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n. (plural of costume English) vb. (en-third-person singular of: costume)

Usage examples of "costumes".

Blanda were in line at a cafeteria full of people in costumes, human-sized animals with vastly oversized heads, sitting and chatting.

For once, he was glad that he was not one of the high priests, since their costumes included conical headpieces as well.

Babylon and Sumer to be maintained, many of the deities shed their costumes, transforming into fantastic shapes from every myth and legend remembered in the Verite and from many forgotten.

Out of sight they remained, it was intermission, they were changing their costumes, or making bricks and getting paid for it.

An observer must notice that the usual theatre-audience in New York or Boston today laughs at and applauds costumes, situations, innuendoes, doubtful suggestions, that it would have blushed at a few years ago.

I can only conclude that the civilized human being is a restless creature, whose motives in regard to costumes are utterly unfathomable.

FASHIONS IN LITERATURE If you examine a collection of prints of costumes of different generations, you are commonly amused by the ludicrous appearance of most of them, especially of those that are not familiar to you in your own decade.

The Greek artist and the Mediaeval painter, when the costumes were really picturesque and made us forget the lack of simplicity in a noble sumptuousness, had never this posthumous difficulty to contend with.

Note also that difference in costumes of the sexes is least apparent among lowly civilized peoples.

The costumes of the players were sometimes less niggardly than the furnishing of the stage, for it was an age of rich and picturesque apparel, and it was not difficult to procure the cast-off clothes of fine gentlemen for stage use.

Pharaon, and other personal friends of the bride-groom, the whole of whom had arrayed themselves in their choicest costumes, in order to do greater honor to the occasion.

We need hardly add that these peasant costumes, like those of the young women, were brilliant with gold and jewels.

I will have whatever costumes you choose brought to us, and you can dress there.

On chairs were laid elegant masquerade costumes of blue and white satin.

Signor Pastrini, that both my friend and myself attach the greatest importance to having to-morrow the costumes we have asked for.