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Sture was the name of two influential families in Sweden from the late 15th century to the early 16th century. One member of one of these families and two members of the other served as Regents of Sweden in the Kalmar Union between 1470 and 1520. The Sture Party were supported by the peasants and burgesses which often resulted in conflict with the church and the nobility in the Privy Council who more often supported the Union.

Sture is also a Norwegian and Swedish male given name.

Usage examples of "sture".

During that time I heard about how the Red Tiger was becoming bolder in his war with the Reithrese, but I stayed away because Sture created his Exile Legion and rode off to help the Red Tiger.

The Reithrese and Haladin reinforcements, moving slowly with their supply trains and siege engines, hit Sture head-on and stopped.

Red Tiger, having crushed the reinforcements for the southern Centisian garrison force, had sent on three quarters of his army under Sture to lift the Haladin siege of Polston.

As much of a patriot as Sture was, he did tend to enjoy his time in cities, and Polston had all sorts of things to offer a man with such broad tastes as our Sture.

The fact that Sture was certain to return to Polston for the winter made me shiver as if I had falsethaw fever.

While Sture was probably correct that Irtysh was ready to revolt and come over, it was too far from the freestate to be able to have us defend it.

Irtysh was important enough to be liberated, and had no difficulty in voicing this opinion in front of Sture, meant that Takrakor and I would be good friends before Sture and I ever exchanged a civil word.

Even Sture avoided the elemental tactical mistakes that had cost his father his life and his realm.

Despite reports of new Reithrese activity to the north, Sture continued in his preparations for the expedition.

I did make double and triply certain that Sture had not managed to secret a rock in my armor as I prepared myself for battle.

It would allow him to consolidate his grip on Ispar and to promote revolts in Barkol and Esquihir, while Sture headed off to Irtysh to liberate it.

One thing, though, you must promise--if the young Count Sture be in Ostrat, you will deliver him into my hands, dead or alive!

Since Lady Inger has been simple enough to walk into the snare, Nils Sture will not make many difficulties.

Can she have seen that all my promises were but designed to lure Nils Sture forth from his hiding-place?

And when they come and think they have Count Sture in their clutches-- ha-ha-ha!