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vb. (en-third-person singular of: consume)

Usage examples of "consumes".

This lust of sovereignty disturbs and consumes the human race with frightful ills.

For many have interpreted even these in like fashion, to such a degree that even that which they say is the most monstrous and most horrible,- namely, that Saturn devoured his own children,-has been interpreted by some of them to mean that length of time, which is signified by the name of Saturn, consumes whatever it begets.

What then has enabled it to last so long without rotting, though buried in the damp earth in which [its original] wood rots, except this same fire which consumes all things?

For it is written they say, "As the moth consumes the garment, and the worm the wood, so does grief consume the heart of a man.

In her mind's eye, the city of memory bloomed into view, on the hill, on the lake, and at its core burned the blue-white fire that consumes mountains Feather Cloak jerked back with a gasp as her eyelids snapped open.

As far as I can tell, the damn thing actually consumes some of it, but only a minuscule portion of what’s generated—maybe ten percent.

Such a search consumes Engine-time and money, and we're always over budget in both.

Your skilled arsonist uses liquid paraffin, which consumes itself and all it touches.

To crush and to subdue becomes voluptuous pleasure, to which pride gives keener relish, affording a grateful incense of the holocaust which the despot consumes on his own altar.

France was not then, as now-a-days, on a way to become a vast lodging-house administered by casual managers, condemned to periodical failures, inhabited by anonymous residents, indifferent to each other, lacking local ties, lacking engagements and having no corporate loyalties, merely tenants and passing consumers, placed in numerical order around a common mess-table where each thinks only of himself, gets served quickly, consumes what he can lay his hands on, and ends by finding out that, in a place of this sort, the best condition, the wisest course, is to put all one's property into an annuity and live a bachelor.

Whoever keeps on hand more than he consumes is a monopolist and commits a capital crime.

Paris consumes 8,000 quintals of meal daily, which expenditure alone amounts to 1,200 millions per annum.

The new régime has converted it into a monstrous canker in the very heart of France, a devouring parasite which, through its six hundred thousand leeches, drains its surroundings for a distance of forty leagues, consumes one-half the annual revenue of the State, and yet still remains emaciated in spite of the sacrifices made by the treasury it depletes and the exhaustion of the provinces which supply it with food.

And so Red Jack literally feeds upon the surplus value of pain: he consumes the agony of millions of tortured butterflies, "pretty, fragile things with wings like church windows," pinned alive against the walls of his Baroque palace, shrieking in a music of perpetual torment.

At one point, Fidel makes an excruciatingly long speech in bad Spanish (it consumes a full 15 minutes of screen time), while the other actors all fall asleep and snore loudly.