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n. (plural of centime English)

Usage examples of "centimes".

And on Sunday, when she rendered her weekly accounts, it was without a blush that she increased by a few centimes the price of each object, rejoicing when she had thus scraped a dozen francs, and finding, to justify herself to her own eyes, those sophisms which passion never lacks.

German coin called thaler, which represents three francs and sixty-eight centimes in French currency.

The man had never, never in his life had more than a few centimes, thrown to him by travellers, and he knew of no destination for this metal but the wine shop.

On reflection she made a thousand objections, terrified at the idea of a bowl full of soup, for she belonged to that race of parsimonious country women who always carry centimes in their pocket to give alms in public to beggars on the road and to put in the Sunday collection plate.

My sisters made their own gowns, and long discussions would arise on the price of a piece of braid worth fifteen centimes a yard.

To say that I never add a few centimes to bills, only a few, I would not say that.

She knew that people can interest themselves in the price of eggs, which cost a few centimes more or less according to the seasons.