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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Aphtha \Aph"tha\, n. [Sing. of Aphth[ae].] (Med.)

  1. One of the whitish specks called aphth[ae].

  2. The disease, also called thrush. [1913 Webster] ||


n. 1 (context pathology English) candidiasis, oral thrush, thrush (gloss: fungal infection of the mucous membranes of the mouth caused by any species of yeast from the genus ''Candida'') 2 An oral ulcer, disregarding the cause. 3 (context veterinary medicine Finnish) foot-and-mouth disease


Aphtha is the name of several diseases or conditions that cause white discoloration to the mouth, including:

  • Candidiasis (or "thrush"), a yeast infection of the mouth
  • Oral ulcer, an open sore in the mouth
  • Aphthous ulcer (or "canker"), an open sore in the mucous membrane of the mouth