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Word usage examples

I gave Tiretta the heartiest of welcomes, telling him that he could not have found a better way to my favour than through a woman to whom I was under the greatest obligations.

In such ways a prince welcomes a guest, and bids him stay, but such behaviour in a private person is equivalent to a hint to go.

She recognized the type from her own student days, when she’d hung around the wargames club, where it was okay for a woman to be smart and not pretty.

Jefferson's home-defense fighters scream down from the Damisi Mountains, flying nap-of-the-earth in an eerie recreation of the wargames underway when the Deng fleet broke into Jeffersonian space.

She'd had only the one, brief glimpse of it, engaged in wargames against the air force, but that glimpse had made a deep impression.

He's using storerooms and machine pods for his twosomes and threesomes.

We've been a solid foursome ever since we Millers moved to Spindrift, and we don't want that to change, but we want to be solid twosomes, too.

A few small clusters, mostly twosomes and foursomes, were thinly dispersed across the immense woody amphitheater, but the majority had drawn instinctively into a loose concentration along the part of the wall that held the bar.

I can donate Rome ten triremes and five quinqueremes altogether, from what is here and what is elsewhere.

Caesar arrived in Abydus on the Ides of October, he found the promised fleet riding at anchor-two massive Pontic sixteeners, eight quinqueremes, ten triremes, and twenty well-built but not particularly warlike galleys.