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The MYRRHA (Multi-purpose hYbrid Research Reactor for High-tech Applications) is a "first of its kind" design project of a nuclear reactor coupled to a proton accelerator (a so-called Accelerator-driven system (ADS)). MYRRHA will be a lead-cooled fast reactor with two possible configurations: sub-critical or critical.

The project is managed by SCK•CEN, the Belgium center for nuclear energy research. It will be built based on the experience gained from the first successful demonstration project: GUINEVERE. In 2013, the project entered a new phase and the front-end engineering design was contracted out to a consortium led by French multinational group specializing in nuclear and renewable energy, AREVA.

MYRRHA has an international recognition and has been listed in December 2010 by the European Commission as one of 50 projects to make Europe the leader in high-tech research in the next 20 years.

MYRRHA is a research reactor aiming to demonstrate the feasibility of the ADS and the lead-cooled fast reactor concepts, with various applications from spent-fuel burning to material irradiation testing.

MYRRHA was intended to be operational in 2008.

Myrrha (disambiguation)

Myrrha is the mother of Adonis in Greek mythology.

Myrrha may also refer to

  • 381 Myrrha, a very large main-belt asteroid.
  • Libythea myrrha, a butterfly of India.
  • Myrrha (beetle), a genus of ladybug beetles.
    • Myrrha octodecimguttata a species of ladybug.
  • Polyommatus myrrha, a butterfly of Turkey and the Caucuses.
  • MYRRHA, a developmental nuclear reactor designed by SCK•CEN.
Myrrha (beetle)

Myrrha is a genus of ladybirds originally defined by French entomologist Étienne Mulsant in his 1846 monograph of the ladybird family Coccinellidae. One species Myrrha octodecimguttata, is found in Europe.

Usage examples of "myrrha".

Sicut cinnamomum et balsamum aromatizans odorem dedi et quasi myrrha electa dedi suavitatem odoris.

He said what a wonderful woman she was and what an accomplished amorist -- that was a new word to me -- and that if there were such a thing as a female swordsman, certainly Myrrha Martindale was one.