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Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English
9/18/22/24 carat gold
▪ a 22 carat gold chain
a gold medal (=for first place)
▪ He won the gold medal in Athens in 2004.
a gold/silver ring
▪ She took off her gold ring.
a heart of gold (=a very kind character)
▪ She was rather brisk in manner but with a heart of gold.
as good as gold (=very good)
▪ The kids were as good as gold.
black gold
coal/gold etc miner
▪ a strike by coal miners
coal/gold etc mining
▪ the coal mining industry
coal/gold/copper etc mine
▪ one of the largest coal mines in the country
fool's gold
gold card
gold digger
gold dust
▪ Cup final tickets are like gold dust.
gold leaf
gold medal
gold nugget
▪ a gold nugget
gold rush
gold standard
gold/silver etc earrings
▪ He bought her some expensive diamond earrings.
pearl/gold/diamond etc necklace
▪ She was wearing a coral necklace.
solid gold/silver etc
▪ a solid gold cup
▪ On the inside, as promised, was a label, printed black on gold, scratched and ink-stained but clearly legible.
▪ Most were wearing black and gold.
▪ They looked so beautiful, together, black and gold.
▪ And it is not gold we seek, but oil-or black gold, as some have come to call it.
▪ And then suddenly, not black and gold but gold and silver.
▪ Does he wear the black and gold?
▪ There was the occasional clank and groan from the formless black and gold of the steelworks.
▪ This fish is dark brown or black with gold or yellow stripes.
▪ Dad lay below, stretched out under a heavy cloth of blue and gold.
▪ We shall uphold the blue and gold in honor and in truth.
▪ One in particular, about a metre high, pale lemon in colour, was ornamented with neo-classical bandings in blue and gold.
▪ His followers halted with him, their banners a gentle flutter of blue and gold against the grimy background.
▪ It was drawn by a sleek brown pony, and was painted in decorative blue and gold.
▪ They are a distinguished-looking bunch, particularly when arrayed in all their blue, gold and scarlet finery for some official function.
▪ St George in tiny mosaic patterns of blue and gold while the dragon was in fiery red and yellow.
▪ There are perhaps two or three hundred uniforms on display, scarlet, blue, gold and white.
▪ But there was a glint of green and gold still in them, and their eyes were pain-filled, but determined.
▪ And there had been green and gold and scarlet dragons painted on every wall and woven into every silk hanging.
▪ Bog grass on lower ground shone orange, emerald green or gold.
▪ The colours were stunning: green, gold and purple.
▪ His badge of office, a large gold key, hung round his neck on a silk ribbon.
▪ She wore large gold earrings and a heavy strand of pearls, and on her right hand was a huge diamond ring.
▪ Those people are not exploiting a loophole or grabbing at a large pot of gold.
▪ The suitcase had had a large gold K stuck on it.
▪ He reached into his pouch and laid three large gold pieces in Broadman's palm.
▪ The man had a large gold ring dangling from one ear-lobe, and hair like tangled yellow string.
▪ Both wore large chunky gold jewellery.
▪ Hyde Park was green, the dry green of August, and the sun of August gave it large splashes of gold.
▪ Through his training, he met Olympic javelin gold medallist Tessa Sanderson.
▪ He and Kristi Yamaguchi won two national pairs titles together, but she turned to singles and Olympic gold.
▪ In part two: Icy determination: Downhill all the way for Olympic skiing gold.
▪ Cioroslan and others simply question whether Henry possesses the form and commitment needed to turn that power into Olympic gold.
▪ Classic footage, but a golden opportunity wasted to trace his career from his Olympic gold medal days.
▪ She was beaming then, as she accepted the Olympic gold in Barcelona.
▪ The rising sun slowly turns the drab greys and dull browns of the mountains to patches of pale gold and dusty pinks.
▪ Penelope saw that the sun was shining, a pale gold in the cool belly of the sky.
▪ Scant make-up was applied, and her pale gold hair was treated to little more than a few vigorous strokes of a brush.
▪ She held a book, reached out to a tall glass of pale gold wine, a twin to Jay's.
▪ The sun was lowering, painting her pale skin gold.
▪ Anthony is taking pictures of a faded blue warehouse door on which pink and coral and pale gold stars are hanging.
▪ A wonderful pale gold colour we felt it tasted a bit like a dry sherry.
▪ Her long legs and bare feet are brown; her eyebrows and the down on her arms shine pale gold.
▪ Links of pure gold may be forged in the flame of adversity.
▪ And then she heard. Pure gold.
▪ That was all part of the job - dig the dirt and then turn it into pure gold.
▪ And much of that material was pure gold.
▪ There were bracelets and anklets of great weight and solidity made of the purest gold.
▪ More and more he pauses to observe a doubloon made of pure gold, fastened into the main mast.
▪ Gardeners reckon her manure is pure gold.
▪ The weather was pure gold and wonderful.
▪ Its many rare trees turn into a blaze of red and gold in Autumn.
▪ It doesn't have to be quite the same, one doesn't always have to have red and gold.
▪ The handbag was red and gold, with a dainty gold-link chain.
▪ The chancel ceiling is lavishly decorated in blue, red and gold.
▪ The warm sunshine of autumn shone on the fields, and on the trees the leaves were red and gold.
▪ The sky was light to the east, streaks of red and gold piercing the grey.
▪ The cross is a masterpiece of red jasper, gold, gilded silver and jewels and dates from the eleventh or twelfth-centuries.
▪ The doctor uncurled his fingers to reveal a small gold crucifix.
▪ Then she saw a little glass table with three legs, and on the top of it was a very small gold key.
▪ Her small gold watch showed almost noon when she awoke, refreshed and ravenous.
▪ The King put a small gold crown on Edward's head.
▪ His small gold cross was glinting in the sunlight.
▪ Molin small gold bowl, £40.95, from Harvey Nichols.
▪ My friend didn't fit the image at all, although she did often wear a small gold cross about her neck.
▪ NOS. 2 and 3 were sent for repainting first and they carried the numbers 346 and 347 in small plain gold figures.
▪ At Naïm, House of Hair &038; Beauty you can treat yourself to solid gold highlights!
▪ He has-most difficult of all for architects-invented a language unmistakably his own. Solid gold.
▪ Each piece is individually made in solid gold and set with the world's finest alternative to diamonds.
▪ Quite often features of their palaces would be described as made of solid gold, which were in fact merely brass.
▪ Framed in the airlock, he seemed like his ship to have his own light source, shining white and gold.
▪ The Fatimids gave their princely fabrics the color of light; their robes and turbans were white and gold.
▪ Check out their sweat tops and bottoms in black or white with gold detailing - from £25.99.
▪ Ralph proposed with a family ring Theresa had brought over, a single piece of spinach-green jade set in white gold.
▪ The moon rode high, a sixpenny bit of white gold, over the Town Hall tower.
▪ Porter developed the Breckenridge Ski Area, luring new settlers to a land of white gold.
▪ There is a choice of two covers, a white and a gold, to make the displays stand out.
▪ It was papered in white and gold.
▪ Different shades of superfine, 22 carat gold leaf are painted on to the hair during the highlighting process.
▪ Arrowcraft have canoe and Kayak figures made from nails and coated in 24 carat gold, ideal trophies at about £10.
▪ New from Morphy Richards comes a fabulous, 24 carat gold tong.
▪ Made in 18 carat gold it costs £380.
▪ The beautiful earrings, also in 18 carat gold, cost £740.
▪ There was no duty free ... A detail from the mark of service of John-Harrison which includes 22 carat gold leaf detailing.
▪ For that price, you get 7.98 grammes of 22 carat gold.
▪ Stars and stripes in 9 carat gold Beaverbrooks offers Beaverbrooks offer special incentives for brides on wedding purchases.
▪ Wearing a chic, low cut dress and heavy gold chain she meets our gaze with a challenging look.
▪ Wear a couple gold chains around his neck.
▪ She had abandoned the huge earrings for dainty gold studs and wore a fine gold chain round her neck.
▪ There was a turquoise stone set in a pendant and hanging from a fine gold chain at Debbie's throat.
▪ When Della saw this gold chain, she knew immediately that it was right for Jim.
▪ He pocketed the money, whilst Liti, his wife, appropriated the jewel on its fine gold chain.
▪ Golden hoops swung from her ears and she wore a fine gold chain around her neck.
▪ This may be the clearest evidence of the change from the imported gold coin acting as a primitive valuable to primitive money.
▪ This time his hand came out holding a large gold coin.
▪ Most knowledge of the earliest Anglo-Saxon gold coins comes from the hoard found at Crondall.
▪ Classic footage, but a golden opportunity wasted to trace his career from his Olympic gold medal days.
▪ The device won the 1990 prototype machine gold medal and the 1991 new machine award at the Dublin Spring Fair.
▪ The Van Cliburn gold medal also entitles him to two years of concert engagements, with 90 scheduled for this season alone.
▪ Awarded the Chadwick gold medal in 1920, he retired from the navy in 1928, the year he became surgeon-captain.
▪ Those awarded congressional gold medals have not led sainted lives.
▪ Through his training, he met Olympic javelin gold medallist Tessa Sanderson.
▪ Rudolf Nierlich, double gold medallist at the Vail World Championships, was third.
▪ An Olympic gold medallist in 1960, Ali came to prominence shortly before his assumption of the world heavyweight title in 1964.
▪ The Commonwealth triple gold medallist was tipped to win gold again in Barcelona.
▪ They issue certificates of deposits, often based on fictitious assets such as bogus gold mines.
▪ Hides supplies gas for the generation of power to the nearby Porgera gold mine.
▪ The Dwarf gold mines at Gunbad fall to the Night Goblins.
▪ The decision stipulated that gold traders must adhere to the state-set gold price, and deposit their earnings in the State Bank.
▪ Smelting Co. rose on hope a rise in global gold prices will boost profit growth, traders said.
▪ The London gold price rose two and a half times between early 1972 and the middle of 1973.
▪ All this skepticism does not mean that gold prices are useless pieces of information.
▪ The notion of an official gold price at which inter-central-bank transactions were to be conducted was also abandoned.
▪ Years of unfavourable comment, of poor gold prices and worse fundamentals are being explained away.
▪ One is unlikely to forget the lush quality of the velour curtain retained by a gold ring that adorns the cover.
▪ As the taxi stopped, he saw that she pushed back on to her finger her narrow and plain gold ring.
▪ The man had a large gold ring dangling from one ear-lobe, and hair like tangled yellow string.
▪ Inside the bootee was wrapped a small gold ring.
▪ The items range from huge Roman mosaic floors to delicate Anglo-Saxon gold rings and glass work.
▪ Anne's pearl necklace adorned her throat, and her gold ring the third finger of Joan's left hand.
▪ The Bishop's hand, with its jewelled gold ring, was extended for her to kiss.
▪ In the early nineties remnant of the old gold rushes, the worlds energy companies rushed to Baku.
▪ It drew on her visit to her brothers Raymond and Saxton during the Klondyke gold rush.
▪ He took his gold watch out of his waistcoat pocket and snapped it open.
▪ Her small gold watch showed almost noon when she awoke, refreshed and ravenous.
▪ Vice-chairman Violet Durkan presented him with an inscribed gold watch on behalf of the members.
▪ One was Jim's gold watch.
▪ He wore a tarnished gold watch chain across his waistcoat.
▪ Her jewellery consisted of a sound gold watch and a fine turquoise ring.
▪ Those who persevered found gold and built a new land.
▪ The Brit athletics superstar found Olympic gold in the heptathlon after two days of severe punishment.
▪ Narvaez came to a woeful end after finding no gold at a place called Apalachee, believed to be near Tallahassee.
▪ That fellah who found the gold, well, chances are he was looking for that gold.
▪ In March 1988 Glencar announced that it had found deposits of gold, estimating the reserves at £300 million.
▪ I hope you found some gold!
▪ Here where the streets are not paved with gold, but with garbage.
▪ Some had been told the streets were paved of gold.
▪ They say it's paved with gold.
▪ But for one weekend at least, the streets of Silverstone are paved with gold.
▪ You really have struck gold there.
▪ It was like striking gold or falling rapturously in love: he possessed secret knowledge that his Germantown friends could scarcely imagine.
▪ Oxford City Women's cross country team has struck gold.
▪ Twigg, the reigning world champ in pursuit, should strike gold again.
▪ That's where I struck gold.
▪ Within a week of returning he had struck gold.
▪ They struck gold in Kalgorlie in 1893. 100 years on and they're celebrating another major rush.
▪ Tessa, the 36-year-old from Wolverhampton who struck gold in 1984 at Los Angeles, found her fifth Games no fun at all.
▪ Nothing he touched turned to gold, said Mr Smith.
