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Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English
a soup bowl/plate
▪ Russell pushed his empty soup bowl away.
collection plate
fashion plate
home plate
license plate
number plate
plate glass (=big pieces of glass made in large thick sheets, used especially in shop windows)
▪ Vandals smashed a plate glass window.
plate glass
plate tectonics
silver plate
▪ a silver-plated candlestick
vanity plate
▪ The March Hare poured a little hot tea on its nose, and the Hatter began to look for a clean plate.
▪ All that your hosts ask is that you observe some simple decorum and take a clean plate each time.
▪ He watches her in the yard with her cloth and bucket, as she kneels to tackle the clean plates.
▪ Remove tire from machine and clean face plate...
▪ Maybe because the routine of washing-up is basically enjoyable - hot water and clean plates at the end of it.
▪ Louis sat listlessly in his place opposite his dead wife's high-backed chair and empty plate.
▪ He removes the empty plates and napkins and cups from the table and tosses them into the bag.
▪ When we had finished, Jacob took the empty plates away.
▪ The waiter removed their empty plates and brought huge portions of southern-fried chicken.
▪ The manservant came in, cleared the empty plates and brought a great bowlful of pears and hothouse peaches.
▪ He pushed the empty plate away from him and leaned his arms on the table.
▪ As he pushed away the empty plates she waited for him to make some comment about the meal.
▪ As he finished he smiled and handed me the empty plate.
▪ Finishes range from a white polyester-coat stove-enamelled finish to chrome, brass and gold plate - to suit all tastes and purses.
▪ Net Set, available in matt black or 14K gold plate finish makes an ideal tennis gift.
▪ I am richer than you are; all this is an offset to your silver plate and your gold plate.
▪ Massive cupboards which covered an entire wall, all stuffed with silver and gold plate.
▪ The fried bread surrounding the bacon in the hot plate was simply to create effect and mop up the excess fat.
▪ Beds, boxes, a table holding a hot plate and a refrigerator take up most of the space.
▪ Cut the slice in four and put it on to four hot plates.
▪ His home is a flimsy wooden shack in a Watts alley, with only a hot plate, table and bed.
▪ Place the steaks on a hot serving plate, pour over the sauce and garnish with mint.
▪ The two recesses on either side of the two-oven range contain a hot plate and a separate pastry oven.
▪ Polyethylene piping comes in 20-foot rolls and requires above-ground welding with a hot plate.
▪ Serve on individual plates, garnished with lollo rosso and a wedge of lime.
▪ Arrange duck pieces on individual serving plates and spoon sauce over top.
▪ Place sauce on individual plates and set parcels on top.
▪ Divide squab and black Eyed pea pilaf among individual serving plates.
▪ Arrange all these with the Borlotti beans on individual plates.
▪ To serve, place squab on individual serving plates and serve greens alongside, garnished with radishes.
▪ The individual calcite plates of which the fossil is composed can be clearly seen.
▪ Season to taste and divide among individual plates.
▪ The ventral interradial areas are covered with large plates like those of the dorsal surface, spinelets may be present.
▪ To assemble, place one matzo on a large plate or board.
▪ Spoon the dip into the pineapple shells and arrange them top to toe on a large serving plate.
▪ It was a welcome distraction when Ruth Rasmussen walked in with a pot of coffee and a large plate of muffins.
▪ A nearby tray was furnished with a mug and a large plate scattered with the crumbs of a large slice of cake.
▪ The two original major tenants needed large floor plates, large single-floor areas which would be side by side.
▪ The ventral interradial areas are covered with large plates sometimes bearing a spinelet.
▪ The lithosphere is broken into about a dozen large rigid plates, each plate moving as a distinct unit.
▪ The adoral shields are slightly wing-like, not or just separating the oral shield from the first lateral arm plate.
▪ The image appears on a fluorescent screen or a photographic plate.
▪ The creature can scarcely have sabotaged a photographic plate without leaving any sign upon its wrapping.
▪ The type specimen-the very substance-of this new form is a set of dark bands on a photographic plate.
