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n. (alternative spelling of high-rise English)

Highrise (documentary)

Highrise is a multi-year, multimedia documentary project about life in residential highrises, directed by Katerina Cizek and produced by Gerry Flahive for the National Film Board of Canada (NFB). The project, which began in 2009, includes five web documentaries—The Thousandth Tower, Out My Window, One Millionth Tower, A Short History of the Highrise and Universe Within: Digital Lives in the Global Highrise—as well as more than 20 derivative projects such as public art exhibits and live performances.

In March 2013, the NFB and The New York Times announced a partnership entitled A Short History of the Highrise, which resulted in four short documentaries about life in highrise buildings, utilizing images from the newspaper's photo archives for the first three films, and user-submitted images for the final film.

Until mid-2015, Cizek collaborated with the Massachusetts Institute of Technology's OpenDocLab unit on developments for the Highrise project as part of MIT’s Visiting Artists Program.

In June 2015, Universe Within: Digital Lives in the Global Highrise was launched as the final installment of Highrise.

In addition to awards won by individual webdocs in the series, the Highrise project received the Canadian Urban Institute's 2013 Global City and Innovation Urban Leadership Award.

The total budget for Highrise was CAD$2.8 million.

Usage examples of "highrise".

Then he and Weldi went to Central News, a highrise in the middle of Media Village.

Most villages consisted of one or two towering professional buildings surrounded by modestly highrise apartments for the people who worked there.

There were a few larger structures among all the plastic huts and frosted bulges a multitiered branch of the Bank of Neptune, a highrise hotel called the Ice Palace, a tremendous igloo bearing the crystalline logo of the interplanetary ice consortium, a massive cube made out of giant logs that could only be the headquarters of Cometary Lumber Multicorp.

In an obviously disguised voice the caller had suggested that Lanagan ought to go down to the place where they were putting up the new Westside Highrise building and talk to some people.

The limousine moved swiftly, using the Lunalilo and Moanalua freeways and passing downtown Honolulu with its modern highrise buildings.

For kilometer after kilometer, the highrises of Queens and Brooklyn blazed like pillars of fire.

Wooded slopes dipped to grassland, then to the sprawling expanse of Vancouver, its expensive highrises contrasting with underground shopping centers, sleek subdivisions, and landscaped homes.

Using a pile of street rubble as a ramp we surged up over the back of a transfer cab onto the roofs of ordinary traffic, joining a second level bright in the sunlight between highrises, our weight so broadly distributed we rode over the mass of Nomad rigs without crushing them.

He was lazying in the highest hole in his cottonwood highrise with just his nose poking from his pillow of a tail, dreaming about flying.