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Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English
a gold/silver ring
▪ She took off her gold ring.
a silver medal (=for second place)
▪ She was awarded the silver medal for the 100 metres.
a silver/yellow moon
▪ It was a frosty night, with a cold silver moon.
gold/silver etc earrings
▪ He bought her some expensive diamond earrings.
pale/silver moonlight
▪ The hills were bathed in pale moonlight.
silver anniversary
silver birch
silver dollar
silver foil
silver jubilee
▪ the Queen’s Silver Jubilee
silver medal
silver paper
silver plate
▪ a silver-plated candlestick
silver screen
▪ stars of the silver screen
silver surfer
▪ Many silver surfers use the Internet to keep in touch with their grandchildren.
silver wedding anniversary
▪ a party to celebrate their silver wedding anniversary
▪ Her father’s hair was starting to turn silver.
silver/aluminium/kitchen foil
▪ Cover the chicken with silver foil and bake.
solid gold/silver etc
▪ a solid gold cup
▪ She excelled at archery and won an Olympic silver medal at the London Games in 1908.
▪ Meyer, the 10,000m Olympic silver medallist in Barcelona, clocked eight minutes 51.65 seconds, almost nine seconds ahead of her rival.
▪ The black brows knit, and solid silver laurels bobbed.
▪ I can't really imagine it shedding that solid silver butcher's hook, but who knows?
▪ It was used to produce a cheaper form of tableware than solid silver.
▪ Lucker feels a tug, and reels in a beautiful sea trout, a bullet of solid silver muscle.
Solid value in solid silver will pay dividends, but will it show you a profit?
▪ A miniature oak four-poster bed is £30 and a solid silver canteen of cutlery is £44.
▪ Four coins from his mint there are extant; two of them are solid silver, and two are plated.
▪ But it was solid silver - and the inscription must have cost a bit as well.
▪ The same key-shaped earrings are also available in sterling silver for £150.
▪ The coins which bear his name are the first Northumbrian silver coins.
▪ In 1905, something happened; a silver lining on the cloud of doom.
▪ The cloud in this particular silver lining is progestogen, a synthetic form of the hormone progesterone.
▪ She excelled at archery and won an Olympic silver medal at the London Games in 1908.
▪ Barcelona silver medallist Tony Dees also runs.
▪ Meyer, the 10,000m Olympic silver medallist in Barcelona, clocked eight minutes 51.65 seconds, almost nine seconds ahead of her rival.
▪ He won a silver in Barcelona in 1992.
▪ Rothschild of New York won a silver for a Range Rover ad.
▪ Sentiment and superiority had helped Paul Wylie win a surprising silver at the 1992 Olympics.
be born with a silver spoon in your mouth
cross sb's palm with silver
every cloud has a silver lining
gold/silver plate
▪ A gold plated curling tong, of course!
▪ Finishes range from a white polyester-coat stove-enamelled finish to chrome, brass and gold plate - to suit all tastes and purses.
▪ I am richer than you are; all this is an offset to your silver plate and your gold plate.
▪ Massive cupboards which covered an entire wall, all stuffed with silver and gold plate.
▪ Net Set, available in matt black or 14K gold plate finish makes an ideal tennis gift.
▪ The joints that hold the gold plated, cylindrical copper mirror are standard components.
▪ We were eating off silver plates and suddenly there was this toad.
silver tongue
▪ A man with a silver tongue like you should be out making a million dollars for himself, like my son.
▪ But unlike Douglass he had no oratorical gift, no passionate language, no silver tongue.
▪ Ruth thought it more likely that his silver tongue had got around her.
the silver screen
▪ stars of the silver screen
▪ Use a soft cloth to polish the silver.
▪ Also remarkable are the paintings, geometrically designed rooms and wide variety of nearly 200-year-old china and silver.
▪ I ended up with a silver.
▪ Necklaces, pendants, bracelets, rings; silver and turquoise glittered in the white light.
▪ Overnight the cloud had been whisked away and a full moon hovered in the sky, drenching the rooftops with pale silver.
▪ The shuttle was already no more than a streak of silver.
▪ There's a two-hour Twilight Zone special to celebrate its silver anniversary.
▪ Gabbiano Honeymoon and silver anniversary couples receive a bottle of sparkling wine and flowers or fruit.
▪ Ateneo Honeymoon and silver anniversary couples staying 5 nights or more receive dinner on arrival and a complimentary gondola ride.
▪ The gravel track led downhill into a narrow belt of silver birch and rowan.
▪ I rubbed a patch clear and looked out hopefully; saw stone walls, the vague shapes of silver birch and larch.
▪ Conifers had suffered the most damage, while oak and silver birch were also badly affected.
▪ The under storey was planted with hornbeam, hazel, silver birch and holly.
▪ The trees along here include silver birch, yew and holly.
▪ It continues as an usual inland resort set in woodland of silver birches, rhododendrons and conifers.
▪ According to custom, they each contributed blood from their veins to a silver bowl and all drank therefrom.
▪ There a servant hastened to them with water in a golden ewer which she poured over their fingers into a silver bowl.
▪ I did not let the silver bowl get dull.
▪ Perhaps silver bullets would have done the trick.
▪ A pilot scale rig dedicated to the exploration and development of the silver bullet process has been fully operational for some months.