▪ There is an important difference between holograms on photographic plates and holograms on photorefractive substances.
▪ Why were the photographic plates in Roentgen's laboratory continually becoming blackened?
▪ Between the source and your highly sensitive photographic plate sits Watson.
▪ The elements present emitted wavelengths which were recorded on a photographic plate.
▪ According to Miss Latham, having set up the photographic plates in the observatory dome, they stepped outside.
▪ We were eating off silver plates and suddenly there was this toad.
▪ It's a silver plastic face plate that clips on to the front of the Prism.
▪ I am richer than you are; all this is an offset to your silver plate and your gold plate.
▪ They removed part of his brain and inserted a silver plate.
▪ She sold her silver and plate, but the proceeds fell short of what was required.
▪ A silver plate terrine was left behind.
▪ The ventral interradial areas are covered with small plates armed with simple rods like those of the dorsal surface.
▪ Beneath that small metal plate lay the cause of the trouble.
▪ Reduced to one small plate of sorghum a day, all her children are suffering from diarrhoea.
▪ The ventral interradial areas are covered with small plates.
▪ Two cleaning bonnets are provided: one for the carpet cleaner, and one for the small plate.
▪ Ventral interradial areas are covered by many quite small plates but granules are not present.
▪ Their armour consisted of large dorsal and ventral oval shields surrounded by a series of smaller plates.
▪ The rim of the steel plate scraped his upper thighs.
▪ The last pushing pressure on the steel plate to create the space for his stomach and chest.
▪ A shard of steel plate knifed through Golden Girl's mainsail, cutting the portside shrouds as if they were string.
▪ In Sheffield they made steel plates and armoured plates for their ships.
▪ His fingers began to scrabble at the coarse edge of the steel plate.
▪ Holly pushed the steel plate down, eased the bolt back into its socket with his toe.
▪ I described the grinding of the tectonic plates in Humboldt county.
▪ This year, two tectonic plates are shifting in a fashion that could cause economic earthquakes.
▪ We don't know whether they're localized or whether they spread out and lubricate the movements of the tectonic plates.
▪ Earthquakes line the borders of the tectonic plates and are symptoms of the perpetual motion inside our planet.
▪ There are no known tectonic plate boundaries in the area but a very ancient boundary may be lurking in the area.
▪ They will be those who understand the movement of the economic tectonic plates.
▪ The tectonic plates are no more permanent than the sovereign countries of the world.
▪ The ventral arm plates are pentagonal with the distal edge rounded and contiguous at least proximally.
▪ The first ventral arm plate is pentagonal with the lateral edges raised forming a boundary lip to the second oral tentacle pores.
▪ The ventral arm plates are pentagonal, broader than long and separated.
▪ The ventral arm plates are pentagonal often with a rounded distal edge, and are separated.
▪ The ventral arm plates are wider than long, pentagonal with an obtuse proximal angle and a slightly convex distal edge.
▪ The ventral arm plates are small, pentagonal with a rounded distal edge, sometimes the distal edge is indented.
▪ The lateral and ventral arm plates have distinctive transverse ridges most noticeable in dry specimens.
▪ The ventral arm plates are not contiguous.
▪ The major differences in rift characteristics relate to their position with respect to plate boundaries and the intensity of volcanic activity associated with them.
▪ The possibility of such a mid-plate quake thus carries a much higher risk than one on a plate boundary.
▪ Except where subduction zones lie adjacent to mountain belts on continental margins, plate boundaries do not coincide with continental coastlines.
▪ They occurred nowhere near a plate boundary.
▪ There are no known tectonic plate boundaries in the area but a very ancient boundary may be lurking in the area.
▪ There are three types of plate boundary.
▪ I idly noted that a brass plate declared that this bit of garden furniture was sacred to some one's memory.
▪ It had only a very small, hardly noticeable brass plate outside which gave nothing away.
▪ Breeze saw the brass plate from afar, and hurried up the path.
▪ This morning Betty - my cleaner - came in bursting with the news that there was a brass plate outside.
