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n. (plural of bedtime English)

Usage examples of "bedtimes".

In a virtual world full of thieves, murderers, and practitioners of black magic, and with many of them the alter egos of people who were up past their bedtimes, it was no surprise if Madrikhor changed as darkness fell from faux-Medieval heartiness to febrile mock-Gothic.

Just when all nice little visitors should have gone home, we find them still roaming in our network, up far past their bedtimes.

All those childhood bedtimes when she and Anna were little, the ritual of nose rubbing instead of routine peckings at lips or cheeks.

Until now, she had sent the Mattsons a barrage of directives about how Bjorn should be raised, what he should eat, his schoolwork, his bedtimes.

A quorum of the day's Combatants has to endorse a particular simulated World Situation as Lord's stayed up well past several bedtimes to develop it: Land-Sea-Air force-distributions.

Meals, bedtimes, morning, nights, constantly in each other's company--how on earth was she going to do it?

And although the four-year-old and the writer’s assistant slept in the same house, their bedtimes were considerably different, their bedrooms far apart.

Then the kids and I played and talked until the outrageous hour of eleven o'clock, way past their usual bedtimes.