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n. 1 (plural of extreme English) 2 things that exhibit absolute difference.

Extremes (novel)

Extremes is the second book in the Retrieval Artist series by Kristine Kathryn Rusch. The novels are situated at an unstated time in the future where humans have colonized many distant worlds. In addition, treaties with alien races allow for the extradition of humans to other worlds to stand trial. Since most of these extraspecies crimes carry a sentence of death, an industry has sprung up to hide these people. Those who vanish are called the Disappeared. Not everyone who disappears does so to hide from aliens' justice, some are hiding from human justice, others just want to escape from their past. Two professions have sprung up to find those people: Trackers and Retrieval Artists. Trackers, similar to bounty hunters, seek the disappeared and return them to justice, or to those willing to pay for them to be found again. Retrieval Artists also seek the disappeared, but instead of dragging them back to justice, are more often hired by lawyers seeking to have inheritances delivered (minus the sum it cost to find them). Frequently, retrieval artist are followed by trackers in order to find the individual being sought.

Extremes (album)

Extremes is the third studio album released by American country music artist Collin Raye. As with Raye's first two albums, Extremes received platinum certification in the United States for sales of over one million copies. The singles released from this album were "That's My Story", "Man of My Word", "My Kind of Girl", "If I Were You" and "Little Rock". "My Kind of Girl" was a Number One hit on the Hot Country Songs charts, while the other singles all reached Top Ten.

"Dreaming My Dreams with You" is a cover of the Waylon Jennings song from his album of the same name, and "A Bible and a Bus Ticket Home" was later recorded by Confederate Railroad on their album Keep On Rockin'.

Usage examples of "extremes".

At Bologna, as at Naples, the two extremes of society are corrupt, while the middle classes are respectable, and the depository of virtue, talents, and learning.

Reputed to be the hottest place on earth, it is a land of geographic extremes, where gray mountains suddenly rise like fortress walls from broad rocky grasslands, and oceans of sparsely vegetated lowlands marry vast seas of sand.

Like the homogeneity that follows when a collection of disparate metals is heated to a smooth molten liquid, the significant differences between the forces as we now observe them were all erased by the extremes of energy and temperature encountered in the very early universe.

Perturbative methods can, at best, give skeletal insights, since the extremes of energy, temperature, and density require precision analysis.

This was unjust, but there is no doubt he made use of every illustration to disgust or encourage his son that his neighbourhood afforded him, and did not spare his brother, for whom Richard entertained a contempt in proportion to his admiration of his father, and was for flying into penitential extremes which Sir Austin had to soften.

The discovery of the affinity between the two extremes of the Royal British Oak has made me thrice conservative.