▪ It was only by chance, returning on the other side, that she saw its brass plate.
▪ The light from the oil-lamp shone on the brass plate.
▪ Interestingly the original bank brass plate was discovered in 1983 during drainage excavations in Henley.
▪ Archaeologists have discovered a complete Roman house beneath the leaning tower of Pisa, containing dinner plates and wine jugs.
▪ Walking through the old foundations, you discover broken bits of dinner plates and an occasional fork with its tines splayed.
▪ It is easy to mark around a dinner plate and then cut out with a sharp knife.
▪ Pages were spread over the wineglasses and dinner plates.
▪ Cover them with a bucket or large flower pot, or place a dinner plate on a crown of foliage.
▪ Like an Elvis dinner plate, they are always for show.
▪ Walker Evans records a roughly piled grave of loose earth topped with the impermanent and unstable memorial of a dinner plate.
▪ Or serve on individual dinner plates topped with 3 to 4 generous tablespoons sauce per serving.
▪ The exhibition will be drawn from more than 45,000 glass plate negatives from the George Washington Wilson Archive at the university.
▪ She looked a bit bedraggled as she sat in the dining room, mechanically eating butter cookies from a blue glass plate.
▪ Halftone screen a glass plate or film placed between the original photograph and the film to be exposed.
▪ The final image is formed on a large frosted glass plate held at a convenient viewing angle.
▪ Perhaps the glass plates were treated by some arcane process that froze the light that passed through them?
▪ Scott Brosius was ejected in the sixth inning during an argument with home plate ump Larry Barnett.
▪ Leyland deadpanned while standing amid the postgame hugs near home plate.
▪ In his later years, Camilli still followed baseball keenly, frequently sitting behind home plate at Giants games at Candlestick.
▪ Base runners run to a line near first base or home plate.
▪ Even after I took the mound, people kept walking by, standing, talking, and laughing behind home plate.
▪ Lawson and Locke sit in Section 4, Row K, closer to home plate than third base.
▪ The Orioles claimed the umpire blew the call at home plate.
▪ Benitez, disgusted, gestured toward home plate umpire Jim Joyce, then turned toward McCoy, who ignored his plea.
▪ The seven were riding in a van with Missouri license plates that pulled into the path of the tractor-trailer rig.
▪ What better suspect than some one with an out-of-state license plate, parked so very near the scene of the crime?
▪ Last week, police arrested a motorist in Houston for driving a car with Republic of Texas license plates.
▪ He swore he only saw Soares' license plate after the radar has been activated.
▪ It sells buttons, bumper stickers, jewelry, license plate frames and other items at conventions and rallies.
▪ I saw young ones, eyes downcast, dutifully hammering out license plates and leather purses.
▪ The most important of these variables is probably the heating of the plate margin since this will affect its thickness and strength.
▪ The main types of convergent plate margin and their possible modes of development are summarized in Table 3.1.
▪ If this were not the case significant deformation would occur within plates rather than being concentrated along plate margins.
▪ There are three types of plate margin, two of which we have already come across.
▪ The latter two are simple destructive plate margin volcanoes, but the Plate Tectonic setting of Vesuvius is a bit complex.
▪ Voice over Gavin now faces the prospect of having to have a metal plate inserted in his head.
▪ Beneath that small metal plate lay the cause of the trouble.
▪ His right and left wrist were the worst affected and his body rejected the metal plates and wires inserted into them.
▪ Or magnetic rugs for men who have metal plates in their heads?
▪ The master copy is prepared on a thin metal plate or special paper.
▪ These consist of a motor-driven continuous sanding belt, held against the work by a metal plate under the body.
▪ Surgeons plan to operate tomorrow to insert a metal plate.
▪ Gravure a rotary printing process where the image is etched into the metal plate attached to a cylinder.
▪ Hust the number plate to buy Auntie for Christmas.
▪ Cut out two thin rectangles for the number plates and leave to dry on non-stick paper before securing on.
