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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Madam \Mad"am\, n.; pl. Madams, or Mesdames. [See Madame.]

  1. A gentlewoman; -- an appellation or courteous form of address given to a lady, especially an elderly or a married lady; -- much used in the address, at the beginning of a letter, to a woman. The corresponding word in addressing a man is Sir; often abbreviated ma'am when used as a term of address.

  2. The woman who is in charge of a household.

  3. The woman who is in charge of a brothel.


Madame \Ma`dame"\, n.; pl. Mesdames. [F., fr. ma my (L. mea) + dame dame. See Dame, and cf. Madonna.] My lady; -- a French title formerly given to ladies of quality; now, in France, given to all married women.


Mesdames \Mes`dames"\ (F. ?, E. ?), n., pl. of Madame and Madam.

Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

French madame (see madam).


n. (madam English)

  1. n. title used for a married Frenchwoman

  2. [also: mesdames (pl)]


See madame

Usage examples of "mesdames".

Why, Mesdames, Babette replied, the ingredients for the birthday dinner.

But all the same, Mesdames, I shall not go back to Paris, now that those people of whom I have spoken are no longer there.

Already some of those fearless frontierswomen, the amazons of the Fortieth, had come ahead with bag, baggage and babies and moved into the log huts of their lords as contentedly as they would have taken quarters at the Grand Central in Omaha, but Mesdames Flight and Darling were not of the number.

At first it had been Mesdames Flight and Darling, then the bride had to be invited because she was the bride, then because she was a beauty, and finally because Willett would have no one else.

Cranston, and two or three, each, of the missives of Mesdames Stone, Flight, and Darling to ladies at the cantonment.

Troop, long handicapped by the frailties of its commander and notorious for bad drill, was now striving to win a new name under the lead of Bachelor Hastings and its grim Benedick second lieutenant, whose fair young bride could hardly be said to be safe at Scott, restored to the sympathetic circle of which Mesdames Stone, Flight, and Darling were the guiding stars.

The Leonards would not attend them now, but with five such belles as Mesdames Stone, Darling, Davies, Flight, and Plodder, to say nothing of other lesser lights of the garrison galaxy, there was no lack of womanly beauty, only the cavaliers were short.

He desired me, one day, to go and request the representation of two of the best pieces of the time, in which Elleviou, Mesdames St.

Schwartz, with whom this money had been deposited for the sake of security, had also the care of some valuable jewels belonging to Mesdames Carry St.

At her house I got to know Mesdames de Valbelle and de Rancerolles, the Princess de Chimai, and many others who were then in the best society of Paris.