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n. 1 A story or set of stories relevant to or having a significant truth or meaning for a particular culture, religion, society, or other group. 2 Anything delivered by word of mouth: a word, speech, conversation, or similar; a story, tale, or legend, especially a poetic tale. 3 A tale, story, or narrative, usually verbally transmitted, or otherwise recorded into the written form from an alleged secondary source.

Mythos (disambiguation)

Mythos is a worldview-based traditional story or body of mythology. It may also refer to:

Mythos (musical project)

Mythos is a new age musical project started by Bob D'Eith and Paul Schmidt in 1996. Bob (piano) and Paul (guitar) collectively wrote, produced, and performed on the albums with the help of various session performers. The centerpiece of the Mythos sound rests on the acoustic guitar and piano, which are accented by guest vocalists. Synthesizers and performances in various other musical styles are regularly incorporated into the music.

Mythos (film)

Mythos is a three-part documentary that consists of a series of lectures given by Joseph Campbell. Campbell conceived of the original lectures, filmed over the last six years of his life, as a summation of what he had learned about the human mythic impulse, in terms of psychology, ethnology and comparative mythology—what he called "the one great story of mankind."

Mythos (band)

Mythos was a German band formed in Berlin by vocalist and multi-instrumentalist Stephan Kaske, bassist Harold Weiße and drummer Thomas Hildebrand in 1969. All high school dropouts, the self-taught musicians released their eponymous debut in 1971. Influenced by Pink Floyd, Ash Ra Tempel and Hawkwind the album draws on science fiction and ecological themes particularly noticeable on the closing track "Encyclopedia Terrae". The release saw the band support Family, Colosseum on tour and Humble Pie at their show in Berlin 1971, however after three years the band split. Kaske then recruited Axel Brauer on drums and Michael Krantz on bass. The band wrote and played live for two years but failed to record and split up. On his own Kaske signed, as Mythos, to Cosmic Chorus, and recorded various TV and film soundtracks before recording DreamLab in 1975. In 1976 Kaske expanded the lineup to include Sven Dohrow on guitars, Eberhard Seidler on bass and Ronnie Schreinzer on drums. The band adopted a heavier sound and released two albums, Strange Guys and Concrete City. Kaske left the band in 1980 in order to concentrate on setting up his own recording studio in Berlin and pursue solo projects, and released the two albums; Quasar and Grand Prix. Dohrow and Schreinzer formed The Twins, changing to a synthpop style and scoring a number of minor hits.

Mythos (video game)

Mythos is a multiplayer role-playing video game that was originally under development by Flagship Studios Seattle, a subdivision of Flagship Studios, a video game company composed largely of ex- Blizzard North employees who were lead producers of the Diablo series. Due to financial issues at Flagship Studios, Flagship Seattle was subsequently dissolved, leaving the intellectual property rights in the hands of the Korean game company HanbitSoft. HanbitSoft's corporate partners will continue to develop Mythos for a planned release in South Korea and North America.

Mythos is similar in style to Diablo, utilizing a similar interface and perspective, extensive map and item randomization, and a high fantasy setting. Its development was led by Travis Baldree, creator of the action RPG FATE, now a co-founder of Runic Games.

Mythos (comics)

Mythos (complete title: MYTHOS - Adventures in Ancient Greece; ) is a Greek comic book created and drawn by Kostas Frangiadakis set in mythological Ancient Greece. The main character is Mythos the Arcadian , a hero probably inspired by Conan the Barbarian and sharing some traits with him, namely the fighting, climbing and leadership abilities and the drawing style, although he is not portrayed as muscular and large a man as Conan.

Mythos (card game)

Mythos is a collectible card game (CCG) published by Chaosium. It is based on the Cthulhu Mythos stories of the horror author H. P. Lovecraft, as well as on Chaosium's own Call of Cthulhu role-playing game.

Mythos (Mythos album)

The first Mythos LP was released in 1972, on the legendary 'Krautrock' label Ohr. On 'Mythos' the band realized a mixture of art rock and psychedelic with oriental influences in lengthy pieces. Stephan Kaske played the melody from Händel's 'Fireworks Music' on the flute in a rockmeets-classic version. 'Oriental Journey-Hero's Death' creates a psychedelic mood with sitar and mellotron sounds. 'Encyclopedia Terrae', which takes up the entire second side, is the highlight of the album and features powerful drums meeting up with peaceful sequences, sounds of warfare such as detonating bombs and marching soldiers meeting up with hard guitar riffs. This debut album instantly became a classic in the Krautrock-genre.

Mythos (Aristotle)

Mythos is the term used by Aristotle in his Poetics (c. 335 BCE) for the plot of an Athenian tragedy. It is the first of the six elements of tragedy that he gives.

Mythos (Marvel Comics)

Mythos is a six-issue series of one-shot Marvel comic books written by Paul Jenkins and fully painted by Paolo Rivera, each issue is based on the origin story of a particular character or group within Marvel's collective universe.

Jenkins remarked in several promotional interviews that the project was to be used to bridge the gap between the comics and more recent movie adaptations as a means of introducing the new readers with little knowledge of these characters comic histories.

Mythos (journal)

Mythos: Rivista di Storia delle Religioni is an annual peer-reviewed academic journal published by Giuseppe Sciascia Editore on behalf of the University of Palermo. It was established in 1989 by Giuseppe Martorana, with a new series started in 2007. It reviews religious narrative and mythos in Italian, French, English, German, and Spanish. The current editors-in-chief are Nicola Cusumano (University of Palermo) and Corinne Bonnet ( University of Toulouse).

Mythos (album)

Mythos is the fifth album by the Christian metal band, Soul Embraced. It is the first album to feature Cody Smith and Jon Dunn.

Usage examples of "mythos".

Zoroastrian dualism, the same arrogant assumption that the Goddess could be banished, when all that was banished was a poorly differentiated mythos that many ecofeminists have severely reinterpreted to fit their ideology.

Stigwood created a mythos of cocky, arrogant, happy, hedonic youth strutting into a successful future.

Christian mythos embodies ancient, archetypal themes found around the world from the earliest periods.

Could I get beyond my own boredom with the Arthurian mythos and give my friend some worthy advice?

Zeitgeist and premonitions of the future were written in memories of the past, and where in the timeless Now of the Dreamtime, in the collective and individual mythos of the species, in the story of ourselves, we all are that Hero.

Even their rudimentary mythos was dominated by the hunt, by legends of a kind of ornitholestes Valhalla.

They thought the new race of Supers needed a mythos and a religion just like any other race.

Zoroastrian dualism, the same arrogant assumption that the Goddess could be banished, when all that was banished was a poorly differentiated mythos that many ecofeminists have severely reinterpreted to fit their ideology.

The intensity of her interest in Slayer mythos compiled by Watchers was intriguing, but since comment usually triggered a tirade of caustic sarcasm, Xander had dropped the subject.

I told him the exposure was good for him, that while his actions spoke for themselves, the creation of an Ultima mythos by way of licensing bits and pieces of himself made him appear friendlier and infinitely less threatening.

I was a knight, a warrior, a feudal lord, a mythos come to life, so that small furry creatures such as the one I how held in my arms would continue to people the green vales and wine-dark mountains of this so-fair world of Camelot-Fregis.

The use of ancient skills and archaic tools had turned into a galvanizing theme, resonating with the mythos of the Wolfling Clan.

Leiber's correspondence with Lovecraft is interesting in that of all of Lovecraft's correspondents only Leiber seemed immune to the desire to begin banging out slavish pastiches of the mythos created by the elder writer.