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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Ofttimes \Oft"times`\, adv. [Oft + time. Cf. -wards.] Frequently; often.


adv. often; frequently


adv. many times at short intervals; "we often met over a cup of coffee" [syn: frequently, often, oftentimes, oft] [ant: rarely, infrequently]

Usage examples of "ofttimes".

Ofttimes, he avouched that I was as much a part of him as his own heart.

New modes of elaborating squash pies and quince tarts were now ofttimes carefully discussed at the evening firesides by Aunt Lois and Aunt Keziah, and notes seriously compared with the experiences of certain other aunties of high repute in such matters.

Her father had ofttimes said that Aston possessed the luck of the devil himself.

There are good men who tire ofttimes of the routine of office, or store, or mill, or farm.

Men, too, in their busy life, are continually called to struggle, ofttimes to suffer.

So the strokes of sorrow gash our hearts, leaving ofttimes wounds and scars, but they open for us fountains of rich blessing and of new life.

The words that are worth hearing come out of thought-quarries where they have been wrought ofttimes in struggle and anguish.

It may seem a severe thing to say, but illness is ofttimes made worse by the pity of friends.

Sick people ofttimes fall into a mood of disheartenment and self-pity which seriously retards their recovery.

All great leaders of men ofttimes must stand alone, as they move in advance of the ranks of their followers.

Perhaps they oppose him in his discipleship--in varying degrees this ofttimes is the experience.

No more are his words heard by those who ofttimes have been cheered or comforted by them.

No doubt there ofttimes is much reason for shame and pain in our retrospects.

Human life must appear very pathetic, and ofttimes tragical, as the angels look down upon it.

Silence is said to be golden, and ofttimes, indeed, it is better than speech.