▪ Then the king heard of an alchemist named Johann Frederich Bottger, who swore he could turn lead into gold.
▪ Everything he touched turned to gold.
▪ Fox is a greedy billionaire who ignores his daughter and ends up turning her into gold.
▪ His mind is a wand more wonderful than the touch of Midas that could turn all things to gold.
▪ But no one could hold on to summer once the stately row of Lilac Road maples began to turn scarlet and gold.
▪ That was all part of the job - dig the dirt and then turn it into pure gold.
▪ It reminded me of the medieval stories about alchemists who tried to turn lead into gold.
▪ Susan wore a high-shouldered gold tube of a dress with a tall collar which restricted the movement of her neck.
▪ She wore large gold earrings and a heavy strand of pearls, and on her right hand was a huge diamond ring.
▪ She had abandoned the huge earrings for dainty gold studs and wore a fine gold chain round her neck.
▪ Does he wear the black and gold?
▪ My friend didn't fit the image at all, although she did often wear a small gold cross about her neck.
▪ Most were wearing black and gold.
▪ At the Met in New York, he took curtain calls wearing a beaded gold kaftan.
▪ Both wore large chunky gold jewellery.
▪ Freeman's chance to win gold will come when she lines up in front of 110,000 people inside the Olympic Stadium.
▪ Melissanidis won gold with his floor routine, sending Athens into a frenzy.
▪ M Athlete Sally Gunnell won gold in the 400-metre hurdles for Britain.
▪ What I want is to see him win that second gold and wear the flag again - while the Yanks stand fuming.
▪ Last year, an Ariat-wearing rider won gold at the Atlanta Olympics.
▪ But when Ovett upset his rival to win gold over two laps, the script changed.
be like gold dust
explore (sth) for oil/minerals/gold etc
gold-tipped/steel-tipped/rubber-tipped etc
gold/silver plate
▪ A gold plated curling tong, of course!
▪ Finishes range from a white polyester-coat stove-enamelled finish to chrome, brass and gold plate - to suit all tastes and purses.
▪ I am richer than you are; all this is an offset to your silver plate and your gold plate.
▪ Massive cupboards which covered an entire wall, all stuffed with silver and gold plate.
▪ Net Set, available in matt black or 14K gold plate finish makes an ideal tennis gift.
▪ The joints that hold the gold plated, cylindrical copper mirror are standard components.
▪ We were eating off silver plates and suddenly there was this toad.
strike gold
▪ It was like striking gold or falling rapturously in love: he possessed secret knowledge that his Germantown friends could scarcely imagine.
▪ Oxford City Women's cross country team has struck gold.
▪ That's where I struck gold.
▪ They struck gold in Kalgorlie in 1893. 100 years on and they're celebrating another major rush.
▪ Twigg, the reigning world champ in pursuit, should strike gold again.
▪ Within a week of returning he had struck gold.
▪ You really have struck gold there.
strike gold/oil etc
▪ If they do strike oil, there will be another test well in about a year's time.
▪ It was like striking gold or falling rapturously in love: he possessed secret knowledge that his Germantown friends could scarcely imagine.
▪ Oxford City Women's cross country team has struck gold.
▪ That's where I struck gold.
▪ They struck gold in Kalgorlie in 1893. 100 years on and they're celebrating another major rush.
▪ Twigg, the reigning world champ in pursuit, should strike gold again.
▪ Within a week of returning he had struck gold.
▪ You really have struck gold there.
the gold standard
the streets are paved with gold
worth your/its weight in gold
▪ Hanson won the gold in the 100-meter dash.
▪ The flag's colors are red, gold, and blue.
▪ A weekend's sport in California no longer requires a surfboard: panning for gold is now the sport of choice.
▪ His hair was red, so that Rostov knew that he was Altun, but there were strands of silver among the gold.
▪ Like Coe, Abrahams finished with a gold and silver.
▪ Meredith caught the glint of gold in the thread.
▪ Sales of gold from central banks were needed to fill the gap, Gold Fields said.
▪ The finest gold has been changing hands in London - the world's biggest market - for £190 an ounce.
▪ Taekwondo black belt: the gold bars distinguish rank.
▪ When officers raided his home, they found 11 gold bars in his lounge.
▪ The Lady never had any gold bars and she never took them.
▪ Captain Smollett lay in front of a big fire, and in a corner I saw coins and gold bars.
▪ The gold bracelets he wore were too small, and bit into his forearms.
▪ He sipped his gin and tonic, and my eyes flitted to his gold watch and his gold bracelet.
▪ She put her hand to her cheek and revealed a slender wrist circled by a gold bracelet.
▪ Detectives are hoping that he may be trapped through a gold bracelet found at the scene of his latest crime.
▪ That means gold lace, two epaulettes with gold bullion on each and blue cushions.
▪ Bribes have to be paid, often in gold bullion.
▪ The blue silk mortar board she wore was edged in gold lace with a gold bullion button and tassel.
▪ The coins are still the most widely traded gold bullion coin on the world's secondary bullion market.
▪ Other rip-offs in the past have centred on everything from gold bullion to currency trading.
▪ On the other hand, Moscow was one of the world's largest holders of gold bullion.
▪ And then there will be a draw to decide which gold card holders with all three vouchers will get tickets for Wembley.
▪ But the more affluent wanted to show their clout, so the gold card appeared with its larger credit line.
Card holders are guaranteed one ticket per person, per gold cards, and queueing, stresses the club, is unnecessary.
▪ At her girdle hung a gold chain and cross, and she carried a handkerchief and a little prayer book bound in gold.
▪ She wore a little gold chain around her neck.
▪ The attackers stole over £200 in cash and a gold chain which the victim was wearing.
▪ The gold chains were gone now, too.
▪ It was a gold chain, and on the end of it was a picture of a very beautiful woman.
▪ Even though her neck was repeatedly sliced, several gold chains she wore were not broken.
▪ Around his neck hung a gold chain, and the borders of his front teeth were lined with gold, too.
▪ He had felt them - round swelling lumps the size of gold coins.
▪ Investigators raid a house looking for missing gold coins and platinum bars.
▪ I paid in gold coins and got change in jewels, amethysts in gold mounts.
▪ He sat on the market until it puked gold coins.
▪ Sales of gold coins are soaring.
▪ As he is about to bury the gold coins, his imbecile brother Jacob appears, pitchfork in hand.
▪ The wizard uncurled his stinging fist and the roll of gold coins slipped between his throbbing fingers.
▪ A moment later gold coins were rolling across the floor, spinning, glittering.
▪ Freckles and red hair are gold dust.
▪ A single animal may be dissected down to organs and tissues, and then parceled out like gold dust to waiting biologists.
▪ But any information from behind the Iron Curtain was treated like gold dust in those days.
▪ This, honey, is gold dust.
▪ Inside were a small pair of gold earrings, each with a pearl in the centre.
▪ He remembered buying her a black picture hat and a pair of dangling gold earrings to make her look more sophisticated.
▪ On her last visit I'd been unable to take my eyes off her gold earrings and her bangles.
▪ Mr Sammler was struck once, but not astonished, to see that he wore a single gold earring.
▪ If you like to wear gold jewellery, go for lighter, peachy pinks.
▪ More emphasis is being placed on Ratner's position as a gold jewellery specialist and Ernest Jones is being pushed for diamonds.
▪ There's also a big, gold jewellery box that was given to me by my godmother.
▪ More than three tonnes of gold jewellery was discovered-only to be swiftly looted by villagers.
▪ Thirty pages are reproduced in facsimile with gold leaf.
▪ Floors and columns were painted to look like marble, and 24-karat gold leaf was applied on molding.
▪ The name and port of registry were applied in gold leaf.
▪ The second piece is painted with bronze and gold leaf.
▪ Three years ago she suddenly began to produce gold leaf.
▪ He also uses gold leaf on mirrors, then paints it to get an antique look.
▪ Redgrave has already won two gold medals and will become Britain's most successful current Olympic sportsman if he wins his third.
▪ He won four gold medals at the Los Angeles Games, yet universal acclaim was reluctant.
▪ And then Sally Gunnell talked to me about stuffing her gold medal in a cupboard at home.
▪ The Fernandez duo will attempt to defend their 1992 gold medal.
▪ Nothing irritated him more than the suggestion that Redgrave would win a gold medal with any partner.
▪ They had won a second gold medal.
▪ Clint had it all: a top filmstar, successful grand-prix driver, gold medal winner at the Munich Olympics.
▪ It comes with a gold medal that kids can hang around their necks.
▪ Devers, a two-time gold medalist at the Atlanta Games, won in the individual category.
▪ Senior heavyweight Rob Mitas was the Wildcats' other gold medalist.
▪ Tan was a gold medalist in that event at both the 1993 World Cup and the 1994 World Championships.
▪ The Sydney Olympic gold medallist sealed the tiebreaker with an ace and the fight appeared to go out of Grosjean's game.
▪ All the bridesmaids carried posies of spring flowers, and wore antique pearl and gold necklaces and bracelets.
▪ Ablutions completed, a quite spectacular gold necklace was placed around my neck.
▪ I can see her little gold necklace twinkling like a star round her neck.
▪ Red suit, black bob, gold necklace.
▪ Finishes range from a white polyester-coat stove-enamelled finish to chrome, brass and gold plate - to suit all tastes and purses.
▪ Net Set, available in matt black or 14K gold plate finish makes an ideal tennis gift.
▪ I am richer than you are; all this is an offset to your silver plate and your gold plate.
▪ Massive cupboards which covered an entire wall, all stuffed with silver and gold plate.
▪ He wore a gold ring, engraved with the letter R - his Christmas present from Johanna.
▪ His skin was dark, dark brown, his head perfectly slick, his ear pierced by a tiny gold ring.
▪ There are inscriptions which are presented in spiral form, such as that on a gold ring from Mavro Spilio.
▪ He poured himself another inch of whiskey, the gold rings on his fingers tapping the glass, restless percussion.
▪ Laying his cloak on the ground, he threw on it gold rings and pearls and precious stones.
▪ His golden hair was parted down the middle, and he wore a gold ring on his right hand.
▪ He wore a gold ring on the third finger of his left hand.
▪ One shop advertised a gold ring inside one of each batch of Brack Loaves.
▪ Tonight we're in the town of Kalgoorlie. 100 years ago, they had a gold rush here.
▪ I never twigged what the gold rush was.
▪ Homeowners pay hefty commissions to be a part of the gold rush.
▪ The long avenue is still lined with the iron-laced pubs of the gold rush days, with their wooden verandahs.
▪ Soon afterwards a gold rush developed to an area known as the Porcupine gold-fields.
▪ And the gold rush already has begun.
▪ All the gold stars of school could not prevail against it.
▪ So why am I so chintzy with the gold stars?
▪ They are not even issued with little gold stars to wear.
▪ Classes were small and teachers were generous with house points and gold stars for achievements in reading, writing or drawing.
▪ It was raven black and the hair was entwined with a slim rope of gold thread and opals.
▪ The coats were ornately if not fabulously stitched with over a mile of gold thread.
▪ The gold threads and the jewels woven through it sparkled in the light of the lamps.
▪ One was of black and orange and yellow lace, with gold thread in it.
▪ Grover smiled mysteriously, his gold tooth gleaming.
▪ The taller man with the gold tooth asks Mundin, the only boy here, where his father is.
▪ He has a big square head, shaven almost bald; lots of gold teeth.
▪ The man with the gold tooth starts to laugh, cackle really.
▪ The guy laughed, wide smile dotted with gold teeth.
▪ The obvious thing was the gold watch, wrapped up at the bottom in a bit of cloth.
▪ But Jim was stunned, because he had sold his gold watch to buy Della the combs.
▪ Her gold watch and her digital clock agree that it is nineteen minutes past eight.
▪ The sleeves and pockets of the filthy jacket were lined with hundreds and hundreds of gold watches.
▪ Martin was presented with a gold watch from the Company and six crystal glasses from his branch colleagues.
▪ In lieu of luggage he left a gold watch.
▪ He sipped his gin and tonic, and my eyes flitted to his gold watch and his gold bracelet.
▪ Della wanted to get Jim a chain for his special gold watch.
gold nail polish
▪ a gold necklace
▪ At her girdle hung a gold chain and cross, and she carried a handkerchief and a little prayer book bound in gold.
▪ Did you see these gold chokers?
▪ Mrs or Mme Wyatt wore patent-leather shoes and a smart brownish suit with a gold brooch.
▪ Silk tie, £55, silver and gold sun cufflinks, £295, blue and gold fountain pen, £105, Gucci.
▪ That means gold lace, two epaulettes with gold bullion on each and blue cushions.
The Collaborative International Dictionary

