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n. (plural of perfume English) vb. (en-third-person singular of: perfume)

Usage examples of "perfumes".

I see a rather fine garden, walks lined with big trees, fountains, high houses all round the garden, a great many men and women walking about, benches here and there forming shops for the sale of newspapers, perfumes, tooth-picks, and other trifles.

That gauze, that atmosphere, redolent with feminine perfumes, and behind those screens-behind those screens!

The moon had just risen, the sky was beautifully clear, whiffs of delicious perfumes assailed my nostrils.

You throw in a few drops of that fluid which perfumes and softens the skin, and like a nymph in the depths of a quiet wood preparing for the toilet, you remove the drapery that might encumber you.

A faint aroma of truffles perfumes the air, every one is smiling, and through the glass I see, startling sight!

Zoroaster inveighed against the use of sandalwood and frankincense on the ground that these perfumes are sacred to devils.

Birds of every sort were on the wing, newly arrived from the far south, while the trees were in early leaf and wild flowers filled the air with those delicate perfumes that make me sneeze uncontrollably.

Expensive perfumes adorned the air, and the musicians played so softly that one was not obliged to listen-to the music.

In the evening they brought a good bed, fine linen, perfumes, an excellent supper, and choice wines.