▪ To kill the witch you need a silver bullet.
▪ He wore round his neck a scrimshaw on a silver chain.
▪ Thin silk cords and silver chains hung down from the nets, which Apanage adjusting by pulling and tweaking them.
▪ Corbett noticed how each of these precious manuscripts was fastened to the wall by silver chains.
▪ Appearance: Black-haired ferocious beast, distinguishable by silver chain worn around the neck.
▪ She fingered glittering necklaces, gold and silver chains, bracelets, beads, brooches, earrings.
▪ The big, black mameluke was an eye-catching sight but the beasts which went before him on silver chains were really alarming.
▪ She opened her hand and looked at the two silver coins.
▪ They also found my comb, a purse with several gold and silver coins, my gun and bullets.
▪ The beady, little eyes softened as Cranston displayed his warrant, a silver coin lying on top of it.
▪ She took two silver coins out of the tin then put it where it could only be found by her.
▪ Mandeville fished in his purse and brought out a silver coin, rolling it in his fingers.
▪ More silver coins than any of us would find in a lifetime, all into the melting-pot.
▪ Both rely on something lost being found, a sheep in the first parable and a silver coin in the second.
▪ Pectoral cross Among my first finds with a metal detector are this silver cross and two coins.
▪ Horrocks pulled the silver cross from his chest and hurled it from him.
▪ One of two silver cups found together with a set of wine-drinking utensils in a grave.
▪ He showed them the huge chest, far too heavy to lift, with the silver cups and plates for special occasions.
▪ There were chests of cypress and cedar, small tables bearing trays, silver cups, pewter tankards and flagons.
▪ To one side, dropped unnoticed, lay a silver cup which had not contained sherbet.
▪ Rory unscrewed the top from the bottle of Bells carefully and topped up Fergus's little silver cup.
▪ Fergus had brought a leather case with him; it held three of the silver cups and a big hip flask.
▪ Three new coins have been minted, gold five dollar, silver dollar and clad half dollar.
▪ The entire device is held together by a metal frame roughly the size of a silver dollar.
▪ Virgil Glover himself seeing Tom Glover doing rather badly, shining like a brass tack next to a silver dollar.
▪ A tube of silver foil folded over a loop of line pulled down about eighteen inches between bite alarm and reel.
▪ I love the shiny brown line, I love the crinkle of the silver foil.
▪ To make top class budget reflectors for fluorescent tubes, line some guttering with silver foil.
▪ There is no silver foil, so Crilly sets us up with an empty chocolate wrapping from his pocket.
▪ A tall man with silver hair bowed over Dinah's hand.
▪ All but a handful of members were men, nearly all with silver hair and dark gray business suits.
▪ Sam had a bachelor brother called Tom, known as Tuck, who had silver hair and beard.
▪ Oliver Ingraham was a heavyset man with silver hair.
▪ He was hatless, his silver hair awry, his eyes glowing with insane fury.
▪ There was nothing, in fact, plain about the old man with the craggy brows and mane of silver hair.
▪ He stood out from the rest of the mob with his silver hair and stacked shoes.
▪ The silver hair, pulled back in a barrette from her heart-shaped face, seems to match, too.
▪ On October 10, 1986, the silver jubilee of the parish was celebrated.
▪ Bernard Woods at the conclusion of the concelebrated Mass to mark the silver jubilee of his ordination.
▪ The 73-year-old Bishop was ordained in February, 1969, shortly before the silver jubilee of his becoming a priest.
▪ A representation of this picture was incorporated in the 1984 design, the silver jubilee of well-dressing in Dore.
▪ Teacher Every cloud has a silver lining.
▪ So the Bears were left to search for silver linings after losing their third straight game.
▪ But the real-estate world seems to specialize in clouds with silver linings.
▪ Mind you, every cloud had a silver lining.
▪ But it's certainly how can I put it - the silver lining.
▪ If the sheer quantity of information about 1992 is clouding your vision, look no further for the silver lining.
▪ But there's always a silver lining.
▪ I eased down, just holding on for the silver medal, but it was the end of my Commonwealth Games.
▪ But realistically, the best anyone can hope for in 1996 is a silver medal.
▪ The school entered large numbers of girls for Royal Life Saving Society's bronze and silver medals.
▪ That is not to diminish any of the efforts of hard-working, courageous athletes who have won silver medals here.
▪ He was awarded the silver medal of the Mozarteum in 1950.
▪ Q: Would you have been satisfied with the bronze or the silver medal?
▪ His silver medal was therefore a tribute to his talent.
▪ He picked up two silver medals, in the 500m and as part of the Great Britain team in the 5,000m relay.
▪ Elswick Harriers are led by former Olympic 10,000 metres silver medallist Mike McLeod.
▪ These are by Platzer of 1759 and serve as a reminder of the wealth of the silver mines in Bohemia and Silesia.
▪ I walked on that box for three months till I got work in a silver mine.
▪ Cherries, chocolates, walnuts, and anything in silver paper - Henry always wanted the best of anything and everything.
▪ He had wrapped the damned box with the shiny silver paper and a white ribbon with a bow.
▪ Bottle tops, silver paper and tin cans are the last things you should throw away.
