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Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English
precious metal
▪ Not all plating was of precious metal.
▪ Some analysts argue that it should, since demand for the precious metal exceeds supplies.
▪ The economic recession around the world was not generally helpful to precious metal prices.
▪ Watches whose cases are made wholly or mainly of precious metal.
precious metal

n. A rare metallic chemical element of high economic value, such as gold and platinum.

precious metal

n. any of the less common and valuable metals often used to make coins or jewelry

Precious metal

A precious metal is a rare, naturally occurring metallic chemical element of high economic value. Chemically, the precious metals tend to be less reactive than most elements (see noble metal). They are usually ductile and have a high lustre. Historically, precious metals were important as currency but are now regarded mainly as investment and industrial commodities. Gold, silver, platinum, and palladium each have an ISO 4217 currency code.

The best known precious metals are the coinage metals, gold and silver. Although both have industrial uses, they are better known for their uses in art, jewellery, fine jewellery and coinage. Other precious metals include the platinum group metals: ruthenium, rhodium, palladium, osmium, iridium, and platinum, of which platinum is the most widely traded. The demand for precious metals is driven not only by their practical use but also by their role as investments and a store of value. Historically, precious metals have commanded much higher prices than common industrial metals.

Precious metal (disambiguation)

A precious metal is a naturally occurring metal of high economic value. Precious metal may also refer to:

  • Precious Metal (aircraft), a custom-built racing aircraft
  • Precious Metal (band), an American all-female band from the 1980s featuring Janet Robin
  • "Precious Metal", an episode from CSI: Crime Scene Investigation (season 3)
  • "Precious Metals", a song by the Canadian indie pop group The Russian Futurists
  • Precious Metal, a 2009 book by the publishers of Decibel magazine.

Usage examples of "precious metal".

He just hadnt expected the potency of his response, hadnt expected that thick, tawny-gold, streaky mantle flowing halfway down her back, the sunlight glinting along the strands like precious metal.

Engraved into the precious metal was a symbol that made Nefer's heart race as he recognized it.

A moving slit scanned that reflected light across a turning drum of precious metal, cranked by two strong men, causing it to pick up carbon powder from a tray, pressing it on fresh pages, making photostatic duplicates of drawings, art works, designs-anything but typescript text, which was cheaper to reproduce on a printing press.

She wore a gown of sea-green tissue velvet, embroidered with threads of precious metal and edged with rare golden worram fur.

Dull-faced laborers tended the conveyors, removing items of value, gleaning bits of precious metal, wires, and components from wreckage torn out of scrapped factories.

In all the Imperium, Arrakis -- a hellhole that some might consider a punishment rather than a reward -- was the only known source of the spice melange, a substance worth far more than any precious metal.

The two wheels were of incalculable worth just for their weight of precious metal, but they were made vastly more valuable by the artistry lavished upon them.

Carefully, he rubbed the metal tips in the precious metal, making certain that his hands did not touch anything but the feathered ends.

If there was a precious metal or a rare gem on Ansalon, it was in this chess set.