a woman's, and drew me back to her.

Gunnie looked from Apheta to me and seemed about to speak, but she said nothing.

Gunnie started to speak, but Apheta motioned her to silence, saying, "Now follow me.

I gripped Gunnie's hand and Apheta's, not because I feared they might be lost, but because I feared I might.

I saw my own expression of relief upon Gunnie's face when she turned to Apheta to ask where we were.

Gunnie repeated, "No hope," and I realized she had been too frightened to pay heed to Apheta or me.

I asked Apheta how I came to carry such knowledge without being aware of it.

For if it were merely the wind, or the insensate hunger of matter for matter, why was Apheta not drawn with us?

We drifted so lazily that if I had not had faith in Apheta and the Hierarchs, I would have feared we would never reach the ship at all and be lost forever in that endless night.

I had only begun to study them when we halted before great doors of a shape recalling those through which Gunnie and I had passed with Apheta a watch before on Yesod.