▪ I remember he gave me a piece of toffee wrapped in silver paper.
▪ He was waiting while his vivid red roses were wrapped in the distinctive lilac and silver paper.
▪ They passed the last-minute shoppers loaded down with gifts wrapped in gold and silver paper rushing toward their high-rise condos.
▪ She collected old newspapers and milk-bottle tops and silver paper for the Girl Guides.
▪ We were eating off silver plates and suddenly there was this toad.
▪ I am richer than you are; all this is an offset to your silver plate and your gold plate.
▪ They removed part of his brain and inserted a silver plate.
▪ A silver plate terrine was left behind.
▪ Garlands of fresh bay were looped around a table containing a silver platter with a two-foot-high mound of Beluga caviare.
▪ Uluru sits on the desert like a cake on a silver platter.
▪ There immediately behind the silver platter of Salmon àla Régence, was James Halden.
▪ Huge honey-roasted hams and game-hens were displayed on stands and silver platters.
▪ Each finalist will receive a commemorative medal and the top three will win a silver salver.
▪ The press were delighted to have the scandal fed to them on a silver salver.
▪ Romanov's monologue was only once interrupted, by a waiter who wheeled in a trolley on which sat a silver salver.
▪ The silver salver was donated in memory of Mr Morgan, a former councillor and local headmaster.
▪ Hartwell had handed his birthright on a silver salver to the rescuing white knight.
▪ Nothing seemed to have come of the silver salver idea, no doubt because of the continuing need for secrecy.
▪ She dies in 1963, years before the critically acclaimed work was being adapted for the silver screen.
▪ He snatches the issue from politicians and makes it as grand and simple as a silver screen story.
▪ Pembroke's major cinematic achievement to date was introducing Koo Stark to the silver screen.
▪ Some of my guests were born sucking on the proverbial silver spoon, others knew hard times.
▪ Reese grew up with a silver spoon.
▪ Success was supposed to be reserved for those with silver spoons in their mouths.
▪ Coaches of silver spoons, coins and other treasures will be displayed to complement the Civil War exhibition.
▪ In her innocence, Ma keeps waving the silver spoon.
▪ She thinks that we have absolutely no understanding of anybody because we were born with a silver spoon in our mouths.
▪ She was knitting a cloth with gold and silver thread.
▪ Turakina had on a gown into which were woven gold and silver threads.
▪ The silver thread of a stream ran down to a crescent-shaped beach.
▪ A caterpillar dangled in front of me, hanging in mid-air by a silver thread attached to an oak tree twig.
▪ For evening wear, using a gold or silver thread instead of cotton can add sparkle to your knitting.
▪ Ruth thought it more likely that his silver tongue had got around her.
▪ A man with a silver tongue like you should be out making a million dollars for himself, like my son.
▪ But unlike Douglass he had no oratorical gift, no passionate language, no silver tongue.
▪ He flagged a waiter down and grabbed two drinks from the silver tray.
▪ Half way through the meal a butler appeared, carrying a folded slip of paper on a silver tray.
▪ Lily brought in a silver tray with tea and sandwiches and one of Mary's marvellous sponge cakes.
▪ Waiters offer a selection of waters to drink, served on a silver tray, but only the tap is free.
▪ Dinner was brought to my room, served up on a silver tray.
▪ A practical nurse brought old red wine, a silver tray of smoked salmon, crumbled hard-boiled egg, capers and lemon.
▪ Some one brought mint tea in a silver pot, on a chased, silver tray.
▪ Behind her walked Jeeves, straight as a broom, clad in white tie and tails and carrying a silver tray.
▪ a silver Mercedes
▪ a silver pitcher
▪ Clare could see more rusty chain around the slender, peeling, silver trunk of a nearby birch tree.
▪ He noticed she needed two hands to lift the silver pot.
▪ He was not now in a tight black jacket, with silver trimmings on black trousers.
▪ There are Standard, First and Premier fares, the latter including silver service at seat dining to make the day complete.
▪ Think cyber in black, white, silver and crayon colors.
every cloud has a silver lining
gold/silver plate
▪ A gold plated curling tong, of course!
▪ Finishes range from a white polyester-coat stove-enamelled finish to chrome, brass and gold plate - to suit all tastes and purses.
▪ I am richer than you are; all this is an offset to your silver plate and your gold plate.
▪ Massive cupboards which covered an entire wall, all stuffed with silver and gold plate.
▪ Net Set, available in matt black or 14K gold plate finish makes an ideal tennis gift.
▪ The joints that hold the gold plated, cylindrical copper mirror are standard components.
▪ We were eating off silver plates and suddenly there was this toad.
silver tongue
▪ A man with a silver tongue like you should be out making a million dollars for himself, like my son.
▪ But unlike Douglass he had no oratorical gift, no passionate language, no silver tongue.
▪ Ruth thought it more likely that his silver tongue had got around her.
the silver screen
▪ stars of the silver screen
▪ Below, concertina wires flared their silvered thorns.
▪ Mist silvering the droplets on the bare thorns Slower than the change of daylight.
▪ The bare trees were silvered in the moonlight.
▪ The dome was silvered with frost.
The Collaborative International Dictionary

