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Mythus may refer to:

  • Mythos, the underlying belief system of a society
  • "Mythus", the first and only published setting for the Dangerous Journeys role-playing game, created by Gary Gygax
  • The Mythus, an alternative, popular book title for Der Mythus des 20. Jahrhunderts ( The Myth of the Twentieth Century) by Nazi author Alfred Rosenberg

Usage examples of "mythus".

Sufficiently hast thou demonstrated this proposition, considerable or otherwise: That the Mythus of the Christian Religion looks not in the eighteenth century as it did in the eighth.

Wilt thou help us to embody the Divine Spirit of that Religion in a new Mythus, in a new vehicle and vesture, that our Souls, otherwise too like perishing, may live?

He pushed back his chair and hobbled across to a small bookcase lined with the sacred texts of National Socialism: Mein Kampf, Rosenberg's Mythus der XX.