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net force

n. the combination of all the forces that act on an object.

Net Force

Net Force may refer to:

  • Net force, the overall force acting on an object
  • NetForce (film), a 1999 American television film
  • Tom Clancy's Net Force, a novel series
  • Tom Clancy's Net Force Explorers, a young adult novel series

Usage examples of "net force".

He'd been there, done that, and was much happier being the head of Net Force's military arm, such as it was.

He waved one hand to encompass Net Force and all its problems But he wasn't fine, she could see that.

The gravitational tug of the rock below must be decreasing, balanced by the equal mass of rock above, so that the net force was becoming more and more horizontal, and the probe was simply pulled across the surface.

A cosmic background flux of such agents was posited, acting somewhat like a gas, which an isolated object would feel equally from all directions, giving no net force and imparting no motion.