Silver \Sil"ver\, v. t. [imp. & p. p. Silvered; p. pr. & vb. n. Silvering.]

  1. To cover with silver; to give a silvery appearance to by applying a metal of a silvery color; as, to silver a pin; to silver a glass mirror plate with an amalgam of tin and mercury.

  2. To polish like silver; to impart a brightness to, like that of silver.

    And smiling calmness silvered o'er the deep.

  3. To make hoary, or white, like silver.

    His head was silvered o'er with age.


Silver \Sil"ver\ (s[i^]l"v[~e]r), n. [OE. silver, selver, seolver, AS. seolfor, siolfur, siolufr, silofr, sylofr; akin to OS. silubar, OFries. selover, D. zilver, LG. sulver, OHG. silabar, silbar, G. silber, Icel. silfr, Sw. silfver, Dan. s["o]lv, Goth. silubr, Russ. serebro, Lith. sidabras; of unknown origin.]

  1. (Chem.) A soft white metallic element, sonorous, ductile, very malleable, and capable of a high degree of polish. It is found native, and also combined with sulphur, arsenic, antimony, chlorine, etc., in the minerals argentite, proustite, pyrargyrite, ceragyrite, etc. Silver is one of the ``noble'' metals, so-called, not being easily oxidized, and is used for coin, jewelry, plate, and a great variety of articles. Symbol Ag (Argentum). Atomic weight 107.7. Specific gravity 10.5.

    Note: Silver was known under the name of luna to the ancients and also to the alchemists. Some of its compounds, as the halogen salts, are remarkable for the effect of light upon them, and are used in photography.

  2. Coin made of silver; silver money.

  3. Anything having the luster or appearance of silver.

  4. The color of silver. Note: Silver is used in the formation of many compounds of obvious meaning; as, silver-armed, silver-bright, silver-buskined, silver-coated, silver-footed, silver-haired, silver-headed, silver-mantled, silver-plated, silver-slippered, silver-sounding, silver-studded, silver-tongued, silver-white. See Silver, a. Black silver (Min.), stephanite; -- called also brittle silver ore, or brittle silver glance. Fulminating silver. (Chem.)

    1. A black crystalline substance, Ag2O.(NH3)2, obtained by dissolving silver oxide in aqua ammonia. When dry it explodes violently on the slightest percussion.

    2. Silver fulminate, a white crystalline substance, Ag2C2N2O2, obtained by adding alcohol to a solution of silver nitrate; -- also called fulminate of silver. When dry it is violently explosive.

      German silver. (Chem.) See under German.

      Gray silver. (Min.) See Freieslebenite.

      Horn silver. (Min.) See Cerargyrite.

      King's silver. (O. Eng. Law) See Postfine.

      Red silver, or Ruby silver. (Min.) See Proustite, and Pyrargyrite.

      Silver beater, one who beats silver into silver leaf or silver foil.

      Silver glance, or Vitreous silver. (Min.) See Argentine.


Silver \Sil"ver\, v. i. To acquire a silvery color. [R.]

The eastern sky began to silver and shine.
--L. Wallace.


Silver \Sil"ver\, a.

  1. Of or pertaining to silver; made of silver; as, silver leaf; a silver cup.

  2. Resembling silver. Specifically:

    1. Bright; resplendent; white. ``Silver hair.''

      Others, on silver lakes and rivers, bathed Their downy breast.

    2. Precious; costly.

    3. Giving a clear, ringing sound soft and clear. ``Silver voices.''

    4. Sweet; gentle; peaceful. ``Silver slumber.'' --Spenser. American silver fir (Bot.), the balsam fir. See under Balsam. Silver age (Roman Lit.), the latter part (a. d. 14-180) of the classical period of Latinity, -- the time of writers of inferior purity of language, as compared with those of the previous golden age, so-called. Silver-bell tree (Bot.), an American shrub or small tree ( Halesia tetraptera) with white bell-shaped flowers in clusters or racemes; the snowdrop tree. Silver bush (Bot.), a shrubby leguminous plant ( Anthyllis Barba-Jovis) of Southern Europe, having silvery foliage. Silver chub (Zo["o]l.), the fallfish. Silver eel. (Zo["o]l.)

      1. The cutlass fish.

      2. A pale variety of the common eel. Silver fir (Bot.), a coniferous tree ( Abies pectinata) found in mountainous districts in the middle and south of Europe, where it often grows to the height of 100 or 150 feet. It yields Burgundy pitch and Strasburg turpentine. Silver foil, foil made of silver. Silver fox (Zo["o]l.), a variety of the common fox ( Vulpes vulpes, variety argenteus) found in the northern parts of Asia, Europe, and America. Its fur is nearly black, with silvery tips, and is highly valued. Called also black fox, and silver-gray fox. Silver gar. (Zo["o]l.) See Billfish

        1. .

          Silver grain (Bot.), the lines or narrow plates of cellular tissue which pass from the pith to the bark of an exogenous stem; the medullary rays. In the wood of the oak they are much larger than in that of the beech, maple, pine, cherry, etc.

          Silver grebe (Zo["o]l.), the red-throated diver. See Illust. under Diver.

          Silver hake (Zo["o]l.), the American whiting.

          Silver leaf, leaves or sheets made of silver beaten very thin.

          Silver lunge (Zo["o]l.), the namaycush.

          Silver moonfish.(Zo["o]l.) See Moonfish

        2. .

          Silver moth (Zo["o]l.), a lepisma.

