How to Search for Rhymes

You just need to enter the word you are looking for a rhyme in the field. In order to find a more original version you can resort to fuzzy search. Practically in no time you will be provided with a list of rhyming words according to your request. They will be presented in blocks depending on the number of letters.

Rhymes for word explicature

abature abbreviature acclimature acture acupuncture adjudicature admixture adventure advesture affidature affixture affronture agriculture alaventure alcoholature aliture alligature alture amiture anfracture animaliculture antestature aperture apiculture apifacture applicature applumbature aquaculture aquapuncture aquiculture arature arboriculture architecture architure arcuature argenture armature arture assature attainture attemperature attincture auditure austure autofacture aventure aviculture back-to-nature bankrupture batture belecture bene-placiture benefacture boisture bonaventure boture boviculture breviature calenture candidature caniculture capillature capture caracature caricature carracature cature ceinture celature cepture cerature characture cicature cincture claviature clefture climature cloisture co-adventure coiture colature coperture covarture coverture creature criature cryature cubature cubiture curature cyberculture debenture dedicature defaulture defeature dejecture delature denature denigrature departure depasture devestiture devesture diffeature digesture dilature directure disadventure divestiture divesture domiculture donature droiture ducture duplicature empicture emuncture enacture endaunture endenture enfeature engrafture enrapture ensculpture entablature exhausture exiture exorture expenditure exploiture expositure exposture extincture extracture fabricature faulture feature fellow-creature feture ficture figurature filature fincture fixature fixture foliature fracture fructure fruiture furniture future gature germiculture gesture gifture gladiature good-nature habiture hature homiculture horsiculture horticulture ignipuncture ill-nature imbosture imitature immature imparture inrapture insculpture intablature intagliature invecture jacture jesture jointure judicature juncture lavature lecture legature letterature libature ligature limature lincture lineature liposculpture literature litterature loture machinofacture macrostructure maculature magistrature maladventure malefacture manifacture manufacture manusculpture mariculture materiature mature meature mediocriture megastructure membrature menticulture mercature metallifacture microminiature microstructure mignature mimature minature miniature miniture mis-spenditure misadventure misconjecture misexpenditure misfeature misnurture misture misventure mixture modenature moderature moisture moliture monoculture monture mosaiculture moulture mounture mulcture multiplicature multure musculature musture nature nomenclature nominature noreture noriture norriture norryture noryture nouriture nunciature nurture nutriture obliterature offerture ointure olericulture opiniatreture orifacture ornature ossature ostreaculture ostreiculture ouverture oversculpture overstructure overtorture overture painture paradventure parature paraventure parture pasture paulo-post-future pecudiculture pedature peradventure perfecture permaculture pesture picture piscicapture pisciculture plaisture plasmature plasture plature plicature pluviculture pointure politure polyculture pomiculture pontitecture portature portiture portraiture porture positure post-geniture postmature posture pourpresture pourriture preconjecture predicature prefecture prefixture prelature premature premixture preparature prepositure pretenture pretexture primogeniture procurvature progeniture projecture prompture proprefecture protecture protracture puericulture pulture puncture puraventure purpresture purtraiture putriture puture quadrature quadruplicature questure radiature rafture rapture rature recapture recomforture recommixture reconditure recurvature redempture reduplicature refracture regesture regiculture registrature reinvestiture remanufacture renature repasture repicture reporture repositure reprobature restructure retexture retincture reverture revesture revolture ricture rostrifacture roture ructure rudenture rupture saliture salsature salture sarrature sature scalpture scepture sciture scomfiture scripture scriture sculpture secture secundogeniture self-culture semi-mature senture septure sepulture sepurture sericiculture sericulture serrature serviture seynture signature significature singulture soligeniture spature sphingture sprainture squadrature stagnature stature stellature stirpiculture striature stricture structure stuccature sture subculture subminiature substrature substructure succincture sufflature sumpture supernature superstructure supporture suture sylviculture tablature tableture tabliture tabulature tacture tainture tecture temperature tenture terraculture tertio-geniture texture thirl-multure thrill-multure tilture tincture titulature torture tracture transfeature transfixture transiture transnature trature travature treature triplicature triturature triture truncature ture tyranture ultimogeniture ultrastructure uncture unculture unfurniture unigeniture unnature unscripture untemperature untorture urbiculture uriture usurpature vasculature vasture vaulture vecture vegeculture venepuncture venture vermiculture vestiture vesture viatecture vincture viniculture viticulture vitrefacture vitriature vitrifacture voiture volature vomiture vulture wafture wature wrapture yonture