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Word usage examples

One of the notable uses of viruses has been the disease myxomatosis, caused by the myxoma virus, which attacks only rabbits.

Academic Press, 1965), describes the spread and evolution of Myxoma virus among Australian rabbits.

One of the notable uses of viruses has been the disease myxomatosis, caused by the myxoma virus, which attacks only rabbits.

Sufficiently hast thou demonstrated this proposition, considerable or otherwise: That the Mythus of the Christian Religion looks not in the eighteenth century as it did in the eighth.

Wilt thou help us to embody the Divine Spirit of that Religion in a new Mythus, in a new vehicle and vesture, that our Souls, otherwise too like perishing, may live?

He pushed back his chair and hobbled across to a small bookcase lined with the sacred texts of National Socialism: Mein Kampf, Rosenberg's Mythus der XX.

Zoroastrian dualism, the same arrogant assumption that the Goddess could be banished, when all that was banished was a poorly differentiated mythos that many ecofeminists have severely reinterpreted to fit their ideology.

Stigwood created a mythos of cocky, arrogant, happy, hedonic youth strutting into a successful future.

Christian mythos embodies ancient, archetypal themes found around the world from the earliest periods.

Could I get beyond my own boredom with the Arthurian mythos and give my friend some worthy advice?