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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Apercu \A`per`[,c]u"\ ([.a]`p[^a]r`s[.u]"), n.; pl. Aper[,c]us (-s[.u]"). [F., prop. p. p. of apercevoir to perceive.]

  1. A first view or glance, or the perception or estimation so obtained; an immediate apprehension or insight, appreciative rather than analytic.

    The main object being to develop the several aper[,c]us or insights which furnish the method of such psychology.
    --W. T. Harris.

    A series of partial and more or less disparate aper[,c]us or outlooks; each for itself a center of experience.
    --James Ward.

  2. Hence, a brief or detached view; conspectus; sketch. [Webster 1913 Suppl.] ||

Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

"quick impression, sketch, brief survey," 1820s, from French aperçu (18c. in this sense), noun use of past participle of apercevoir "to perceive" (11c.), from Gallo-Roman *adpercipere, from Latin ad "to" (see ad-) + percipere "to perceive" (see perceive).


n. (alternative spelling of aperçu English)


n. 1 A clever insight. 2 A summary or outline; words that summarize.


n. a short synopsis

Usage examples of "apercu".

The hangers-on seemed dazzled by her cleverness, her every apercu received with uproarious merriment.