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Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English
▪ Acid levels high enough to affect plant growth were found in 41 prefectures.
▪ An identical opposition coalition had backed the victorious Rengo-no-kai candidate in the Nara prefecture by-election on Feb. 9.
▪ High schools are paid for by the prefecture, but their curriculum is vetted by the capital.
▪ Nagano prefecture, 400 kilometres north west of Tokyo, is a mountainous area famous for its snow and extensive skiing facilities.
▪ Nine prefectures have forced officials to return money.
▪ Offices will be in Osaka and in Shiga prefecture.
▪ Protesters, including sympathetic farmers and shopkeepers, placed a symbolic coffin in front of Quimper's prefecture, or local government office.
▪ They haven't revived the economy, and many are so blatantly political that some prefectures have started to refuse them.
The Collaborative International Dictionary

Prefecture \Pre"fec*ture\ (?; 277), n. [L. praefectura: cf. F. pr['e]fecture.] The office, position, or jurisdiction of a prefect; also, his official residence.

Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

"administrative district of a prefect," mid-15c., from Middle French préfecture and directly from Latin praefectura, or assembled locally from prefect + -ure.


n. 1 The office or position of a prefect. 2 The jurisdiction of a prefect; the region administered by a prefect, especially as a translation of certain French and Japanese administrative divisions. 3 (context historical English) (altname commandery nodot=11), a former administrative division of imperial China.

  1. n. the district administered by a prefect (as in France or Japan or the Roman Empire)

  2. the office of prefect

''For subsequent types of praefectura, see Prefect.

A prefecture (from the Latin Praefectura) is an administrative jurisdiction or subdivision in any of various countries and within some international church structures, and in antiquity a Roman district governed by an appointed prefect.

Usage examples of "prefecture".

The parties interested in the matter of the bridge and that of the water from Arcier could not hold out against a talking-to from a clever Ministerialist, who proved to them that their safety lay at the Prefecture, and not in the hands of an ambitious man.

Then, wearing the uniform of a major of the Garde Nationale, Rigault left the Prefecture Centrale, ordered it and its next-door Arsenal burned, and went off to direct the defense of his own home district.

Taiji on the coast of Wakayama Prefecture on Honshu was as different as the distance that separated it from the Kimberley coast.

The fusillades at the Prefecture took place sometimes in the courtyard, sometimes in the Rue de Jerusalem.

Royal Police had rounded up all the Seventh of Spring retros they knew of in Malfom Prefecture, and some in Landfall Prefecture.

Except half an hour later someone thought to look on the top floor of the prefecture and discovered that three Riflemen were missing.

The Representative Duputz, a few hours later, received from our hands a duplicate of the decree, with the charge to take it himself to the Conciergerie as soon as the surprise which we premeditated upon the Prefecture of Police and the Hotel de Ville should have succeeded.

Tonight, one voluntary nondriver, Reiko Fu-kusawa, 24, an office worker from the Saitama Prefecture outside of Tokyoa woman who considers herself to be overweightwill go to sleep and she will dream of athletes and their bodies and in her dream she will fly and tumble and she will be reunited with a part of her self she had thought she had lost many years ago, back when she was young.

It had been transmitted from Planetary Proconsulate to Prefecture, and from Prefecture to Viceroyalty, and from there to Odin, all by ship.

Abernethy said as they bounced along a rocky road in Shiba Prefecture.

He had only returned to Japan and presented himself to the draft board in his home prefecture after a suicide bomber in Malaysia had killed his father, a Sanyo executive.