Watch \Watch\ (w[o^]ch), n. [OE. wacche, AS. w[ae]cce, fr. wacian to wake; akin to D. wacht, waak, G. wacht, wache.

  1. The act of watching; forbearance of sleep; vigil; wakeful, vigilant, or constantly observant attention; close observation; guard; preservative or preventive vigilance; formerly, a watching or guarding by night.

    Shepherds keeping watch by night.

    All the long night their mournful watch they keep.

    Note: Watch was formerly distinguished from ward, the former signifying a watching or guarding by night, and the latter a watching, guarding, or protecting by day Hence, they were not unfrequently used together, especially in the phrase to keep watch and ward, to denote continuous and uninterrupted vigilance or protection, or both watching and guarding. This distinction is now rarely recognized, watch being used to signify a watching or guarding both by night and by day, and ward, which is now rarely used, having simply the meaning of guard, or protection, without reference to time.

    Still, when she slept, he kept both watch and ward.

    Ward, guard, or custodia, is chiefly applied to the daytime, in order to apprehend rioters, and robbers on the highway . . . Watch, is properly applicable to the night only, . . . and it begins when ward ends, and ends when that begins.

  2. One who watches, or those who watch; a watchman, or a body of watchmen; a sentry; a guard.

    Pilate said unto them, Ye have a watch; go your way, make it as sure as ye can.
    --Matt. xxvii. 65.

  3. The post or office of a watchman; also, the place where a watchman is posted, or where a guard is kept.

    He upbraids Iago, that he made him Brave me upon the watch.

  4. The period of the night during which a person does duty as a sentinel, or guard; the time from the placing of a sentinel till his relief; hence, a division of the night.

    I did stand my watch upon the hill.

    Might we but hear . . . Or whistle from the lodge, or village cock Count the night watches to his feathery dames.

  5. A small timepiece, or chronometer, to be carried about the person, the machinery of which is moved by a spring.

    Note: Watches are often distinguished by the kind of escapement used, as an anchor watch, a lever watch, a chronometer watch, etc. (see the Note under Escapement, n., 3); also, by the kind of case, as a gold or silver watch, an open-faced watch, a hunting watch, or hunter, etc.

  6. (Naut.)

    1. An allotted portion of time, usually four hour for standing watch, or being on deck ready for duty. Cf. Dogwatch.

    2. That part, usually one half, of the officers and crew, who together attend to the working of a vessel for an allotted time, usually four hours. The watches are designated as the port watch, and the starboard watch. Anchor watch (Naut.), a detail of one or more men who keep watch on deck when a vessel is at anchor. To be on the watch, to be looking steadily for some event. Watch and ward (Law), the charge or care of certain officers to keep a watch by night and a guard by day in towns, cities, and other districts, for the preservation of the public peace. --Wharton. --Burrill. Watch and watch (Naut.), the regular alternation in being on watch and off watch of the two watches into which a ship's crew is commonly divided. Watch barrel, the brass box in a watch, containing the mainspring. Watch bell (Naut.), a bell struck when the half-hour glass is run out, or at the end of each half hour. --Craig. Watch bill (Naut.), a list of the officers and crew of a ship as divided into watches, with their stations. --Totten. Watch case, the case, or outside covering, of a watch; also, a case for holding a watch, or in which it is kept. Watch chain. Same as watch guard, below. Watch clock, a watchman's clock; see under Watchman. Watch fire, a fire lighted at night, as a signal, or for the use of a watch or guard. Watch glass.

      1. A concavo-convex glass for covering the face, or dial, of a watch; -- also called watch crystal.

      2. (Naut.) A half-hour glass used to measure the time of a watch on deck.

        Watch guard, a chain or cord by which a watch is attached to the person.

        Watch gun (Naut.), a gun sometimes fired on shipboard at 8 p. m., when the night watch begins.

        Watch light, a low-burning lamp used by watchers at night; formerly, a candle having a rush wick.

        Watch night, The last night of the year; -- so called by the Methodists, Moravians, and others, who observe it by holding religious meetings lasting until after midnight.

        Watch paper, an old-fashioned ornament for the inside of a watch case, made of paper cut in some fanciful design, as a vase with flowers, etc.

        Watch tackle (Naut.), a small, handy purchase, consisting of a tailed double block, and a single block with a hook.


Aluminium \Al`u*min"i*um\ ([a^]l`[-u]*m[i^]n"[i^]*[u^]m), n. [L. alumen. See Alum.] (Chem.) same as aluminum, chiefly British in usage.

Aluminium bronze or gold, a pale gold-colored alloy of aluminium and copper, used for journal bearings, etc.

Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

Old English gold, from Proto-Germanic *gulth- (cognates: Old Saxon, Old Frisian, Old High German gold, German Gold, Middle Dutch gout, Dutch goud, Old Norse gull, Danish guld, Gothic gulþ), from PIE root *ghel- (2) "to shine," with derivatives referring to bright materials and gold (compare Old Church Slavonic zlato, Russian zoloto, Sanskrit hiranyam, Old Persian daraniya-, Avestan zaranya- "gold;" see glass).\n

\nAs an adjective from c.1200. In reference to the color of the metal, it is recorded from c.1400. Gold rush is attested from 1859, originally in an Australian context. Gold medal as first prize in a contest is from 1908.