▪ But the police say they can still prosecute because the real number plate shows up on the negative.
▪ And they identified your number plate.
▪ The number plate tallied with the particulars they, and the local Securitate, had on record.
▪ A parent who was taking her children to school noted down the number plate.
▪ The number plate told me it was the same one I'd followed earlier.
▪ All that was left to identify the W-registered Cortina was its number plate, left perched on a mangled lump of metal.
▪ Until there we are on the bare boards downstairs, with candles and Calorgas and a deli picnic on a paper plate.
▪ A half-eaten meal sits on its paper plate atop a picnic table, cold and buried in dust.
▪ Each team was provided with crepe paper, pins, a needle, rubber band, a doily and a paper plate.
▪ It's not fancy-just nine stools angled around the kitchen, plastic utensils and paper plates.
▪ Primo briefly has a clear view of the menu, written on paper plates taped to the quilted-tin wall.
▪ The unit, based in Appleton, Wis., markets disposable napkins and paper plates.
▪ On top of the furnace, a pile of paper plates, some with scallop-edged pizza crusts.
▪ Any plate tectonics model of the Andes must in fact account for the uplift essentially in terms of vertical tectonics.
▪ Yet with the advent of plate tectonics, this model had to evolve.
▪ In the superficially simpler terms of plate tectonics, these are the repeated effects of plates splitting and coming together.
▪ In continental plate tectonics what seems static, the surface of the earth, is in reality in constant flux.
▪ In the interim before the next collision, plate tectonics resumed but subduction did not.
▪ Lured by the excitement of plate tectonics, some felt that earth science would be a practical way to apply their knowledge.
▪ This is because of the process known as plate tectonics.
▪ Such was the excitement in the field as the new theory of plate tectonics was taking shape.
▪ The shepherd's pie was followed by waiters carrying plates of nibbles; nuts, crisps, salted crackers and more champagne.
▪ Amelia carried a plate of eggs and toast over to a man sitting in the back, poring through a newspaper.
▪ After less than an hour, he deliberately nudged her as she carried a pile of plates.
▪ She just walked on back to the shack, carrying my breakfast plate in one hand.
▪ He could do somersaults and cartwheels and he could walk on his hands carrying a plate of Eccles cakes on one foot.
▪ Both also carry limited-edition plates, with new patterns each year.
▪ She carries a plate of seaweed things.
▪ Mrs Abigail carried the two covered plates, one on top of the other, using a tea-towel because they were hot.
▪ The ventral interradial areas are covered with large plates like those of the dorsal surface, spinelets may be present.
▪ I like those houses that people cover with license plates and bottle caps.
▪ The ventral interradial areas are covered by plates and granules like those of the dorsal side.
▪ The ventral interradial areas are covered with large plates sometimes bearing a spinelet.
▪ He dumped an enormous quantity on top of the cereal which covered Rostov's plate.
▪ As with all great adventures and challenges, the rewards and achievements are not handed out on a plate.
▪ When I sat down I was handed a plate made of real china which had bread and butter and cakes on it.
▪ As he finished he smiled and handed me the empty plate.
▪ They handed me a cardboard plate on which was an apple, a slice of cake, and some homemade toffee.
▪ Whenever I did succeed in preparing a family meal, I insisted that everyone eat whatever was placed on her/his plate.
▪ Form into 10 large crab cakes. Place on plate.
▪ The intestinal segment, covered by a thin plastic sheet, was placed on a plastic plate specially designed for this purpose.
▪ Turn and continue cooking until nicely browned, 2 to 3 minutes longer. Place chili on plate and top with quail.
▪ Somehow, against her better judgement, she refrained and placed his plate with chicken and salad on to the tray.
▪ Four placed plates under a hovering motionless bowl.
▪ Cover them with a bucket or large flower pot, or place a dinner plate on a crown of foliage.
▪ Grill the coconut until golden; cool. Place these on separate plates.
▪ He pushed the empty plate away from him and leaned his arms on the table.
▪ As he pushed away the empty plates she waited for him to make some comment about the meal.
▪ Norm muttered, pushing his plate away.
