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n. (plural of coin English) vb. (en-third-person singular of: coin)


ContextObjects in Spans, commonly abbreviated COinS, is a method to embed bibliographic metadata in the HTML code of web pages. This allows bibliographic software to publish machine-readable bibliographic items and client reference management software to retrieve bibliographic metadata. The metadata can also be sent to an OpenURL resolver. This allows, for instance, searching for a copy of a book in one's own local library.

Usage examples of "coins".

The factors use the exchange in hopes of making coins or, when times are lean, to avoid losing too many coins.

Brienne tried the goat herself, after following the innkeep up the steps, pressing some coins into his hand, and stashing her goods in the second room he showed her.

Only the clothes she was wearing, her little pouch of coins, the gifts the crew had given her.

When that was done I dug up a few coins the elder brother had hid by and set off by myself.

They had found a chamber full of skulls and yellowed bones, and four sacks of tarnished silver coins from the reign of the first King Viserys.

Should any tradesman be so unwise as to name a price in golden coins, she pays him with hands from Ilighgarden, each half the weight of one of ourdragons.

She pictured A FEAST FOR CROWS 315 stacks of golden plates, bags of silver coins, sapphires blue as the sea, ropes of fat green pearls.

He wore the chain of coins that had once belonged to Vargo Hoat: coins from half a hundred distant cities, silver and gold, copper and bronze, square coins and round coins, triangles and rings and bits of bone.

The water that separated the island from the shore was receding, leaving behind a broad expanse of glistening brown mudflats dotted by tidal pools that glittered like golden coins in the afternoon sun.

The swollen red sun hung in the sky behind the row of masts when Cat took her leave of the Happy Port, with a plump purse of coins and a barrow empty but for salt and seaweed.

Hem, stopped by my table, swirling a glass of coins like they were scorchbelly.

I gave the other coins to Ranool when he shambled over to dispose of Liffy, who was still unconscious.

I took a fistful of coins from my pouch, but Roolie, grinning, shook his head.

Gilly dropped coins into the middle jar and retraced their steps to their ledges.

I jumped down from the Pit wall to the chamber floor hearing others fighting for the coins Hilder had won from Gilly.