Etymology 1

  1. Made of gold. n. 1 (context uncountable English) A heavy yellow elemental metal of great value, with atomic number 79 and symbol Au. 2 (context countable English) A coin made of this material, or supposedly so. 3 (context countable English) A bright yellow colour, resembling the metal gold. 4 (context countable English) The bullseye of an archery target. 5 (context countable English) A gold medal. 6 (context figuratively English) Anything or anyone considered to be very valuable. 7 (context gaming English) Miscellaneous unit of currency in fantasy genre. v

  2. To pyrolyze or burn food until the color begins to change to a light brown, but not as dark as brown Etymology 2

    a. (context programming of software English) In a finished state, ready for manufacturing. adv. of or referring to a gold version of something

  1. adj. made from or covered with gold; "gold coins"; "the gold dome of the Capitol"; "the golden calf"; "gilded icons" [syn: golden, gilded]

  2. having the deep slightly brownish color of gold; "long aureate (or golden) hair"; "a gold carpet" [syn: aureate, gilded, gilt, golden]

  1. n. coins made of gold

  2. a deep yellow color; "an amber light illuminated the room"; "he admired the gold of her hair" [syn: amber]

  3. a soft yellow malleable ductile (trivalent and univalent) metallic element; occurs mainly as nuggets in rocks and alluvial deposits; does not react with most chemicals but is attacked by chlorine and aqua regia [syn: Au, atomic number 79]

  4. great wealth; "Whilst that for which all virtue now is sold, and almost every vice--almighty gold"--Ben Jonson

  5. something likened to the metal in brightness or preciousness or superiority etc.; "the child was as good as gold"; "she has a heart of gold"


GOLD may refer to:

Gold (color)

Gold, also called golden, is one of a variety of yellow-orange color blends used to give the impression of the color of the element gold.

The web color gold is sometimes referred to as golden to distinguish it from the color metallic gold. The use of gold as a color term in traditional usage is more often applied to the color "metallic gold" (shown below).

The first recorded use of golden as a color name in English was in 1300 to refer to the element gold and in 1423 to refer to blond hair.

Metallic gold, such as in paint, is often called goldtone or gold-tone. In heraldry, the French word or is used. In model building, the color gold is different from brass. A shiny or metallic silvertone object can be painted with transparent yellow to obtain goldtone, something often done with Christmas decorations.

Gold (Ryan Adams album)

Gold is the second studio album by Ryan Adams, released September 25, 2001 on Lost Highway Records. The album remains Adams' best-selling album, certifying gold in the UK and going on to sell 364,000 copies in the U.S. and 812,000 worldwide. Adams noted that "with Gold, I was trying to prove something to myself. I wanted to invent a modern classic."

Adams intended for the album to be a double album, but his record label, Lost Highway, condensed the album into a single disc. According to Adams, the label "took the last five songs, made it a bonus disc and put it on the first hundred and fifty thousand copies. Fucking my fans over and making them pay extra for a record I wanted to be a double album. They counted that as one record." This bonus disc is known as Side Four; the disc's title reflects the fact that the bonus material makes up the fourth side of the double LP edition of the album.

The album includes " When the Stars Go Blue", which has been covered by artists such as The Corrs and Bono, Tyler Hilton, Bethany Joy Galeotti, and Tim McGraw. "New York, New York" became a notable MTV and VH1 favorite following the September 11 attacks. "The Rescue Blues" was featured in the end credits of the 2001 film Behind Enemy Lines.

Adams' friend and former roommate Adam Duritz (lead singer of Counting Crows) lends background vocals to several tracks.

Adams received three Grammy Award nominations in 2002: Best Rock Album, Best Male Rock Vocal Performance for "New York, New York", and Best Male Country Vocal Performance for "Lovesick Blues".

Stephen King's 2006 book Lisey's Story includes part of the lyrics to "When the Stars Go Blue". Also, the song "The Rescue Blues" was featured in an episode of Scrubs. In 2011, "Answering Bell" was featured in the film and on the soundtrack to Bridesmaids.

Gold (disambiguation)

Gold is a chemical element, a dense, soft, malleable and ductile metal with a bright yellow color.

Gold may also refer to:

Gold (Asimov)

Gold: The Final Science Fiction Collection is a 1995 collection of stories and essays by American writer Isaac Asimov. The stories, which comprise the volume's first half, are short pieces which had remained uncollected at the time of Asimov's death. "Cal" describes a robot that wishes to write, and the title story " Gold" expresses both Asimov's admiration of King Lear and his thoughts on cinema adaptations of his own stories. The story "Gold" won a Hugo Award.

Gold (short story)

"Gold" is a short story by American writer Isaac Asimov. It originally appeared in the September 1991 issue of Analog Science Fiction and Fact and was collected in the eponymous volume Gold. It was one of the last short stories he wrote in his life, and won a Hugo Award for best Novelette in 1992.

Gold (UK TV channel)

Gold is a classic comedy channel from the UKTV network, broadcasting to the United Kingdom and Ireland. It launched on 1 November 1992 as UK Gold, before, in 2008, it was split into current flagship channel Gold and miscellaneous channel, Watch, with comedy based programming now airing on Gold, non-crime drama and entertainment programming airing on Watch, and quiz shows and more high-brow comedy airing on Dave. The channel is currently available as subscription-only on Sky, Virgin Media, TalkTalk TV, BT TV, and TVPlayer (When subscribed to TVPlayer Plus). It shows repeats of classic programming from the BBC and other broadcasters. The channel's main rival is the ITV plc owned ITV3, which mainly airs the archive ITV programmes, and has a higher audience share than Gold. Another rival is More4 which also has a higher audience share than Gold. This is because they are free-to-air channels whereas Gold is a pay TV channel.

Gold (radio)

Gold is a network of oldies radio stations which was formed by the merger of the Capital Gold network and the Classic Gold Network in August 2007. The station relaunched in March 2014 as a partly automated service broadcasting in a smaller number of areas than previously, when many of the prior local AM/DAB Gold frequencies were turned over to Smooth Radio.

The Capital Gold network started in London in 1988 on Capital Radio's AM frequency, as the British Government urged radio stations to end simulcasting (broadcasting the same programmes simultaneously on FM and AM) and threatening to remove one of their frequencies if simulcasting continued. The Classic Gold network was similarly formed from the AM transmissions of the former GWR Group's station licence areas. (Many of the FM pop stations to which the ...Gold stations were sister operations are themselves now part of the Heart or Capital networks).

The original DJs on the early incarnation of Capital Gold included Tony Blackburn (who would later appear on the then-rival Classic Gold network), Kenny Everett and David Hamilton. The idea of hiring radio personalities to host networked shows continued to be a feature of the Capital Gold and Classic Gold networks as they grew, though following the 2014 relaunch Gold now only had three presenters - Tony Dibbin, Simon Hirst and David Andrews at the time of the relaunch. (Dibbin presents on Gold six days a week; Hirst and Andrews combined once-a-week Gold appearances with their weekday duties on Capital Yorkshire and Smooth Radio respectively). Most Gold programming is broadcast from the Gold network studio in Leicester Square, London, though Hirst broadcast from the Capital studios in Leeds or his home studio. Simon Hirst left Gold (and Capital) in June 2014, leaving Dibbin (Sunday to Friday) and Andrews (Saturday) as Gold's sole remaining DJs.

Gold (The Velvet Underground album)

Gold is a two-CD compilation album by the Velvet Underground. It was released for the North American market on June 14, 2005, by Polydor, the record label that oversees the band's Universal Music Group back catalogue.

The album is a greatest-hits compilation, drawing from the band's first three albums, two outtake compilations and a live album on Polydor Records and several co-owned labels ( Verve, MGM and Mercury).

Gold also includes two Nico solo tracks, co-written and played by Velvet Underground members Lou Reed, John Cale and Sterling Morrison, taken from her 1967 debut album for Polydor, Chelsea Girl. Two songs from the VU outtake compilation—"Temptation Inside Your Heart" and "Stephanie Says"—are included in their previously unavailable original 1968 mixes. (The latter even includes some different instrumental and vocal parts.)

On May 29, 2006, the album was re-issued in Europe as The Velvet Underground Story with different artwork but featuring the same track listing.

Gold (1974 film)

Gold is a 1974 thriller film starring Roger Moore and Susannah York and directed by Peter R. Hunt. It was based on the 1970 novel Gold Mine by Wilbur Smith. Moore plays Rod Slater, General Manager of a South African gold mine, who is instructed by his boss Steyner ( Bradford Dillman) to break through an underground dike into what he is told is a rich seam of gold. Meanwhile, he falls in love with Steyner's wife Terry, played by York. In the United States, the film was only released as part of a double bill.

Gold (Starflyer 59 album)

Gold is the second album by Starflyer 59. Just like their first album, the title of the second album was based on the gold cover chosen for the album's cover. It was originally released in 1995. In 2005, it was reissued with five bonus tracks from the band's Goodbyes Are Sad 7 inch single and Le Vainqueur EP.

Gold (Kiss album)

Gold is a 2005 greatest hits collection from hard rock band Kiss. This two-disc set covers the band's recordings from 1974 to 1982. All tracks are previously available.

Gold (Sublime album)

Gold is a 2-disc Sublime compilation that catalogs the band's songs from their three studio albums as well as a few tracks from their B-side collection, Second-hand Smoke. This is the third and largest compilation of the band's songs to date. It was released on November 15, 2005.

Gold (Cher album)

Gold is the ninth U.S. compilation album by American singer-actress Cher, released on March 1, 2005 by Geffen Records. The album was released only two years after the multi-platinum The Very Best of Cher. As of August 2010, the album has sold 88,000 copies in the United States.

Gold (Prince song)

"Gold" is a song by Prince (his stage name at that time being an unpronounceable symbol) from his 1995 album The Gold Experience. Obviously proud of the number, Prince was touting the song as the next " Purple Rain" to reporters before the album's release.