▪ I pushed my plate away and settled back with the wine.
▪ I pushed back my plate angrily.
▪ Detective Sergeant Joseph Bragg pushed away his plate, and wiped his ragged moustache.
▪ He pushed back his plate now.
▪ He put the plate back on the ground and looked up.
▪ Rub it all over the rabbit pieces. Put them on a plate, cover lightly with plastic wrap, and refrigerate.
▪ There was the sound of a knife being put on to a plate.
▪ But the next hurdle will be putting realistic plates on the surface.
▪ Anna put the sandwich on a plate, and then put the plate on the table, beside the moss.
▪ He opened a can of Spam and put it on a plate by the back door.
▪ There is more to a meal than what's put on the plates.
▪ He removed the base plate of the telephone and examined the instrument's innards.
▪ As the waitress removes the plates, I notice the restaurant is emptying out.
▪ Make sure the whole base of the mould is covered. Remove the plate from the saucepan and let the chocolate cool.
▪ Miss Poole removed the plate and placed it on the floor beside her chair.
▪ He removes the empty plates and napkins and cups from the table and tosses them into the bag.
▪ Mix together with the mayonnaise. Serve on individual plates, garnished with lollo rosso and a wedge of lime.
▪ Divide black-eyed pea mixture between 2 serving plates.
▪ Carefully remove greaseproof paper and place cake on serving plate.
▪ Place a serving of polenta on each of 6 flameproof serving plates and make a well in center.
▪ First, of Manhattan served on a plate, sculpted in perfect detail.
▪ Arrange duck pieces on individual serving plates and spoon sauce over top.
▪ Spoon the sauce on to serving plates, so that the base is completely covered and stand a pear in the middle.
▪ Garnish with cilantro sprigs and serve from the steaming plate.
▪ The dorsal arm plates are bell shaped sometimes with a distinct lobe on the distal edge, and contiguous.
▪ The dorsal arm plates are fan shaped, much wider than long and separated from one another.
▪ The dorsal arm plates are fan shaped, contiguous proximal, but well separated distally.
▪ The dorsal arm plates are bell shaped, the proximal ones contiguous.
▪ The oral shield is basically rhombic but in some specimens the distal lobe is produced and the plate becomes arrow shaped.
clean your plate
▪ A start is to ignore the old Depression-era paternal messages about cleaning your plate.
▪ At each meal she willingly cleaned her plate, eating ice cream and fried chicken until she felt bloated.
have a lot on your plate
▪ Don't bother your mother -- she's got a lot on her plate at the moment.
▪ Harris has a lot on his plate at the moment. Why don't we give the project to Melinda?
▪ Susan's had a lot on her plate recently, what with the car accident and everything.
▪ a salad plate
▪ Doctors had to insert a steel plate to repair the damage done to his head.
▪ The engine model number is on a plate just above the spark plug.
▪ The reptile's body is covered with horny protective plates.
▪ A little boy was washing plates and cups in a bowl of water glutinous with grease, food matter and drowned flies.
▪ Place chili on plate and top with quail.
▪ Police found the car in Knoxville, Tenn., with an Arizona license plate in the trunk.
▪ The lateral and ventral arm plates have distinctive transverse ridges most noticeable in dry specimens.
▪ The ventral interradial areas are covered with large plates like those of the dorsal surface, spinelets may be present.
▪ This, of course, relates directly to the plate histories of the two continents.
▪ Too many plates and you're asking for trouble.
▪ When the flames die out, transfer the rabbit to a plate.
▪ The joints that hold the gold plated, cylindrical copper mirror are standard components.
▪ Too many people have undiagnosed nickel allergies, and gold is plated using cyanide so no gold, either.
▪ A gold plated curling tong, of course!
have a lot on your plate
▪ Don't bother your mother -- she's got a lot on her plate at the moment.
▪ Harris has a lot on his plate at the moment. Why don't we give the project to Melinda?
▪ Susan's had a lot on her plate recently, what with the car accident and everything.
▪ The jawless fish, even though their heads were heavily plated with bone, had chinks in their armour to accommodate eyes.
▪ To plate, look for the instructions in your manual, it is quite easy, once you are threaded up.
The Collaborative International Dictionary

