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Myzeqe or Myzeqeja, or Musachia is a region in the south-western part of central Albania, sometimes referred to as being between the Shkumbin and Seman rivers, and sometimes extending south to the Vjose river north of Vlorë. Administratively, the region falls mainly within Lushnjë and Fier District. Other terms like Myzeqeja e Vogël (Small Myzeqe), Myzeqeja e Beratit (Berat's Myzeqe), or Myzeqeja e Vlorës (Vlora's Myzeqe) are used to point respectively to the Fier part of the region, and to tiny parts that fall into the adjacent districts of Berat and Vlorë. It stretches 65 km north-south and 50 km east-west, with a total area of around 1350 square kilometers.