The B-side was "Rock 'n' Roll Is Alive (And It Lives in Minneapolis)", a response to the song " Rock and Roll Is Dead" by Lenny Kravitz. The song complements the rock-based "Gold" and features rousing guitar solos and live drumming as well as various studio tricks throughout the track. The chorus is sample recorded from a live audience. Prince would later use the technique on several songs for The New Power Generation release, Newpower Soul. Prince also made a special remix of the song called the "Tony Fly Mix" to be played on the local Minneapolis DJ's radio program. The remix remains unreleased.

A maxi single on CD and vinyl also included the extended remix of " I Hate U".

A limited edition gold CD single was released in the UK, housed in a gold jewel case. The track listing was the same as the standard CD single.

Gold (Cream album)

Gold is a two-disc compilation album by the British rock band Cream, released in 2005 to help celebrate the band's reunion at the Royal Albert Hall. It was a part of the larger Gold series.

The first disc consists of twenty-one studio tracks, with the second featuring eight live tracks.

The tracks come from the band's four studio albums: Fresh Cream, Disraeli Gears, Wheels of Fire, and Goodbye, as well as Live Cream and Live Cream Volume II (which were released after the band's break up).

Gold was also released under the name I Feel Free – Ultimate Cream, reaching No. 6 on the UK Albums Chart in May 2005. This version was available both as a two-disc release identical to Gold, and as a "limited edition box set" with Cream's 2003 BBC Sessions album included as a third disc.

Gold (Cat Stevens album)

Gold is a two-CD compilation of classic singles and album tracks by British singer-songwriter, Cat Stevens, now known as Yusuf Islam. It is part of Universal Music's series of double-disc anthologies derived from their extensive back catalog. The track list starts with Stevens' early British hit "Matthew & Son" and ends with a new recording by Islam, "Indian Ocean", recorded and first released as a digital download on the iTunes Music Store to benefit 2004 Asian Tsunami relief efforts.

One review of the compilation suggests that the anthology "manages to cram into two discs what 2001's On the Road to Find Out box set tried to accomplish over four."[]. Like the box set five years earlier, Islam actively participated in the compilation of the anthology. Given both the extensive track listing and the presence of a new Stevens recording (the first on which he has played guitar since he stopped recording under his stage name), this compilation apparently makes previous non-box set compilations of Stevens' work redundant and incomplete.

Gold (Bob Marley & The Wailers album)

Gold is a two-disc compilation album by Bob Marley and the Wailers that was released on the Island Records label in 2005. The compilation is intended to be a career-spanning retrospective, and no fewer than two songs are selected from each of Bob Marley and the Wailers' albums with the company. Songs range from his first album for the label, Catch a Fire, and span all the way through to the last album Marley would live to see released in his lifetime, Uprising, concluding with the posthumous releases "Iron Lion Zion," and tracks from Confrontation.

This Gold compilation is not to be confused with another compilation Universal released later the same year under the Gold line, consisting of Marley's early pre-fame material with the Wailers dating from 1967-1972.

Gold (Rush album)

Gold is a compilation album by Canadian rock band Rush, released on April 25, 2006.

The compilation is a repackaging of the two 1997 Rush compilation albums Retrospective I and Retrospective II, with the exception of the track "Something for Nothing", which is replaced by " Working Man".

Gold (Beverley Knight song)

"Gold" was the third single released from Beverley Knight's studio album, Who I Am. The song, which peaked at #27 in Britain, was different from the album version - which was produced by Mike Spencer, and is a big favourite amongst fans. The accompanying video was directed by Adrian Moat.

Knight promoted the song by performing the song on Top of the Pops and sister show Top of the Pops Saturday.

Gold (Traffic album)

Traffic Gold is a two-disc 2005 compilation album by the psychedelic rock band Traffic. It contains at least one song from each album except On the Road, Far from Home, and The Last Great Traffic Jam.

Gold (The Beautiful South album)

Gold by The Beautiful South is the third greatest hits album to be released by the band. It is similar in design to other "Gold" albums released by bands either currently or previously of various labels under the Universal Music Group. The album is a 2 disc collection of both single and album tracks taken from the first 8 of the bands back catalogue. It was released without the band's consent and had zero input from the band.

Gold (The Allman Brothers Band album)

Gold is a two-CD compilation album by the Allman Brothers Band. It contains songs selected from their first eight albums, which were released by Capricorn Records — The Allman Brothers Band (1969), Idlewild South (1970), At Fillmore East (1971), Eat a Peach (1972), Brothers and Sisters (1973), Win, Lose or Draw (1975), Wipe the Windows, Check the Oil, Dollar Gas (1976), and Enlightened Rogues (1979). It was released by Island Records on October 11, 2005.

GOLD (parser)

GOLD is a free parsing system that is designed to support multiple programming languages.

GOLD (ontology)

GOLD ("General Ontology for Linguistic Description") is an ontology for descriptive linguistics. It gives a formalized account of the most basic categories and relations used in the scientific description of human language.

GOLD was first introduced by Farrar and Langendoen (2003). Originally, it was envisioned as a solution to the problem of resolving disparate markup schemes for linguistic data, in particular data from endangered languages. However, GOLD is much more general and can be applied to all languages.

GOLD was maintained by the LINGUIST List and others from 2007 to 2010.

Gold (Donna Summer album)

Gold is one of Donna Summer's greatest hits compilations. Donna Summer's entry in Universal Music's two-disc compilation series Gold is more or less a re-release of 1993's The Donna Summer Anthology, with the most noticeable differences being the cover art and that Gold includes four of her 90's Club and R&B hits, which came out after the Anthology. Also, other 80's European hits, such as "Dinner With Gershwin", and the 7 inch remix of "Love's About to Change My Heart", that were not included on the Anthology, are present here. However, the two tracks from 1981's shelved Geffen Records album I'm a Rainbow on disc two are left out, as are "Once Upon A Time" and "Rumour Has It", both from the 1977 album Once Upon a Time, the hit single "Cold Love" from 1980 album The Wanderer, and the album track "Friends Unknown" from Mistaken Identity.

Gold (The Stranglers album)

Gold is a compilation album by The Stranglers.

Gold (Ohio Players album)

Gold is a compilation of hit songs and album favorites by The Ohio Players on the Mercury label. It features music from the albums Skin Tight, Fire, Honey and Contradiction, plus two new songs recorded specifically for Gold, "Feel the Beat (Everybody Disco)" and "Only a Child Can Love". Fittingly, the album itself achieved gold certification, the last Ohio Players album to do so.

In March 2008 Mercury Records released a different two-disc compilation album called Gold (2008) which contains 24 songs.

Gold (Jefferson Starship album)

Gold is a 1979 compilation album by Jefferson Starship. The tracks come from their 1974 - 1978 albums, Dragon Fly, Red Octopus, Spitfire, and Earth.

The album originally had a shortened single version of "Miracles"; early pressings of the CD repeated this, but later editions had the full-length version from the album Red Octopus. The original record release also contained a 7-inch 45 RPM single, "Light the Sky on Fire", that was recorded for Star Wars Holiday Special, along with an extra track from Dragon Fly. This single is included in the later CD releases as tracks 6 and 12. "Light the Sky on Fire" reached #66 and Gold reached #20 on the Billboard charts.

Gold (B'z song)

"Gold" is the thirty-second single by B'z, released on August 8, 2001. This song is one of B'z many number-one singles in Oricon charts. As B-Sides, the single features Makkana Shiruku and Ultra Soul ~Splash Style~, a remix of the song " Ultra Soul", previously released on the album Green.

Gold (Eric B. & Rakim album)

Gold is the third compilation album, by hip-hop duo Eric B. & Rakim. The album was released on June 14, 2005, on Hip-O Records. The album contains numerous remixes and extended mixes of Eric B. & Rakim's greatest hits as part of Universal Music Group’s Gold series.

Gold (album series)

Gold is a series of 2-disc compilation albums released by Universal Music Group. They are usually priced about the same as a regular single CD. Some of them also include several tracks licensed from non-Universal labels.

Most, if not all, of the albums share a common layout, with a photograph of the artist below a gold bar, with a gold vertical line near the right hand side, the artist's name on the left of the gold line, and "Gold" on the right. Earlier Gold series compilations had a design based on that of ABBA Gold, such as the compilations for The Carpenters and Etta James.

Most of the earliest CDs in this series were released on the Hip-O imprint.

CDs in this series include, alphabetically by band or artists's full name:

