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metal plating

n. a thin coating of metal deposited on a surface [syn: plating]

Usage examples of "metal plating".

It was not an exact duplicate because the material suspended in the soup was a nonliving synthetic rather than the living organisms found in the original, but it had the same food value and, because it was nontoxic so far as the other water breathers who were likely to use the ward were concerned, the astronaut's quarters were contained by a transparent plastic film rather than metal plating and a lock chamber.

Behind these areas of opaque metal plating lay sections wherein the lighting was so viciously incandescent that the eyes of approaching ships' pilots had to be protected from it, or compartments which were so dark and cold that not even the light which filtered in from the stars could be allowed to penetrate to their inhabitants.

Orange energy lanced forward to strike the diminutive workship on the metal plating just below its cockpit.

He leaped backward in time to avoid it, and the acid began to smoke and hiss as it ate away the metal plating.

She was bounced along the unforgiving metal plating as she scrambled for something to grasp, finally clutching a safety railing mounted to the bulkhead.

There, beneath it, on the metal plating of the deck of the hoverer, lay Gerune, who looked up at him, seeing him bending over her, and the black sky, and stars, above him.

Sam was halfway across the room when the deck buckled and tossed him face-first onto the metal plating, cutting his chin.

I could glimpse metal plating along the outer edges, but couldn’.

Instead, metal plating and subspace tranceiver components showered ops.

Slowly I made my way to join the dharen, feet slippery on the metal plating, struggling with my own emotions.

Together, they heaved against a jagged chunk of metal plating that had once been on the outside of the carrier.

The city is all roughed out, and the outside facade is finished, except for metal plating it.