          Silver owl (Zo["o]l.), the barn owl.

          Silver perch (Zo["o]l.), the mademoiselle, 2.

          Silver pheasant (Zo["o]l.), any one of several species of beautiful crested and long-tailed Asiatic pheasants, of the genus Euplocamus. They have the tail and more or less of the upper parts silvery white. The most common species ( E. nychtemerus) is native of China.

          Silver plate, domestic utensils made of silver.

          Silver steel, an alloy of steel with a very small proportion of silver.

          Silver stick, a title given to the title field officer of the Life Guards when on duty at the palace. [Eng.]

          Silver tree (Bot.), a South African tree ( Leucadendron argenteum) with long, silvery, silky leaves.

          Silver trout, (Zo["o]l.) See Trout.

          Silver wedding. See under Wedding.

          Silver whiting (Zo["o]l.), a marine sci[ae]noid food fish ( Menticirrus littoralis) native of the Southern United States; -- called also surf whiting.

          Silver witch (Zo["o]l.), A lepisma.

Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

Old English seolfor, Mercian sylfur "silver; money," from Proto-Germanic *silubra- (cognates: Old Saxon silvbar, Old Frisian selover, Old Norse silfr, Middle Dutch silver, Dutch zilver, Old High German silabar, German silber "silver; money," Gothic silubr "silver"), from a common Germanic/Balto-Slavic term (cognates: Old Church Slavonic s(u)rebo, Russian serebro, Polish srebro, Lithuanian sidabras "silver") of uncertain relationship and origin. According to Klein's sources, possibly from a language of Asia Minor, perhaps from Akkadian sarpu "silver," literally "refined silver," related to sarapu "to refine, smelt."\n

\nAs an adjective from late Old English (cognates: silvern). As a color name from late 15c. Of voices, words, etc., from 1520s in reference to the metal's pleasing resonance; silver-tongued is from 1590s. The silver age (1560s) was a phrase used by Greek and Roman poets. Chemical abbreviation Ag is from Latin argentum "silver," from the usual PIE word for the metal (see argent), which is missing in Germanic.


"to cover or plate with silver," mid-15c., from silver (n.). Meaning "to tinge with gray" (of hair) is from c.1600. Related: Silvered; silvering.

  1. Made from silver#Noun. n. 1 (context uncountable English) A lustrous, white, metallic element, atomic number 47, atomic weight 107.87, symbol Ag. 2 (qualifier: collectively) coins made from silver or any similar white metal. 3 (qualifier: collectively) cutlery and other eating utensils, whether silver or made from some other white metal. 4 (qualifier: collectively) Any items made from silver or any other white metal. 5 (context countable English) A shiny gray color. v

  2. 1 To acquire a silvery colour. 2 To cover with silver, or with a silvery metal. 3 To polish like silver; to impart a brightness to, like that of silver. 4 To make hoary, or white, like silver.

  1. adj. made from or largely consisting of silver; "silver bracelets"

  2. having the white lustrous sheen of silver; "a land of silver (or silvern) rivers where the salmon leap"; "repeated scrubbings have given the wood a silvery sheen" [syn: silvern, silvery]

  3. lustrous gray; covered with or tinged with the color of silver; "silvery hair" [syn: argent, silvery, silverish]

  4. expressing yourself readily, clearly, effectively; "able to dazzle with his facile tongue"; "silver speech" [syn: eloquent, facile, fluent, silver-tongued, smooth-spoken]

  1. n. a soft white precious univalent metallic element having the highest electrical and thermal conductivity of any metal; occurs in argentite and in free form; used in coins and jewelry and tableware and photography [syn: Ag, atomic number 47]

  2. coins made of silver

  3. a light shade of gray [syn: ash gray, ash grey, silver gray, silver grey]

  4. silverware eating utensils [syn: flatware]

  5. a medal made of silver (or having the appearance of silver) that is usually awarded for winning second place in a competition [syn: silver medal]

  1. v. coat with a layer of silver or a silver amalgam; "silver the necklace"

  2. make silver in color; "Her worries had silvered her hair"

  3. turn silver; "The man's hair silvered very attractively"


Silver is the metallic element with the atomic number 47. Its symbol is Ag, from the Latin , derived from the Greek ὰργὀς (literally "shiny" or "white"), and ultimately from a Proto-Indo-European language root reconstructed as *herǵ-, "grey" or "shining". A soft, white, lustrous transition metal, it exhibits the highest electrical conductivity, thermal conductivity, and reflectivity of any metal. The metal is found in the Earth's crust in the pure, free elemental form ("native silver"), as an alloy with gold and other metals, and in minerals such as argentite and chlorargyrite. Most silver is produced as a byproduct of copper, gold, lead, and zinc refining.

Silver has long been valued as a precious metal. Silver metal is used in many premodern monetary systems in bullion coins, sometimes alongside gold: while it is more abundant than gold, it is much less abundant as a native metal. Its purity is typically measured on a per-mille basis; a 94%-pure alloy is described as "0.940 fine". As one of the seven metals of antiquity, silver has had an enduring role in most human cultures.