  • Gold (ABC album), a 2006 ABC compilation reissue of Look of Love – The Very Best of ABC
  • Gold (Aerosmith album), a 2005 Aerosmith compilation reissue of Young Lust: The Aerosmith Anthology
  • Gold (The Allman Brothers Band album), a 2005 The Allman Brothers Band compilation
  • Gold (Joan Armatrading album), a 2005 Joan Armatrading compilation reissue of Love and Affection: Joan Armatrading Classics (1975-1983)
  • Gold (Louis Armstrong album), a 2006 Louis Armstrong compilation
  • Gold (Asia album), a 2005 Asia compilation
  • Gold (Hugues Aufray album), a 2006 Hugues Aufray compilation
  • Gold (Roy Ayers album), a 2005 Roy Ayers compilation
  • Gold (Bachman-Turner Overdrive album), a 2005 Bachman-Turner Overdrive compilation
  • Gold (The Beautiful South album), a 2006 The Beautiful South compilation
  • Gold (Chuck Berry album), a 2005 Chuck Berry compilation reissue of The Anthology
  • Gold (Jane Birkin album), a 2007 Jane Birkin compilation
  • Gold (Georges Brassens album), a 2007 Georges Brassens compilation
  • Gold (Bobby Brown album), a 2009 Bobby Brown compilation
  • Gold (James Brown album), a 2005 James Brown compilation
  • Gold (J.J. Cale album), a 2007 J. J. Cale compilation
  • Gold (John Cale album), a 2007 John Cale compilation reissue of The Island Years
  • Gold (Cameo album), a 2005 Cameo compilation reissue of Anthology
  • Gold (Carpenters album), The Carpenters' 2004 compilation, which was originally a gold and black album; it was reissued in 2006 under the "Gold" series
  • Gold (Cher album), a 2005 Cher compilation
  • Gold (Cinderella album), a 2006 Cinderella compilation
  • Gold (Patsy Cline album), a 2005 Patsy Cline compilation reissue of The Ultimate Collection
  • Gold (Joe Cocker album), a 2006 Joe Cocker compilation
  • Gold (John Coltrane album), a 2006 John Coltrane compilation
  • Gold (Commodores album), a 2005 European Commodores compilation or a 2008 US Commodores compilation, both spanning the Commodores career with Lionel Richie and without him
  • Gold (The Cranberries album), a 2008 The Cranberries compilation
  • Gold (Cream album), a 2005 Cream compilation
  • Gold (Bing Crosby album), a 2008 European Bing Crosby compilation reissue of The Best of Bing Crosby or a 2008 US Bing Crosby compilation
  • Gold (The Crusaders album), a 2007 The Crusaders compilation
  • Gold (Roger Daltrey album), a 2006 Roger Daltrey compilation
  • Gold (Chris De Burgh album), a 2007 Chris De Burgh compilation
  • Gold (Paco De Lucía album), a 2005 Paco De Lucía compilation reissue of Antología
  • Gold (Michel Delpech album), a 2006 Michel Delpech compilation
  • Gold (Neil Diamond album), a 2005 Neil Diamond compilation with no relation to the live album of the same name from 1971
  • Gold (Bo Diddley album), a 2008 Bo Diddley compilation
  • Gold (Eric B. & Rakim album), a 2005 Eric B. & Rakim compilation
  • Gold (Fairport Convention album), a 2005 Fairport Convention compilation reissue of Chronicles
  • Gold (François Feldman album), a 2008 François Feldman compilation
  • Gold (Ella Fitzgerald album), a 2007 Ella Fitzgerald compilation
  • Gold (Four Tops album), a 2005 Four Tops compilation
  • Gold (Peter Frampton album), a 2005 Peter Frampton compilation
  • Gold (Connie Francis album), a 2005 Connie Francis compilation
  • Gold (Claude François album), a 2006 Claude François compilation
  • Gold (Serge Gainsbourg album), a 2007 Serge Gainsbourg compilation
  • Gold (France Gall album), a 2006 France Gall compilation
  • Gold (The Gap Band album), a 2006 The Gap Band compilation
  • Gold (Marvin Gaye album), a 2005 Marvin Gaye compilation
  • Gold (Stan Getz album), a 2008 Stan Getz compilation
  • Gold (Astrud Gilberto album), a 2008 Astrud Gilberto compilation
  • Gold (Billie Holiday album), a 2005 Billie Holiday compilation
  • Gold (Buddy Holly album), a 2005 Buddy Holly compilation with a new remastering of all tracks from the 1993 Buddy Holly Collection
  • Gold (John Lee Hooker album), a 2007 John Lee Hooker compilation
  • Gold (Engelbert Humperdinck album), a 2005 Engelbert Humperdinck compilation
  • Gold (The Jackson 5 album), a 2005 The Jackson 5 compilation
  • Gold (Joe Jackson album), a 2008 Joe Jackson compilation reissue of This Is It! (The A&M Years 1979–1989)
  • Gold (Michael Jackson album), a 2008 Michael Jackson compilation
  • Gold (The Jam album), a 2005 The Jam compilation reissue of the 2 disc edition of The Sound of The Jam
  • Gold (Etta James album), a 2007 Etta James compilation
  • Gold (Rick James album), a 2005 Rick James compilation
  • Gold (C. Jérôme album), a 2007 C. Jérôme compilation
  • Gold (Tom Jones album), a 2005 Tom Jones compilation
  • Gold (Patrick Juvet album), a 2007 Patrick Juvet compilation
  • Gold (B.B. King album), a 2006 B. B. King compilation reissue of Anthology
  • Gold (Kiss album), a 2005 Kiss compilation
  • Gold (Gladys Knight & the Pips album), a 2005 European Gladys Knight & the Pips compilation spanning only The Pips career or a 2006 US Gladys Knight & the Pips compilation spanning Gladys Knight solo career as well
  • Gold (Kool & the Gang album), a 2005 Kool & the Gang compilation
  • Gold (Patti LaBelle album), a 2005 Patti LaBelle compilation
  • Gold (Marie Laforêt album), a 2006 Marie Laforêt compilation
  • Gold (Boby Lapointe album), a 2006 Boby Lapointe compilation
  • Gold (Level 42 album), a 2005 Level 42 compilation
  • Gold (Jerry Lee Lewis album), a 2008 Jerry Lee Lewis compilation
  • Gold (Loretta Lynn album), a 2006 Loretta Lynn compilation
  • Gold (Lynyrd Skynyrd album), a 2006 Lynyrd Skynyrd compilation reissue of The Essential Lynyrd Skynyrd
  • Gold (The Mamas & the Papas album), a 2005 The Mamas & the Papas compilation
  • Gold (Bob Marley and The Wailers album), a 2005 Bob Marley and The Wailers compilation
  • Gold (John Martyn album), a 2008 John Martyn compilation
  • Gold (The Mavericks album), a 2006 The Mavericks compilation
  • Gold (Brian McKnight album), a 2007 Brian McKnight compilation
  • Gold (Stephanie Mills album), a 2006 Stephanie Mills compilation
  • Gold (Yves Montand album), a 2007 Yves Montand compilation
  • Gold (The Moody Blues album), a 2005 The Moody Blues compilation
  • Gold (Dario Moreno album), a 2008 Dario Moreno compilation
  • Gold (Mouloudji album), a 2007 2 Mouloudji compilation
  • Gold (Nana Mouskouri album), a 2006 Nana Mouskouri compilation
  • Gold (Georges Moustaki album), a 2006 Georges Moustaki compilation
  • Gold (The Neville Brothers album), a 2005 The Neville Brothers compilation
  • Gold (Aaron Neville album), a 2008 Aaron Neville compilation
  • Gold (New Edition album), a 2005 New Edition compilation
  • Gold (Olivia Newton-John album), a 2005 Olivia Newton-John compilation
  • Gold (The Oak Ridge Boys album), a 2007 The Oak Ridge Boys compilation
  • Gold (Ohio Players album), a 2008 Ohio Players compilation
  • Gold (Robert Palmer album), a 2006 Robert Palmer compilation
  • Gold (Parliament album), a 2005 Parliament compilation
  • Gold (Poco album), a 2006 Poco compilation
  • Gold (Martha Reeves & The Vandellas album), a 2006 Martha and the Vandellas compilation
  • Gold (Lionel Richie album), a 2006 Lionel Richie compilation spanning Lionel Richie career as lead singer with the Commodores and solo
  • Gold (The Righteous Brothers album), a 2005 The Righteous Brothers compilation
  • Gold (Smokey Robinson & The Miracles album), a 2005 European Smokey Robinson & The Miracles compilation spanning only The Miracles career or a 2006 US Smokey Robinson & The Miracles compilation spanning Smokey Robinson solo career as well
  • Gold (Frankie Ruiz album), a 2006 Frankie Ruiz compilation
  • Gold (Rush album), a 2006 Rush compilation
  • Gold (Scorpions album), a 2006 Scorpions compilation
  • Gold (William Sheller album), a 2006 William Sheller compilation
  • Gold (Mort Shuman album), a 2007 Mort Shuman compilation
  • Gold (Nina Simone album), a 2005 European Nina Simone compilation spanning only her career with Universal's labels or a 2007 US Nina Simone compilation spanning her entire career
  • Gold (Siouxsie & The Banshees album), a 2007 Siouxsie and the Banshees compilation withdrawn soon after release. Reissue of the 2 disc edition of The Best of Siouxsie & The Banshees
  • Gold (Soraya album), a 2006 Soraya compilation
  • Gold (Burning Spear album), a 2005 Burning Spear compilation
  • Gold (Dusty Springfield album), a 2008 Dusty Springfield compilation
  • Gold (Squeeze album), a 2005 Squeeze compilation
  • Gold (The Statler Brothers album), a 2006 The Statler Brothers compilation
  • Gold (Status Quo album), a 2005 Status Quo compilation
  • Gold (Steppenwolf album), a 2005 Steppenwolf compilation
  • Gold (Cat Stevens album), a 2005 Cat Stevens compilation
  • Gold (Rod Stewart album), a 2005 Rod Stewart compilation
  • Gold (The Style Council album), a 2006 The Style Council compilation
  • Gold (Styx album), a 2006 Styx compilation reissue of Come Sail Away - The Styx Anthology
  • Gold (Sublime album), a 2005 Sublime compilation
  • Gold (Donna Summer album), a 2005 Donna Summer compilation
  • Gold (Supertramp album), a 2005 Supertramp compilation released in the UK/Europe under the title Retrospectacle - The Supertramp Anthology
  • Gold (The Supremes album), a 2005 The Supremes compilation
  • Gold (Tears for Fears album), a 2006 Tears for Fears compilation
  • Gold (The Temptations album), a 2005 The Temptations compilation
  • Gold (Tesla album), a 2008 Tesla compilation
  • Gold (Them album), a 2005 Them compilation
  • Gold (Michèle Torr album), a 2006 Michèle Torr compilation
  • Gold (Pete Townshend album), a 2005 Pete Townshend compilation
  • Gold (Traffic album), a 2005 Traffic compilation
  • Gold (Tri Yann album), a 2006 Tri Yann compilation
  • Gold (Conway Twitty album), a 2006 Conway Twitty compilation
  • Gold (Sarah Vaughan album), a 2007 Sarah Vaughan compilation
  • Gold (The Velvet Underground album), a 2005 The Velvet Underground compilation
  • Gold (Dinah Washington album), a 2007 Dinah Washington compilation
  • Gold (Grover Washington, Jr. album), a 2006 Grover Washington, Jr. compilation
  • Gold (Muddy Waters album), a 2007 Muddy Waters compilation reissue of The Anthology
  • Gold (Barry White album), a 2008 Barry White compilation
  • Gold (Whitesnake album), a 2006 Whitesnake compilation
  • Gold (Don Williams album), a 2000 Don Williams compilation reissue of Anthology
  • Gold (Hank Williams album), a 2005 Hank Williams compilation reissue of The Ultimate Collection
  • Gold (Zamfir album), a 2006 Zamfir compilation

A number of various artists compilations have also been released in the Gold series, such as Classic Rock Gold and Power Ballads Gold.

