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n. (plural of rhizome English)

Usage examples of "rhizomes".

Did the three species just named, like their close allies, the several species of Utricularia, aboriginally possess bladders on their rhizomes, which they afterwards lost, acquiring in their place utriculiferous leaves?

The green tops and young roots, baked in the coals along with the sweet rhizomes of the sweetflag and the underwater base of the bulrushes, supplied the beginning of a meal.

As it appeared probable that this plant would capture a greater number of animals in its native country than under culture, I obtained permission to remove small portions of the rhizomes from dried specimens in the herbarium at Kew.

These rhizomes appear exactly like roots, but occasionally throw up green shoots.

As the bladders are attached to the rhizomes, they are necessarily subterranean.

Similar papillae abound on the rhizomes, and even on the entire leaves, but they are rather broader on the latter.

On the other hand, the rhizomes bear bladders resembling in essential character those on the rhizomes of Utricularia.

Digging down to the underground system of roots and rhizomes, she collected several, and boiled the greenish-yellow goldenseal root to make a healing and insect-repelling wash for the sore eyes and throats of the horses.

The roots and rhizomes are thought to have medicinal properties because of the hydrastine and berberine.

To get a permit you need to show that your roots, rhizomes, and seeds came from legally acquired parental stock and that the plants were cultivated for four years or more without augmentation from the wild.

The storeroom was provided with them, and in special baskets Neb placed his collection of rhizomes, stone-pine almonds, etc.

Walbushes had been trained to make a circular windbreak, and their rhizomes formed crude steps enabling one to look over the top for near-horizon observations.