Silver is used in numerous applications other than currency, such as solar panels, water filtration, jewelry, ornaments, high-value tableware and utensils (hence the term silverware), and as an investment medium ( coins and bullion). Silver is used industrially in electrical contacts and conductors, in specialized mirrors, window coatings, and in catalysis of chemical reactions. Silver compounds are used in photographic film and X-rays. Dilute silver nitrate solutions and other silver compounds are used as disinfectants and microbiocides ( oligodynamic effect), added to bandages and wound-dressings, catheters, and other medical instruments.

Silver (color)

Silver or Metallic gray is a color tone resembling gray that is a representation of the color of polished silver.

The visual sensation usually associated with the metal silver is its metallic shine. This cannot be reproduced by a simple solid color, because the shiny effect is due to the material's brightness varying with the surface angle to the light source. In addition, there is no mechanism for showing metallic or fluorescent colors on a computer without resorting to rendering software which simulates the action of light on a shiny surface. Consequently, in art and in heraldry one would normally use a metallic paint that glitters like real silver. A matte grey color like the swatch on this page could also be considered silver in color.

Silver (Moist album)

Silver is the debut studio album by Canadian alternative rock band Moist. The album cost approximately $2,639 Canadian to make. It included the singles " Push", "Silver" and "Believe Me". It is the band's most commercially successful album.

"Push", the band's first single, was supported by a music video which received substantial airplay on MuchMusic in 1994.

Silver (Starflyer 59 album)

Starflyer 59, usually known as Silver, is the self-titled debut album of rock band Starflyer 59, released in 1994 on Tooth & Nail Records. It has acquired the name Silver due to its cover art.

The album uses heavily distorted and effects-drenched guitars, influenced by British shoegaze and dream pop bands of the early 1990s. This is in contrast with the band's later work, which is characterized by a cleaner, more traditional, "American rock" sound. CCM Magazine commented that the release was "quite unlike anything else in Christian music" at the time.

The record was produced by Jyro Xhan and Jerome Fontamillas, at the time members of the group Mortal, under the collective pseudonym "Blood".

The album was reissued in 2005 as an extended edition which also included the band's follow-up EP She's the Queen. This edition is digitally remastered and is packaged with slightly different artwork from that of the original release, replacing a solid silver cover with an illustration of a silver crown. (The original cassette version had a fighter plane illustration on its cover, believed to be in reference to the band's name.) The album's original liner notes, which consisted of lyrics and cryptic illustrations, were omitted in the reissue. The last line of the original booklet reads,

"starflyer exclusively rides triumph motor bikes."

Silver (disambiguation)

Silver is a metallic chemical element.

Silver may also refer to:

Silver (video game)

Silver, released in 1999, is an action RPG for Microsoft Windows, Dreamcast and OS X. The game was produced by Infogrames initially for Windows, and later on the Dreamcast. The story focuses around a young warrior called David and his quest to retrieve his wife from the clutches of the villain Silver. On his journey he gains a number of followers and visits many different landscapes. The game sold over 400,000 copies.

The game features polygonal 3D characters drawn against a pre-rendered 2D background. The character design is inspired from manga/anime culture.

The battle system of Silver is notable for being completely real-time, as opposed to many similar light role-playing games, which usually have turn-based combat. The player may choose any character in his adventuring party to control, and the rest of the characters are handled automatically by AI. The story focuses largely on collecting eight magic orbs representing different elements, Fire, Ice, Health, Earth, Acid, Lightning, Time and Light. Each orb is located at an area themed around the orb, and the player may use the collected orbs to cast different kind of spells against his enemies.

The game was distributed with PCs sold by Tiny Computers, a computer company based in England, founded in 1990 which went into administration in 2002.

Silver (Cheap Trick album)

Silver is the third live album released by Cheap Trick. It was performed at Davis Park in the band's hometown of Rockford, Illinois on August 28, 1999, to celebrate the band's 25th anniversary since their formation. The album was recorded and released as a two-disc set in 2001, and re-released in 2004 with two additional tracks ("Daddy Should Have Stayed in High School" and "On Top of the World").

Silver (film)

Silver - shirubaa is a 1999 Japanese crime film directed by Takashi Miike.

Silver (Minuit EP)

Silver is a rare EP by New Zealand band Minuit before they signed to the Tardus Music label.

"Except You" was included on their debut album The 88. An alternate version of "Queen," titled "Queen 88," was also included on the album

Silver (90210)

Erin Silver, known mononymously by her surname, Silver, is a fictional character on The CW television series 90210, the fourth series in the Beverly Hills, 90210 franchise. Portrayed by Jessica Stroup, the character was originally introduced in Beverly Hills, 90210 as Kelly Taylor and David Silver's sister.

Silver (cartoonist)

Guido Silvestri (born 9 December 1952 in Modena), known by his pen name Silver, is an Italian comic book artist. Silver began his comics career as an apprentice of Franco Bonvicini (Bonvi). Silver created the series Lupo Alberto, which began in 1974.

Silver (The Wrens album)

Silver is the debut studio album by the alternative rock band The Wrens, released in 1994.

Silver (Jesu EP)

Silver is the second EP by Jesu, their third release overall, released by Hydra Head Records on April 11, 2006. This album shows a more melodic and poppy side to the band than the previous two Jesu releases, drawing comparisons to shoegazing bands such as My Bloody Valentine and Ride. Pitchfork Media placed the title track at #488 on their "The Top 500 Tracks of the 2000s" list. Decibel ranked it the 6th best release of 2006 and the 26th best release of the decade.