Plate \Plate\, n. [OF. plate a plate of metal, a cuirsas, F. plat a plate, a shallow vessel of silver, other metal, or earth, fr. plat flat, Gr. ?. See Place, n.]

  1. A flat, or nearly flat, piece of metal, the thickness of which is small in comparison with the other dimensions; a thick sheet of metal; as, a steel plate.

  2. Metallic armor composed of broad pieces.

    Mangled . . . through plate and mail.

  3. Domestic vessels and utensils, as flagons, dishes, cups, etc., wrought in gold or silver.

  4. Metallic ware which is plated, in distinction from that which is silver or gold throughout.

  5. A small, shallow, and usually circular, vessel of metal or wood, or of earth glazed and baked, from which food is eaten at table.

  6. [Cf. Sp. plata silver.] A piece of money, usually silver money. [Obs.] ``Realms and islands were as plates dropp'd from his pocket.''

  7. A piece of metal on which anything is engraved for the purpose of being printed; hence, an impression from the engraved metal; as, a book illustrated with plates; a fashion plate.

  8. A page of stereotype, electrotype, or the like, for printing from; as, publisher's plates.

  9. That part of an artificial set of teeth which fits to the mouth, and holds the teeth in place. It may be of gold, platinum, silver, rubber, celluloid, etc.

  10. (Arch.) A horizontal timber laid upon a wall, or upon corbels projecting from a wall, and supporting the ends of other timbers; also used specifically of the roof plate which supports the ends of the roof trusses or, in simple work, the feet of the rafters.

  11. (Her.) A roundel of silver or tinctured argent.

  12. (Photog.) A sheet of glass, porcelain, metal, etc., with a coating that is sensitive to light.

  13. A prize giving to the winner in a contest.

  14. (Baseball) A small five-sided area (enveloping a diamond-shaped area one foot square) beside which the batter stands and which must be touched by some part of a player on completing a run; -- called also home base, or home plate.

  15. One of the thin parts of the bricket of an animal.

  16. A very light steel racing horsehoe.

  17. Loosely, a sporting contest for a prize; specif., in horse racing, a race for a prize, the contestants not making a stake.

  18. Skins for fur linings of garments, sewed together and roughly shaped, but not finally cut or fitted. [Furrier's Cant]

  19. (Hat Making) The fine nap (as of beaver, hare's wool, musquash, nutria, or English black wool) on a hat the body of which is of an inferior substance.

  20. a quantity sufficient to fill a plate; a plateful; a dish containing that quantity; a plate of spaghetti.

  21. the food and service supplied to a customer at a restaurant; as, the turkey dinner is $9 a plate; I'll have a plate of spaghetti.

  22. a flat dish of glass or plastic with a fitted cover, used for culturing microorganisms in a laboratory.

  23. the identification tag required to be displayed on the outside of a vehicle; same as license plate; -- often used in the plural.

  24. an agenda or schedule of tasks to be performed; I have a lot on my plate today. [colloq.] Note: Plate is sometimes used in an adjectival sense or in combination, the phrase or compound being in most cases of obvious signification; as, plate basket or plate-basket, plate rack or plate-rack. Home plate. (Baseball) See Home base, under Home. Plate armor.

    1. See Plate, n., 2.

    2. Strong metal plates for protecting war vessels, fortifications, and the like.

      Plate bone, the shoulder blade, or scapula.

      Plate girder, a girder, the web of which is formed of a single vertical plate, or of a series of such plates riveted together.

      Plate glass. See under Glass.

      Plate iron, wrought iron plates.

      Plate layer, a workman who lays down the rails of a railway and fixes them to the sleepers or ties.

      Plate mark, a special mark or emblematic figure stamped upon gold or silver plate, to indicate the place of manufacture, the degree of purity, and the like; thus, the local mark for London is a lion.

      Plate paper, a heavy spongy paper, for printing from engraved plates.

      Plate press, a press with a flat carriage and a roller, -- used for printing from engraved steel or copper plates.

      Plate printer, one who prints from engraved plates.

      Plate printing, the act or process of printing from an engraved plate or plates.

      Plate tracery. (Arch.) See under Tracery.

      Plate wheel (Mech.), a wheel, the rim and hub of which are connected by a continuous plate of metal, instead of by arms or spokes.


Plate \Plate\, v. t. [imp. & p. p. Plated; p. pr. & vb. n. Plating.]

  1. To cover or overlay with gold, silver, or other metals, either by a mechanical process, as hammering, or by a chemical process, as electrotyping.

  2. To cover or overlay with plates of metal; to arm with metal for defense.

    Thus plated in habiliments of war.

