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Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English
▪ Here is a Roman theatre built over barrel-vaulted substructures but gently resting in part against the hillside.
▪ It has a pretty standard crime-fiction substructure that provides the felt on which the characters shoot their various games of pool.
▪ Lineages of descent from a female ancestor are thus prime substructures composing a macaque troop.
▪ The fine early baroque church has substructures remaining of Romanesque date and style.
The Collaborative International Dictionary

Substructure \Sub*struc"ture\, n. [Pref. sub- + structure.]

  1. (Arch.) Same as Substruction.

  2. An under structure; a foundation; groundwork.

Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

1726, "foundation, part of a building which supports another part," from sub- + structure (n.). Earlier in this sense was substruction (1620s). Related: Substructural.


n. 1 The supporting part of a structure (either physical or organizational; the foundation). 2 The earth or gravel that railway sleepers are embedded in.

  1. n. the basic structure or features of a system or organization [syn: infrastructure]

  2. lowest support of a structure; "it was built on a base of solid rock"; "he stood at the foot of the tower" [syn: foundation, base, fundament, foot, groundwork, understructure]


In mathematical logic, an (induced) substructure or (induced) subalgebra is a structure whose domain is a subset of that of a bigger structure, and whose functions and relations are the traces of the functions and relations of the bigger structure. Some examples of subalgebras are subgroups, submonoids, subrings, subfields, subalgebras of algebras over a field, or induced subgraphs. Shifting the point of view, the larger structure is called an extension or a superstructure of its substructure. In model theory, the term "submodel" is often used as a synonym for substructure, especially when the context suggests a theory of which both structures are models.

In the presence of relations (i.e. for structures such as ordered groups or graphs, whose signature is not functional) it may make sense to relax the conditions on a subalgebra so that the relations on a weak substructure (or weak subalgebra) are at most those induced from the bigger structure. Subgraphs are an example where the distinction matters, and the term "subgraph" does indeed refer to weak substructures. Ordered groups, on the other hand, have the special property that every substructure of an ordered group which is itself an ordered group, is an induced substructure.

Usage examples of "substructure".

Their only insectoid features, outside of the wings and arms that indicate three pairs of functional limbs, are some peculiarities of the mandibular substructure, and a few traces of exoskeleton.

Gothic towers resting on a Saxon or Romanesque substructure, whose foundation in turn was of a still earlier order or blend of orders -- Roman, and even Druidic or native Cymric, if legends speak truly.

Gothic towers resting on a Saxon or Romanesque substructure, whose foundation in turn was of a still earlier order or blend of orders--Roman, and even Druidic or native Cymric, if legends speak truly.

The geometry is entirely radial, so there are no edge-bleeding effects, and, as far as I can tell, the thing is distortionless, intertialess, and self-interference-free, so that anything stored on it will last until the end of time, or until quanta-level decay erodes the fundamental substructure of the behavior of basic particles, whichever comes first.

To date there are intriguing hints in theoretical studies that strings may have further substructure, but there is as yet no definitive evidence.

Still, all these edifices and balls were as nothing compared with the vast substructures which strengthened their foundations.

This was a parabolic curve unaffected in its course by such historical disturbances and shocks as invasions, plagues, and genocides, because technology, once it gained momentum, became a variable independent of the civilizational substructure.

And with all that care and loving attention woven into its energetic substructure over a period even of centuries, the quality of its vibration is greater by far than if it had been bought at a supermarket garden centre and carried home for immediate installation on the patio!

A sort of lingering uni-verse is retained as a residual charge, experienced as a pseudo environment but highly unstable and unsupported by any ergic substructure.

Obviously, we must take into account the primordial substructure and arrange for the upholding of culture by methods which will stand the acid test of stress and conflicting ambitions.