Gold (The Fucking Am album)

Gold is a 2004 album by The Fucking Am, a collaboration between The Fucking Champs and Trans Am. It was the second of two collaborations between the bands; they had previously recorded an EP in 2001 under the name TransChamps.

Gold (1934 film)

Gold is a 1934 German science fiction film directed by Karl Hartl. The film involves a British scientist who is attempting to create a device that turns base materials into gold. He later forces the German scientist's assistant Werner Holk ( Hans Albers), who was working on a similar experiment, to come to his underwater nuclear reactor to help him.

Gold was made in both German-language and French-language versions with Brigitte Helm reprising her role in both.

Gold (Olivia Newton-John album)

Olivia Newton-John: Gold is a double album of Olivia Newton-John's greatest hits, released in 2005. It contains all but one of her solo Billboard Hot 100 hits (excluding "I Need Love") and is the first CD to contain the track "Fool Country" (a B-side to " Magic" and contained in the film Xanadu, but not available on the soundtrack). The album is considered the most thorough of all of Newton-John's many compilation albums.

A different version of the album was released in Australia in conjunction with the Olivia Gold DVD release.

Gold (linker)

In software engineering, gold is a linker for ELF files. It became an official GNU package and was added to binutils in March, 2008 and first released in binutils version 2.19. Gold was developed by Ian Lance Taylor and a small team at Google. The motivation for writing gold was to make a linker that is faster than the GNU linker, especially for large applications coded in C++.

Unlike the GNU linker, gold doesn't use the BFD library to process object files. While this limits the object file formats it can process to ELF only, it is also claimed to result in a cleaner and faster implementation without an additional abstraction layer. The author cited complete removal of BFD as a reason to create a new linker from scratch rather than incrementally improve the GNU linker.

To specify gold in a makefile, one sets the LD or LD environmental variable to To specify gold through a compiler option, one can use the option gcc's -fuse-ld=gold.

Gold (Joe Cocker album)

Gold is a greatest hits album by Joe Cocker, released in 2006 (see 2006 in music) as part of Gold album series.

Gold (Spandau Ballet song)

"Gold" is a single which the English band Spandau Ballet released, in 1983, from their third album, True.

Gold (band)

Gold is a French music band from Toulouse ( Occitanie), which enjoyed considerable success in the Francophone world in the 1980s.

Gold (September album)

Gold, released on November 14, 2008, is Swedish singer September's first compilation album for her domestic market. The album includes songs from her second and third albums, In Orbit and Dancing Shoes, respectively. " Because I Love You" was released as a promotional single for the album on November 26, 2008 and serves as the album's only single.

Gold (Rhodes novel)

Gold is a novel by British author Dan Rhodes published in March 2007 by Canongate. It won the inaugural Clare Maclean Prize for Scottish Fiction and has since been published in four other languages. It was also one of the 'best books of 2007' according to critics at The Independent.

Gold (hieroglyph)

The ancient Egyptian Gold hieroglyph is a member of the crowns, dress, staves hieroglyphs. Its major importance is as one of the Fivefold Titulary names of the Egyptian pharaoh, the Horus of Gold name.

The gold hieroglyph is used as a determinative in the names of precious metals, and as an ideogram in nbw, "gold", ("nbu"). The hieroglyph is an Egyptian language biliteral with the value of nb.

The hieroglyph is a large gold and pearl necklace. Old Kingdom scenes show dwarfs metalworking the gold, and "stringing the pearls of gold".

Gold (Crystal Lewis album)

Gold is the 8th studio solo album by Contemporary Christian singer Crystal Lewis.

This album was released in 1998. It features two No. 1 hits, "Lord I Believe in You" and "Not the Same." Gold was later re-issued that same year with a new recording of "Lean on Me" (lead vocals by Crystal Lewis), which originally appeared on Kirk Franklin's album The Nu Nation Project that included "Lean on Me" featuring Mary J. Blige, R. Kelly, Bono, Crystal Lewis and The Family. "Lean On Me" is not a cover of the popular song by Bill Withers.

The Spanish release features Spanish versions of every song except "Why?" and "Lean On Me".

Gold (TV series)

Gold is a 2010 Japanese television drama series with 11 episodes that aired from July 8 to September 16.

Gold (The Jackson 5 album)

Gold is a compilation album of songs by The Jackson 5, an American popular music family group from Gary, Indiana. The founding members were Jackie, Tito, Jermaine, Marlon and Michael. This album features selections from their nine official studio albums during their Motown years. From their 1969 debut album Diana Ross Presents The Jackson 5 to the last album they recorded together with Motown, 1975's Moving Violation. The album also includes five new Motown tracks never released before.

Gold (Uverworld song)

"Gold" (often stylized as "GOLD") is the 15th single by the Japanese rock band Uverworld. It was released on March 31, 2010. The second track of the single, "Change" is set to be the image song of the upcoming Mobile Suit Gundam 00 movie adaptation. Both regular and limited pressings include a Mobile Suit Gundam 00 illustration-wide cap sticker.

Sony Music Entertainment Japan has finished producing a 3-D version of the title track's music video. The company will be giving out 1,000 tickets to fans for a screening of the music video on April 17, 2010.

Gold (Parliament album)

Gold is a two CD compilation by the Funk band Parliament. The album was released by Universal Music in 2005. It essentially updates the 1993 compilation Tear the Roof Off 1974–1980. There are slight differences between Gold and Tear the Roof Off. First, Gold presents the songs in chronological order. Gold also uses shorter versions the tracks "Fantasy Is Reality" and "Agony Of Defeet." Gold also uses remastered versions of all tracks and a slightly different track listing.

Gold (Marika Gombitová album)

Gold is the fourth compilation album by Marika Gombitová, released on OPUS in 2005.

Gold (surname)

Gold is a surname. Notable people with the surname include:

  • Adam Gold (disambiguation), multiple people
  • Alan Gold (disambiguation), multiple people
  • Alison Gold, American pop singer
  • Andrew Gold (born 1951), singer and songwriter
  • Ari Gold (disambiguation), multiple people
  • Arielle Gold (born 1996), American snowboarder
  • Bela Gold (born 1915)
  • Ben-Zion Gold, Polish-American rabbi
  • Bill Gold (born 1921), American graphic designer
  • Brian and Tony Gold, Jamaican dance hall duo
  • Charles Gold (disambiguation), multiple people
  • David Gold (disambiguation), multiple people
  • Dore Gold (born 1953), Israeli diplomat
  • E. J. Gold (Eugene Jeffrey Gold, born 1941), American artist, author and jazz musician; son of H.L. Gold
  • Edgar Gold (born 1934), Australian-Canadian lawyer, author, academic, and Master Mariner
  • Edward Gold (born 1936), American composer
  • Eli Gold (born 1953), American sportscaster
  • Elon Gold (born 1970), American comedian, actor, writer and producer; brother of Ari Gold
  • Emanuel R. Gold (1935–2013), New York politician
  • Ernest Gold (disambiguation), multiple people
  • Gary Pig Gold (born 1955), Canadian singer-songwriter, record producer, filmmaker and author
  • Gracie Gold (born 1995), American figure skater
  • Glen David Gold (born 1954), American author
  • Harry Gold (disambiguation), multiple people
  • Harvey Gold (born 1952), American guitarist, bassist, and organist
  • Henry Gold (disambiguation), multiple people
  • Herbert Gold (born 1924), American novelist
  • H. L. Gold (Horace Leonard Gold, 1914–1996), American SF writer and editor
  • Ian Gold (born 1978), former American football linebacker
  • Jack Gold (1930–2015), British film and television director
  • Jacqueline Gold, British businesswoman
  • Jake Gold (born 1958), Canadian music manager
  • Jamie Gold (born 1969), winner of the 2006 World Series of Poker Main Event
  • Jared Gold (born 1972), American fashion designer
  • Jim Gold (born 1947), musician
  • Joe Gold (1922–2004), American bodybuilder and entrepreneur
  • Joe Dan Gold (1942–2011), American college basketball player and coach
  • Jonathan Gold, Pulitzer Prize–winning food critic
  • Joseph Gold (disambiguation), multiple people
  • Judy Gold (born 1962), American comedian and actress
  • Julie Gold, American singer-songwriter
  • Kathe Gold (1907–1997), Austrian actress
  • Katie Gold (born 1978), pornographic actress
  • Kristi Gold, American romance novelist
  • Lauren Gold (born 1980), British model
  • Lee Gold, California SF fandom notable
  • Lex Gold (born 1940), football administrator
  • Lloyd Gold (born 1950), American television soap opera writer and playwright
  • Louise Gold (born 1956), British singer, actress and puppeteer
  • Marian Gold (born 1954), German singer
  • Mark Gold (disambiguation), multiple people
  • Mary Jayne Gold (1909–1997), American heiress
  • Marty Gold (born 1915), American composer, pianist, and bandleader
  • Max Gold, Austrian soccer player
  • Maya Gold (born 1981), Hungarian pornographic actress
  • Mike Gold (1893–1967), American literary critic
  • Missy Gold (born 1970), American child actress
  • Morton J. Gold (1917–2013), United States Air Force general
  • Murray Gold (born 1969), English composer and dramatist
  • Nathan Gold (1663–1723), American colonial leader and deputy governor
  • Phil Gold (born 1936), Canadian physician, scientist, and professor
  • Sam Gold (director)
  • Samuel Gold, composer of chess problems
  • Sharon Anderson-Gold, chair at the Science and Technology Studies Department at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute
  • Stanley Gold, American business manager
  • Tanya Gold (born 1973), British journalist
  • Taylor Gold (born 1993), American Olympian snowboarder
  • Ted Gold (1947–1970), radical Columbia University student leader
  • Thomas Gold (1920–2004), Austrian astrophysicist
  • Thomas Ruggles Gold (1764–1827), United States Representative from New York
  • Tom Gold, New York City Ballet soloist
  • Tracey Gold (born 1969), American actress
  • Victor Gold (disambiguation), multiple people
  • Xaviera Gold, African American dance music singer
Gold (Barbara Dickson album)

Gold is a 1985 album by British singer Barbara Dickson. It featured her No.1 single " I Know Him So Well", which was a duet with Elaine Paige. This album contained a mix of cover versions and original tracks and reached No.11 in the UK.

