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n. (plural of trireme English)

Usage examples of "triremes".

I can donate Rome ten triremes and five quinqueremes altogether, from what is here and what is elsewhere.

Caesar arrived in Abydus on the Ides of October, he found the promised fleet riding at anchor-two massive Pontic sixteeners, eight quinqueremes, ten triremes, and twenty well-built but not particularly warlike galleys.

Forty ships, half of them decked quinqueremes or triremes, delivered on the Kalends of November.

The professional soldiers who would fight aboard the triremes at sea and in armored regiments on land were a greater expense still.

These must have traveled on the other triremes, the pair the sea had swallowed.

As to size: forty ships, at least half of which should be decked triremes or larger.

These days they man fully decked triremes and biremes-even quinqueremes!

Most triremes were decked, and could carry a complement of up to perhaps 50 marines.

By sunset the Macedonians manning the ramparts had seen a fleet of Athenian battle triremes sailing serenely across the gulf.

But with Pagasai taken the triremes had nowhere to dock, and the soldiers they carried were lost to the enemy cause.

From here he could still see the twelve Athenian triremes at anchor in the gulf, moonlight glinting from their polished hulls.

Gaius Marcellus Major and Gaius Coponius took charge of the twenty superb triremes Rhodes had donated to the distressingly persistent Cato, who refused to leave without them.

Attaleia announced its undying loyalty and gave Pompey twelve neat and seaworthy triremes together with a letter from his son Gnaeus, still on the island of Corcyra.

He had taken three of the triremes but left the other nine to be sent to Gnaeus in Corcyra.

Most triremes were decked and could carry a complement of up to 50 marines.