The Japanese edition of this album contains two additional mixes of the songs "Silver" and "Wolves".

Silver (Johnny Cash album)

Silver is the 62nd album by American country singer Johnny Cash, released on Columbia Records in 1979. It peaked at #28 on the albums chart. "(Ghost) Riders In The Sky" peaked at #2 on the singles chart; the two other singles, "Bull Rider" and "I'll Say It's True", reached #66 and #42, respectively. Other highlights include "The L & N Don't Stop Here Anymore" and "I'm Gonna Sit on the Porch and Pick on My Guitar". Recordings of " Cocaine Blues" had previously appeared on At Folsom Prison and Now, There Was a Song!, under the title "Transfusion Blues" on the latter. The album also featured production by Brian Ahern, who controversially introduced digital elements into the songs to the disapproval of some listeners. Silver was re-released in 2002 through Legacy Recordings, with remakes of two early Cash songs, " I Still Miss Someone" and "I Got Stripes," as bonus tracks; both are duets with George Jones. This is the last album that Marshall Grant, the original Tennessee Two bass player, played on. He departed from Cash's band the following year.

Silver (band)
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Silver was an American 1970s country-rock band, best known for their 1976 pop hit "Wham Bam," written by country songwriter Rick Giles.

Members of the group included John Batdorf (formerly of Batdorf & Rodney), lead vocals and guitar; Brent Mydland (later of the Grateful Dead), keyboards and vocals; Tom Leadon (brother of the Eagles' Bernie Leadon), bass guitar and vocals; Greg Collier, guitar and vocals; and Harry Stinson, drums and percussion. Phil Hartman designed the cover art for Silver, the quintet's only album. The band's recordings were released on the Arista record label.

The single's title, "Wham Bam", was shown as "Wham Bam Shang-A-Lang", and made #16 on the Billboard Hot 100 in the summer of 1976. It is ranked as the 70th biggest hit of 1976. Arista executives gave the band the song to record, after concluding that none of the other tracks on the album they produced had single potential. Arista head Clive Davis himself co-produced their sole album.

Chicago radio superstation WLS, which gave "Wham Bam" much airplay, ranked the song as the 80th biggest hit of 1976. It peaked at number eight on their surveys of October 23 and 30, 1976.

Other songs on that album included "Musician (It's Not an Easy Life)", "Memory" and "Climbing".

Silver (TV channel)

Silver is a movie television channel broadcasting to the Nordic countries broadcasting quality movies, " World cinema" and independent films. The channel is managed by Scandinavian television broadcaster NonStop Television, part of Turner Broadcasting System, TBS, Inc., which merged with Time Warner in 1996, and now operates as a semi- autonomous unit of Time Warner.

The owners NonStop Television applied for a license to broadcast a channel with the working name "NonStop Filmfestival" in the Swedish digital terrestrial network in the autumn of 2005. The government gave the channel a license in February 2006, at the expense of the owner's other movie channel, Showtime Scandinavia. NonStop Filmfestival had to launch before the end of May and Showtime was allowed to continue broadcasting until the new channel started.

NonStop Filmfestival was named "Silver" in April and could start broadcadting on May 26, 2006 during the Cannes Film Festival. The opening night included Velvet Goldmine, Wild at Heart and Millennium Hambo. Initially, the channel was only available in Sweden on the Boxer terrestrial platform and it wasn't available on from any other distributor until April 2, 2007, when it launched on the Swedish Com Hem cable network.

In February 2007, it was announced that the channel would launch on the 3 mobile phone platform in Sweden. This launch occurred on April 16 and NonStop claimed that Silver was the first movie channel in Europe to be available on a mobile platform. On the same day, it was announced that Silver would launch on satellite from Canal Digital in Finland, Sweden, Norway and Denmark on May 1 and that a high-definition version called "Silver HD" would launch on September 1, 2007. After the launch on Canal Digital satellite, it has expanded to other cable networks such as LumoTV in Finland and Get in Norway.

It is now on Astra for the South African market. It's being brought by Top TV a division of On Digital Media(ODM). It was launched in May 2010.

Silver (7th Heaven album)

Silver is an album by 7th Heaven, issued in 2003.

Silver (building)

Silver is a highrise condominium building in the Metrotown area of Burnaby, British Columbia. It is currently the third tallest building in Burnaby. It was completed in 2015 and is 38 stories tall.

Silver (song)

For the song by Moist, see Silver

"Silver" is a single by Echo & the Bunnymen which was released on 13 April 1984. It was the second single to be released from their 1984 album Ocean Rain. It stayed on the UK Singles Chart for five weeks, reaching a peak of number 30. It also reached number 14 on the Irish Singles Chart.

The b-side to the 7" is "Angels and Devils". The 12" version of the single was extended by one minute and 50 seconds and called "Silver (Tidal Wave)" and the b-side is the 7" version and "Angels and Devils". The 7" and 12" versions of the title track were recorded at the Studio Des Dames in Paris and the Amazon Studio in Liverpool, while "Angels and Devils" was recorded at The Automat in San Francisco on 18 March 1984.