  3. To adorn with plated metal; as, a plated harness.

  4. To beat into thin, flat pieces, or lamin[ae].

  5. To calender; as, to plate paper.

Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

late 14c., from plate (n.). Related: Plated; plating.


mid-13c., "flat sheet of gold or silver," also "flat, round coin," from Old French plate "thin piece of metal" (late 12c.), from Medieval Latin plata "plate, piece of metal," perhaps via Vulgar Latin *plattus, formed on model of Greek platys "flat, broad" (see plaice (n.)). The cognate in Spanish (plata) and Portuguese (prata) has become the usual word for "silver," superseding argento via shortening of *plata d'argento "plate of silver, coin." Meaning "table utensils" (originally of silver or gold only) is from Middle English. Meaning "shallow dish for food," now usually of china or earthenware, originally of metal or wood, is from mid-15c. Baseball sense is from 1857. Geological sense is first attested 1904; plate tectonics first recorded 1969. Plate-glass first recorded 1727.


Etymology 1 n. 1 A flat dish from which food is served or eaten. 2 (context uncountable English) Such dishes collectively. 3 The contents of such a dish. 4 A course at a meal. 5 (context figuratively English) An agenda of tasks, problems, or responsibilities 6 A flat metallic object of uniform thickness. 7 A vehicle license plate. 8 A layer of a material on the surface of something, usually qualified by the type of the material; plating 9 A material covered with such a layer. 10 (context dated English) A decorative or food service item coated with silver. 11 (context weightlifting English) A weighted disk, usually of metal, with a hole in the center for use with a barbell, dumbbell, or exercise machine. 12 (context printing English) An engraved surface used to transfer an image to paper. 13 (context printing photography English) An image or copy. 14 (context printing publishing English) An illustration in a book, either black and white, or colour, usually on a page of paper of different quality from the text pages. 15 (context dentistry English) A shaped and fitted surface, usually ceramic or metal that fits into the mouth and in which teeth are implanted; a dental plate. 16 (context construction English) A horizontal framing member at the top or bottom of a group of vertical studs. 17 (context Cockney rhyming slang English) A foot, from "''plates'' of meat". 18 (context baseball English) home plate. 19 (context geology English) A tectonic plate. 20 (context historical English) Plate armour. 21 (context herpetology English) Any of various larger scales found in some reptiles. 22 (context engineering electricity English) An electrode such as can be found in an accumulator battery, or in an electrolysis tank. 23 (context engineering electricity English) The anode of a vacuum tube. 24 (context obsolete English) A coin, usually a silver coin. 25 (context heraldiccharge English) A roundel of silver or tinctured argent. 26 A prize given to the winner in a contest. 27 (cx chemistry English) Any flat piece of material such as coated glass or plastic. 28 (context aviation travel industry dated English) A metallic card, used to imprint tickets with an airline's logo, name, and numeric code. 29 (context aviation travel industry by extension English) The ability of a travel agent to issue tickets on behalf of a particular airline. 30 (context Australia English) A VIN plate, particularly with regard to the car's year of manufacture. 31 One of the thin parts of the brisket of an animal. 32 A very light steel horseshoe for racehorses. 33 (cx furriers' slang English) skin for fur linings of garments, sewn together and roughly shaped, but not finally cut or fitted. 34 (cx hat-making English) The fine nap (as of beaver, musquash, etc.) on a hat whose body is made from inferior material. vb. 1 To cover the surface material of an object with a thin coat of another material, usually a metal. 2 To place the various elements of a meal on the diner's plate prior to serving. 3 To perform cunnilingus. 4 (context baseball English) To score a run. 5 (context aviation travel industry English) To specify which airline a ticket will be issued on behalf of. Etymology 2

n. Precious metal, especially silver.


v. coat with a layer of metal; "plate spoons with silver"

  1. n. a sheet of metal or wood or glass or plastic

  2. (baseball) base consisting of a rubber slab where the batter stands; it must be touched by a base runner in order to score; "he ruled that the runner failed to touch home" [syn: home plate, home base, home]

  3. a full-page illustration (usually on slick paper)

  4. dish on which food is served or from which food is eaten

  5. the quantity contained in a plate [syn: plateful]

  6. a rigid layer of the Earth's crust that is believed to drift slowly [syn: crustal plate]

  7. the thin under portion of the forequarter

  8. a main course served on a plate; "a vegetable plate"; "the blue plate special"