Gold (The Cranberries album)

Gold is a compilation album from the Irish band The Cranberries, released as part of Universal Music's Gold series. Unlike the preceding compilation Stars: The Best of 1992–2002, the versions of the songs present on this two-disc collection are not edited for length.

The liner notes indicate on page six that originally there was to be a 32nd track, taken from Dolores O'Riordan's solo album Are You Listening?.

Gold (crater)

Gold is a crater in the Oxia Palus quadrangle of Mars, located at 20.2° N and 31.3° W. It is 9.0 km in diameter and was named after a town in Pennsylvania, USA.

Gold is famous as being one of several craters showing clear evidence that it was affected by floods of water from Maja Valles on Mars.

Gold (1932 film)

Gold is a 1932 American Pre-Code Western film directed by Otto Brower. An early sound B western, the film starred Jack Hoxie in the second of his six sound westerns, featuring Hooper Atchley as the villain Kramer. The film also marked the last screen appearance of silent movie actress Alice Day.

The film is preserved in the Library of Congress collection, Packard Campus for Audio-Visual Conservation.


(2,4,6-Trimethylphenyl)gold is a member of a special group of compounds where an aryl carbon atom acts as a bridge between two gold atoms. This compound is formed in a reaction between Au(CO)Cl and mesityl Grignard. It crystallizes as a cyclical pentamer.

Gold (Modus album)

Gold is the fifth compilation by the Modus band, released on OPUS Records in 2005.

Gold (East 17 song)

"Gold" is a song recorded by boy band East 17, taken from the band's debut album Walthamstow. Written by Tony Mortimer, it was released on 7 November 1992 as the second single from the album. The song was only moderately successful in a few countries. The music video depicts the band performing the track whilst wearing angel wings.

Gold (Britt Nicole album)

Gold is the third studio album by Britt Nicole. It was released on March 26, 2012 and features the Christian radio singles "All This Time", "Stand", and "Ready or Not", as well as her debut mainstream single "Gold". The album was re-released to mainstream markets on February 26, 2013 via Capitol Records, along with a new album cover.

The re-release, as of July 19, 2013, has sold 98,000 copies in the US.

Gold (Australian TV channel)

Gold (stylised as GOLD) is an Australian advertorial datacasting channel that launched on 1 May 2012 by the WIN Corporation. It is available to homes in most regional WIN Television viewing areas on LCN 85. The channel broadcasts mostly infomercials, as well as education, lifestyle, community programming as well as television classics from the Crawfords library.

Gold (Guy Sebastian song)

"Gold" is a song written and performed by Australian singer-songwriter Guy Sebastian. It is the second single from his seventh album Armageddon and was released digitally in Australia on 11 May 2012. An EP with two new songs and a remix of a previous single " Who's That Girl" was released in CD format on 1 June 2012 and digitally on 15 June 2012. "Gold" peaked at number ten on the ARIA Singles Chart and was certified platinum in 2014. It was Sebastian's ninth of 12 top ten singles on the Australian charts.

Gold (Cleave novel)

Gold is a 2012 sports novel by British author Chris Cleave and was published by Simon & Schuster on July 3, 2012. The story focuses on the friendship and rivalry between two women and the effects that come from the choices they make and the events that they cannot prevent.

Gold (Jasmine album)

Gold is the first studio album by the Japanese singer JASMINE, released in two formats, standard and limited, on July 21, 2010 by Sony Music Associated. The limited edition (a digipak) includes a bonus DVD.

Gold (Neon Hitch song)

"Gold" is a song by British singer Neon Hitch. Featuring American rapper Tyga, it was released on 14 August 2012 as the second single from her unreleased debut album Beg, Borrow & Steal. The song reached number one on the Billboard Hot Dance Club Play chart.

Gold (Garnett Silk album)

Gold is a greatest hits compilation album of Garnett Silk's songs released post-posthumously by Jet Star. Released in 2000, the album contains some of Silk's most well known songs including: "Hello Africa", "Mama", "Oh Me, Oh My" and "Jah, Jah is the Ruler".

Gold (2013 film)

Gold is a 2013 German Western film directed by Thomas Arslan. The film premiered in competition at the 63rd Berlin International Film Festival.

Gold (Britt Nicole song)

"Gold" is a song by musician Britt Nicole from her third album, Gold. It was released on November 13, 2012 as her debut mainstream single on Capitol Records.

Gold (Victoria Justice song)

"Gold" is the debut single by American singer Victoria Justice, released in June 2013 by Columbia Records. The song was written by Tove Lo, Jason Weiss, Sam Shrieve, Ben Camp, Jakob Jerlström and Ludvig Söderberg.

Gold (EP)

'Gold' is the debut extended play by Los Angeles based indie pop band, Sir Sly. It was released through Interscope Records on May 21, 2013.

Gold (Chet Faker song)

"Gold" is the third single by Australian musician Chet Faker from his debut studio album Built on Glass (2014). The song was released in Australia as a digital download on 2 June 2014 through Future Classic. It was voted number seven on the Triple J Hottest 100, 2014. The song was scored for the "The new MacBook – Reveal" video during the Apple Watch Event on 9 March 2015.

Gold (2016 film)

Gold is an upcoming American drama thriller film directed by Stephen Gaghan and written by Gaghan, Patrick Massett and John Zinman. The film stars Matthew McConaughey, Édgar Ramírez, Bryce Dallas Howard, Joshua Harto, Timothy Simons, and Michael Landes. Principal photography began on June 29, 2015 in New York, New Mexico and Thailand. The film is scheduled to be released on December 25, 2016, by TWC-Dimension.

Gold (Ricky Dillon album)

Gold(stylized as G O L D), is the debut studio album by American YouTube personality Ricky Dillon, released on January 15, 2016. The album features the singles, "Steal the Show" featuring American singer and YouTube personality Trevor Moran and "Problematic" featuring American rapper Snoop Dogg.

Gold (Imagine Dragons song)

"Gold" is a song recorded by American alternative rock band Imagine Dragons. The track was released as the second single from their second studio album Smoke + Mirrors on December 16, 2014. The track was written by band members Ben McKee, Daniel Platzman, Dan Reynolds and Wayne Sermon, as well as the producer of the song, Alex da Kid. The music video was released onto Vevo on January 21, 2015. The song was used by FX to promote their FX Now app, and by Discovery Channel to promote their show Gold Rush's season 6 premiere.

Gold (2015 film)

Gold. is a German experimental short documentary film directed by Alexander Tuschinski. It intercuts abandoned 19th century gold-mining towns in the desert with sequoia trees in a forest. The film had its world premiere at Mykonos Biennale on July 3, 2015, where it was screened in competition and received the Biennale's Golden Pelican Award by Lydia Venieri. It had its German premiere at Berlin Short Film Festival on July 4, 2015, was screened in competition at Braunschweig International Film Festival 2015. and had its US-premiere at Hollywood Reel Independent Film Festival in 2016.

Gold (Metro Station EP)

Gold is an EP by American pop band Metro Station released in 2014. It was the band's first release after Trace Cyrus' return to the group in 2014.

Gold (Kiiara song)

"Gold" is the debut single by American singer Kiiara. The song was released on October 26, 2015, through Atlantic Records and Warner Music Group. It is included on her debut extended play (EP) Low Kii Savage. The single was her first top 40 hit on the Billboard Hot 100, peaking at number 32.

Gold (Sandhja song)

"Gold" is a song performed by Finnish singer Sandhja. The song was released as a digital download on 7 March 2014 through Sony Music Entertainment Finland as the second single from her debut studio album Gold (2014). The song peaked to number 71 on the Finnish Airplay Chart.

Usage examples of "gold".

The name of his partially duped accomplice and abettor in this last marvelous assault, is no other than PHILIP LYNCH, Editor and Proprietor of the Gold Hill News.

Rear Admiral Henry, ablaze with gold braid, battle ribbons, and stars.

Beside the cushion was a vacant throne, radiant as morning in the East, ablaze with devices in gold and gems, a seat to fill the meanest soul with sensations of majesty and tempt dervishes to the sitting posture.

On the dressing table, ably guarded by a dark Regency armchair cushioned in yet another floral, sat an assemblage of antique silver-hair accessories and crystal perfume flacons, the grouping flanked by two small lamps, everything centered around a gold Empire vanity mirror.

Station 1 had a modest-sized accelerator ring grappled to it, like a gold band attached to a diamond.

Police SWAT teams in chic basic black accessorized with tear gas and semiautomatic weapons are charging in past the doorman holding the door in his gold braid.

The trees had the thickest of canopies, stunningly clothed in the reds and golds and russets of their autumn canopies: I spent many an hour while Achates slept in my arms watching their seductive dancing against the sky.

Middle Ages a measure of stability had been achieved between the coinages of Christendom and the Islamic world, one producing silver, the other gold.

Next day the Baron technically did give Granny Aching gold, but it was only the gold-coloured foil on an ounce of Jolly Sailor, the cheap and horrible pipe tobacco that was the only one Granny Aching would ever smoke.

Granny Aching for all the gold in the world, but you could definitely attract her attention with an ounce of Jolly Sailor.

The former did its own frantic sifting--something CIA automatically does, looking for that actionable bit of gold.

I courted her, but she only laughed at me, for an actress, if in love with someone, is a fortress which cannot be taken, unless you build a bridge of gold, and I was not rich.

I patted the pocket where my tiny set of gold acupuncture needles rested in their ivory case.

Sheets of immeasurable fire, and veins Of gold and stone, and adamantine iron.

The sky was heavy with drifting masses of cloud, aflare with red and gold and all the sunset colours, from the black line of coast, lying in the west, far into the east, where sea and sky were turning gray.