Silver (Cliff Richard album)
This page covers both Silver (UK / international release) and Give a Little Bit More, the US release of Silver, as well as the limited UK edition Rock 'n' Roll Silver

Silver is a 1983 studio album by Cliff Richard, marking his 25th anniversary in music.

A limited edition 2-LP box set of the album was also released in the UK. The second LP, entitled Rock 'n' Roll Silver contained 9 new recordings of Rock and Roll classics, including Richard's debut single " Move It", and one new song "Makin' History".

In the United States and Canada, the album was released under the title Give a Little Bit More with a revised track listing.

Silver (surname)

Silver is a surname. Notable people with the surname include:

  • Abba Hillel Silver (1893–1963), Lithuanian-American rabbi
  • Adam Silver (born 1962), American sports executive; NBA commissioner (2014–present)
  • Bernard Silver (1924/1925–1963), an early developer of barcode technology
  • Cheyenne Silver, stage name of American pornographic actress Cara Fawn (born 1978)
  • Eliezer Silver (1882–1968) Lithuanian Orthodox rabbi and American human rights activist
  • Emily Silver (born 1985), retired American swimmer
  • George Silver (ca. 1560s–1620s), British swordsman
  • George Silver (Scotland), agricultural innovator
  • Horace Silver (1928–2014), American jazz pianist and composer
  • Joe Silver (1922–1989), American actor
  • Joel Silver (born 1952), Jewish-American Hollywood film producer
  • John Silver (musician) (born 1950), former second drummer for the rock band Genesis
  • Joseph Silver (1868–1918), South African criminal
  • Josh Silver (born 1962), keyboardist and producer for the band Type O Negative
  • Joshua Silver, British scientist
  • Leon Silver (born 1925), professor of Geology at Caltech and instructor to Apollo astronaut crews
  • Monroe Silver (fl. 1910–1940), American dialect-comedian.
  • Nate Silver (born 1978), sports and political journalist, founder of
  • Paul Silver (1948–2009), American seismologist
  • Philip Silver (1909–1999), American philatelist
  • Ron Silver (1946–2009), American actor
  • Sheldon Silver (born 1944), speaker of the New York State Assembly
  • Spencer Silver (born 1941), inventor
  • Thomas B. Silver (1947–2001), author and president of the Claremont Institute
  • Warren Silver (born 1948), state supreme court justice in Maine
Silver (Andrew Motion novel)

Silver, subtitled Return to Treasure Island, is a novel by former British Poet Laureate Andrew Motion, published by Jonathan Cape on 15 March 2012. The book follows Jim Hawkins, son of the character of the same name in Robert Louis Stevenson's 1883 novel Treasure Island, as he and Nat, daughter of Long John Silver, also a character in Treasure Island, return to the island visited by their fathers to claim abandoned bar silver.

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Usage examples of "silver".

He feels the fear begin to accrete, seamlessly, senselessly, with absolute conviction, around this carnival ghost, the Cadillac, this oil-burning relic in its spectral robe of smudged mosaic silver.

Genar-Hofoen had the suit appear milkily silver to an Affronter over most of its surface while keeping the hands and head transparent.

The arms, horses, and camels, with an immense treasure of gold, silver, silk, and precious stones, were all delivered to the conqueror, who, leaving only a garrison of six hundred archers, returned to Emesa, and employed some time in the distribution of rewards and punishments at the end of so memorable a war, which restored to the obedience of Rome those provinces that had renounced their allegiance since the captivity of Valerian.

Thus the alien elements, those which do not properly enter into the composition of any living tissue, are the most to be suspected,-- mercury, lead, antimony, silver, and the rest, for the reasons I have before mentioned.

The other elements to be looked for are bismuth, lead, antimony, silver, gold, iron, nickel, cobalt, sulphur, and oxygen.

I merely noted that argyrol, with which Todd-Mortimer cured the first sheep, contains silver.

An artsy sax player sporting a little silver goatee squeezed his eyes shut in ecstasy, leaning into his spotlight serenade.

And Gormoth had blasphemed Styphon and despitefully used a holy archpriest, and forced a hundred thousand ounces of silver out of the Nostor temple, at as close to pistol-point as made no difference.

Instead of carrying pails as was their wont, these milkmaids, who were all very neatly attired, bore on their heads a pile of silver plate, borrowed for the occasion, arranged like a pyramid, and adorned with ribands and flowers.

He is conversing with the Spanish Ambassador, who, like all the rest, is superbly attired, though not in armour, and is followed by a crowd of lacqueys in jerkins and hose of black satin, guarded with silver.

We barely caressed them, we gazed upon their frayed silver glitter, tapped their hard unsilvered tips, played absently with silver ribbons, and all of us attributed magical power to the slippers: out of the poor roly-poly they had been able to make something ethereal which, thanks to ballet slippers, was capable, day in day out, of going to heaven on foot.

Josh, Captain Balone and Pete were looking directly at the silver Zodiac when it was hit.

The bargeman pushed his silver pole into the water and started us on our way with one long, effortless movement.

Silver let her robe slip from her shoulders to the sand at her feet, baring her exquisite body.

Vases, dishes, ornaments, cups and plates, jugs, a silver teapot and a china bust of the queen flew through the air as if 13 of their own accord, and crashed and banged against walls and furnishings while the little black figure of Barnacle hopped and darted hither and thither, frantically seeking a way out.