  9. any flat platelike body structure or part

  10. the positively charged electrode in a vacuum tube

  11. a flat sheet of metal or glass on which a photographic image can be recorded [syn: photographic plate]

  12. structural member consisting of a horizontal beam that provides bearing and anchorage

  13. a shallow receptacle for collection in church [syn: collection plate]

  14. a metal sheathing of uniform thickness (such as the shield attached to an artillery piece to protect the gunners) [syn: scale, shell]

  15. a dental appliance that artificially replaces missing teeth [syn: denture, dental plate]

  16. the position on a baseball team of the player who is stationed behind home plate and who catches the balls that the pitcher throws; "a catcher needs a lot of protective equipment"; "he plays behind the plate" [syn: catcher]


Plate may refer to a range of objects, which have in common being thin and flat relative to their surroundings or context:

  • In heraldry, a silver roundel
  • Plate (surname)
Plate (dishware)

A plate is a broad, concave, but mainly flat vessel on which food can be served. A plate can also be used for ceremonial or decorative purposes. Most plates are circular, but they may be any shape, or made of any water-resistant material. Generally plates are raised round the edges, either by a curving up, or a wider lip or raised portion. Vessels with no lip, especially if they have a more rounded profile, are likely to be considered as bowls or dishes, as are very large vessels with a plate shape. Plates are dishware, and tableware. Plates in wood, pottery and metal go back into antiquity in many cultures.

Plate (surname)

Plate and Platé are surnames.

People bearing them include:

  • Enrico Platé (1909–1954)
  • Jeff Plate (born 1962)
  • Christina Plate (born 1965), German actress
  • Sebastian Plate (born 1979), German football player
Plate (anatomy)

A plate in animal anatomy may refer to several things:

Plate (structure)

A plate is a structural element which is characterized by two key properties. Firstly, its geometric configuration is a three-dimensional solid whose thickness is very small when compared with other dimensions. Secondly, the effects of the loads that are expected to be applied on it only generate stresses whose resultants are, in practical terms, exclusively normal to the element's thickness.

Thin plates are initially flat structural members bounded by two parallel planes, called faces, and a cylindrical surface, called an edge or boundary. The generators of the cylindrical surface are perpendicular to the plane faces. The distance between the plane faces is called the thickness (h) of the plate. It will be assumed that the plate thickness is small compared with other characteristic dimensions of the faces (length, width, diameter, etc.). Geometrically, plates are bounded either by straight or curved boundaries. The static or dynamic loads carried by plates are predominantly perpendicular to the plate faces.

Usage examples of "plate".

We had both ships under one gee acceleration drives, complicated by the combined attraction of the two mass plates.

In the earliest stage of congestion, acne is characterized by minute hardened elevations of the skin, as shown in Plate II, Fig.

It sat on a white plate identical to that on which the first acorn rested.

It is evenly and not too thickly covered with fine sand or lycopodium powder and then caused to vibrate acoustically by the repeated drawing of a violin-bow with some pressure across the edge of the plate until a steady note becomes audible.

For this purpose the two plates must be acoustically tuned to each other and placed not too far apart.

He would eventually reheat the card and stamp a new name and number on its face with an addressograph plate.

Two, you take me to Ty and feed me Adeem on a plate with mashed potatoes and I let you live.

She paused a moment before laying her hand against the admittance plate, composing her face and trying to calm her racing heartbeat.

Meg went about from house to house, begging deadclothes, and got the body straighted in a wonderful decent manner, with a plate of earth and salt placed upon it--an admonitory type of mortality and eternal life that has ill-advisedly gone out of fashion.

You climb down the ladder and go aft to the ballast-tank vents, the shiny metal plates in pairs along the centerline.

Ali Aga was bringing all the plates, knives and forks in the neighborhood.

After removing the plates holding the round section of floor in place, Amad pulled it up into the closet and tossed it to the side.

Even the watchers, far below, could see the armor plating on the big amphibian melting.

Fahrenheit thermometer, 1 aneroid barometer, 1 box containing a photographic apparatus, object-glass, plates, chemicals, etc.

Lane, some five or six years after Will Locke and Dulcie were wed, with its strange litter of acids and aquafortis, graving tools and steel plates.